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Written by Doctify Team 27/04/2020

What is sexual health?

Sexual health covers many areas concerned around sexual relationships. This includes unplanned pregnancies, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and the effects of coercive or abusive relationships. Sexual health not only covers these areas but also ensures the practice of safe, happy sexual experiences for both yourself and others. There are a number of sexual health clinics in surgeries and hospitals across London, but sexual relations are often a very personal topic and so it is important to find the top rated sexual health specialists in London with Doctify. Irrespective of your sexual orientation, sexual health is putting into practice safe sex but also respect for others.


When to see a sexual health specialist

If you are sexually active or you are considering becoming sexually active, then a sexual health specialist can help you to understand safe sexual practices. If you are already sexually active and you are concerned about STI’s or you are worried that you may have contracted one, then a sexual health clinic will be able to carry out simple tests to establish this. The best sexual health clinics are discreet and sympathetic to your own personal situation – this is what you will get from the experts at Doctify. So, if you want to become more sexually sensible or you are concerned about your own sexual health, then book an appointment with Doctify today.

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