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Best Endocrinologists in Manchester, UK

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Old Hall Clough Chorley New Road Lostock, Bolton, United Kingdom, BL6 4LA - 12.56 miles
The Beaumont Hospital - 12.56 miles
Old Hall Clough Chorley New Road Lostock, Bolton, United Kingdom, BL6 4LA
Recommended by 3 specialists
30 years of experience
Thyroid Problems, Tiredness (Fatigue), Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism + 37more

Dr Moulinath Banerjee is a Consultant Endocrinologist with over two decades of experience in the management and treatment of patients with diabetes and hormone disorders. He sees private patients at the The BMI Beaumont Hospital.

Dr Banerjee qualified in 1992 and completed his MD degree in 1996 in India. He had further training in Medicine and Diabetes and Endocrinology in North-West of England and Wales. During his training and he completed his Ph.D. from Manchester University following a successful grant from British Heart Foundation. Upon completion of his training in 2009, he was appointed Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust and then at Wirral University Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust and then later moved to The Bolton Foundation NHS Trust in 2015. He is also an Honorary Lecturer with Manchester University.

Dr Banerjee has taught and organised courses in, Diabetes and Endocrinology since 2009 and also led quality improvement projects and published peer-reviewed articles in various journals of Diabetes and Endocrinology. He has given lectures internationally in places including India and Bahrain and is also an Associate Editor of the British Journal of Diabetes and Clinical Champion of Diabetes UK. He also takes interest teaching and supervising basic and higher medical trainees and 3rd and 5th Year Medical students at Royal Bolton Hospital. He has have been in private practice since 2018 and on the panel of all major insurers and available for telephone consultations.

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Dr Basil Issa - Endocrinologists

Dr Basil Issa

Diabetes & Endocrinology

Mill Lane, Cheadle, United Kingdom, SK8 2PX - 5.83 miles
The Alexandra Hospital - 5.83 miles
Mill Lane, Cheadle, United Kingdom, SK8 2PX

Dr Basil Issa

Diabetes & Endocrinology

37 years of experience
Diabetes, Thyroid Problems, Hormone Imbalances and Disorders (Female), Pituitary Disorders + 30more

Mr Basil Issa, Consultant Endocrinologist, is currently based within the Manchester University Hospital NHS Trust. He is highly specialised in the treatment and management of all aspects of endocrine pathology including issues with the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, as well as gonadal and lipid disorders. He is also very experienced in working with diabetes, especially with pregnant women.

Mr Issa underwent postgraduate training in endocrinology in Manchester, qualifying in 1992. He gained his interest in endocrinology while working within the Wessex rotation as a registrar. He then progressed to a fellowship within the University of Wales and also undertook a research degree focusing on the mechanisms underlying hypothalamic desensitisation in diabetic rats. This work resulted in him being awarded an MD(Res) for his efforts. After training, he was then appointed Senior Registrar in 1996 at the University of Wales, before progressing to his Consultant post in Manchester in 1998. He was then made a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 2002.

Dr Issa is an active researcher, his current focuses are the utility of low energy diets in the management of diabetes, diabetes in pregnancy, and adrenal disorders and tumours. His research past has resulted in several publications in peer-reviewed journals, he is also invited to present his findings globally at conferences. 

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What is an endocrinologist?

Hormonal and developmental disorders and related problems can be extremely vexing. Unlike many medical issues, it is not possible for patients to see their glands or the substances they produce, yet they play such a huge role in every aspect of our lives. Whether suffering from metabolic problems, diabetes, early or late-onset puberty, too little or too much growth, menopause, thyroid issues, menopause, infertility, or other disorders linked to hormones, the best practitioners to consult are endocrinologists. Finding a top endocrinologist is easy with Doctify.

When to see an endocrinologist?

The top endocrinologists have extensive training in diagnosing and treating all the aforementioned disorders. In addition to general medical training and a residency, the best endocrinologists must then study for several more years to become masters of the glands and hormones/hormonal and metabolic disorders that they will treat in their practice. Diabetes and thyroid problems are the most regular reason for patient visits to top-rated endocrinologists, followed closely by puberty, menopause, and infertility issues (when hormones are the suspected cause).

Making sure your chosen expert endocrinologists are fully qualified and certified is important – the advice and diagnoses that they can provide are only as good as their skills and abilities. Top endocrinologists found with Doctify are generally members of the Society for Endocrinology and the European Thyroid Association, at a minimum. Although dealing with hormonal and developmental problems can be daunting, owing to the “hidden” nature of what glands and hormones do in the body, the best endocrinologists can help and often fix major problems with medication, supplements, or related treatments. Sometimes, health and happiness really are just a pill away!