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30 Jubilee Market, The Piazza, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2E 8BE 

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Sports Therapy




Fit2Function Clinic uses a unique approach to reduce pain, increase mobility and strengthen the affected areas whist focusing on long-term results. Combining innovative technology manual therapy & strengthening to accelerate healing time and prioritising the patient's return to full health. The treatment accelerates healing and brakes down scar tissue formation that can be caused as a result of an acute/chronic injury. Access on site to excellent facilities for injury rehabilitation and strengthening. 

The combination of treatments work in synergy to provide the most advanced approach to treating back pain, neck pain, sciatica and sports injuries. Combining 4 different treatment methods within a single session, providing patients with a non-invasive approach that targets the route cause of the problem emphasising on long-term results. 


By understanding the conditions commonly encountered an approach was developed that focuses on four aspects that determine a successful recovery. Firstly, a thorough consultation to find our the cause of the problem and give the patient a Clear Diagnosis ( DNA testing can be added to each individual treatment plan to provide specific information on fitness, nutrition and caffeine). 

Secondly, the attention shifts on reducing pain and accelerating the natural healing process through the use of three treatment techniques exclusively used in our clinic. Chronic injury cycles can often halt or slow down healing, therefore this phase is 


The third step is to decrease stiffness and increase mobility. The cause of a chronic condition can often result from reduced mobility and flexibility leading to further structural damage when the patient is moving through a reduced range of movement. Mobility is paramount to a long-lasting recovery. 


Strengthening is the last step to ensure a complete recovery and long-lasting results. Targeted injury rehabilitation specific to each individual to ensure full strength regained to return to a desired hobby, sport and reach the desired health goals. 



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