About Doctify reviews

Building trust, one review at the time

Before we launched Doctify, we noticed just how difficult it was to find reliable, representative and verified healthcare reviews. Neither patient nor provider could get easy access to feedback they felt confident in. 
We created Doctify to start adding this trust and transparency into healthcare. Our verified reviews help patients to find specialists that they feel confident in. The feedback also supports providers in their delivery of patient-centric care, an approach within healthcare that we believe in and promote.
We appreciate every genuine review that is submitted. Our policies and guidelines ensure that Doctify remains a trustworthy platform for healthcare reviews. We want to document real experiences that are relevant and helpful to both patients and healthcare providers.
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Suman Saha

Medical Director and Co-founder of Doctify

how are doctify reviews added?


Sign up

Healthcare providers sign up to Doctify to collect and publish reviews from all their patients.



Patients are sent automated feedback requests over email or SMS. Doctify tablets and QR codes are also used to collect reviews on-site.



Patients submit their reviews anonymously through Doctify.



Patients receive an SMS message from Doctify to verify their reviews.



Doctify publishes verified reviews that adhere to our acceptable use guidelines.



Doctify notifies healthcare providers when reviews are added.

review faqs

How does Doctify work with healthcare providers to collect patient feedback?

Doctify is an independent healthcare review platform. Healthcare providers pay a monthly subscription fee in order to use Doctify to collect and publish feedback from their patients.

How can I leave a review for a healthcare provider?

You can leave reviews for healthcare providers who have signed up to Doctify.

We are a closed review platform. This allows us to make sure that we only collect reviews from patients who have genuinely had experiences with the healthcare providers we work with.

If your healthcare provider uses Doctify, you will be sent an automated feedback request over email or a SMS message shortly after your appointment. We also supply healthcare providers with QR codes, apps and Doctify-powered tablets, which they can use to collect feedback.

When filling in one of our online review surveys, we ask that you include your mobile phone number. That way, once your feedback is submitted, we can send you an SMS message to verify your review so that it can be published.

Why has my review not been published?

It can take between 24 and 48 hours for a review to go live on Doctify. A review will be published if;

  • We can confirm that the review is from a real patient
  • We believe the review meets our acceptable use guidelines

If your review is verified and does adhere to our guidelines, it will appear on the Doctify platform.

Should a healthcare provider flag or report your review, our clinical governance committee – who meet once a month – will investigate it. If they determine that your review breaches our policies, it will be archived. But if it is found that your review adheres to our acceptable use guidelines, it will be published on Doctify.

Can a doctor or hospital select which reviews are published?

If a healthcare provider chooses to work with us, all reviews that fall in line with our acceptable use policy will be published. Every provider on Doctify signs a pledge to promote trust and transparency in healthcare.

We encourage healthcare providers to respond to all reviews, whether they are positive or negative, and we help them to use their feedback to further improve their care. Continuous auditing and improvements are key tenets to the delivery of great healthcare and it’s what we encourage our doctors and hospitals to adopt.

Can I remove a review after it has been published?

Patients can get in touch with us on hello@doctify.com to edit or remove their own reviews within the first 30 days of submitting the feedback.

Healthcare providers can also flag or report reviews to us. These reviews are then examined by our clinical governance committee, who determine whether or not the feedback falls outside of our acceptable use policy and should therefore be removed. Reviews that are simply classed as negative can’t be removed from the Doctify platform.

real feedback from real patients

We have zero tolerance for fake, fraudulent or misleading reviews

All reviews are thoroughly assessed by our trained professionals and anti-fraud software. The processes we have in place allow us to remain fair and consistent in our approach to determining whether or not reviews should be published. We are continually investing in the improvement of our fraud detection processes. We only ever want to publish real reviews from real patients.

We take removing reviews from our website very seriously. Feedback will never be archived simply because it is negative. We believe that every single experience counts and every voice needs to be heard.