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Best Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) near me

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Expert in: Nephrology (Renal Medicine)

Dr Ravi Rajakariar is the Lead Clinician and Network Director in Renal Medicine at St Bart's and the London NHS Trust. He also practices at a number of top-quality private clinics across London.

Graduating with Honours from Leicester Medical School in 1995, Dr Rajakariar went on to specialise in nephrology, training at the prestigious Renal Unit in St Bart's Hospital. He practices there to this day, seeing patients with a broad range of renal diseases, including transplantation and haemodialysis patients.

His particular interests are in chronic and diabetic kidney disease, as well as glomerular disease and lupus nephritis. He is the author of numerous medical papers, and is involved in a large multi-centre trial into the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Dr Rajakariar is passionate about medical education, and is heavily involved in training the next generation of doctors and renal specialists.

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Expert in: Nephrology (Renal Medicine)

After graduating at King’s College Hospital Medical School in the early 1980’s, Dr Kwan trained in Renal and General Medicine in a number of London Teaching Hospitals, including King’s, St. George’s and The Royal London. Dr Kwan was first appointed as a Consultant Nephrologist in 1994; he then rose through the ranks of Clinical Director, Divisional Director and Medical Director at Epsom & St Helier Hospitals.

In 2010, Dr Kwan took a sabbatical and worked abroad for a couple years, where he gained substantial international experience. He is now a consultant nephrologist and general physician at Darent Valley Hospital, Kent. He is also an honorary consultant at King’s College Hospital, where he has regular clinical sessions.

Dr Kwan has extensive clinical experience in treating all types of kidney patients for over 30 years, with the last 20 being at the Consultant level. He gained a number of national accolades including the Winner of UK Hospital Doctor of the Year in Innovation, 2004, and Runner-up in Renal Team, 2007. Dr Kwan has published over 65 peer-reviewed papers in numerous high-impact journals.

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Expert in: Nephrology (Renal Medicine)
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Dr Shabbir Moochhala is a Consultant Nephrologist and Physician at NHS and private hospitals in North London. He has eight years' experience in all aspects of kidney disease, including acute kidney injury, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, transplantation and all forms of dialysis. 

As well as being a specialist, he is also a practising general physician. This means that he has an excellent knowledge of common as well as rare diseases, so he often is consulted by patients whose problems span more than one specialty. He always tries to address all of his patients' medical needs, not just the kidney related ones. 

Dr Moochhala trained in Edinburgh and Newcastle upon Tyne. He is also an expert in rare renal diseases, specifically rare kidney stone diseases, and is Principal Investigator for four international research trials. He teaches medical students and junior doctors, and gives lectures nationally on his specialist topics. 

In addition to offering a comprehensive medical service to his patients, with a friendly approach, he is readily available and often able to give appointments at short notice, with rapid communication to both patients and referrers. 

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What is a Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist)?

Nephrologists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the kidneys and their systemic effects.

When to see a Nephrologist?

You may need to visit a nephrologist if you have a chronic kidney disease or for diagnosis of worsening kidney function. A nephrologist can advise and adjust medications and provide dialysis or refer for transplantation if required. The most common nephrology conditions include diabetic kidney treatment, glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome.

What procedures can you find at a Nephrology clinic?