Smilepod Moorgate 24 Chiswell St, London, United Kingdom, EC1Y 4TY

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Smilepod Moorgate 24 Chiswell St, London, United Kingdom, EC1Y 4TY

Smilepod Moorgate 24 Chiswell St, London, United Kingdom, EC1Y 4TY

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About SmilePod

Smilepod is an innovative dentistry provider offering several convenient London locations, extended Saturday and evening times and total transparency with regards to appointments and pricing.

Smilepod's goal is to make the best standards of dentistry easily accessible for working London professionals and offers a range of restorative and cosmetic treatments carried out by fully qualified, experienced clinicians. Smilepod removes the traditional uncertainty around visiting the dentist and offers a range of clear, surprise-free dental treatments at a time and place to suit you.

Treatments & fees

Zirconium Crown

£879 - £1

Porcelain/Metal backed Porcelain/Gold Crown

£679 - £1

Small Bridge

£1860 - £1

'Smile Styling'

£129 - £1


  • A bespoke brightening and cleaning treatment for anyone worried about tooth staining or how to maintain a healthy confident smile and fresh breath

'Smoker's Makeover'

£139 - £1


  • The perfect choice if you want your teeth to look more like a non-smoker's with special attention to nicotine stain removal

'High Gloss Diamond Polish'

£89 - £1


  • All the benefits of 'The Classic' with the addition of thorough stain removal using a high-power air jet
  • Finished with a high-gloss polish and diamond paste

'The Classic' (Clean and Polish)

£69 - £1


  • A clean and polish
  • Tailored oral hygiene advice
  • A gum health check

'Smile on the Run'

£49 - £1


  • Short of time? In just 20 minutes your teeth will look cleaner and healthier.

Dental Implant including Crown

£2750 - £1

Full Dental Examination

£69 - £1


  • Necessary X-Rays

Emergency Treatment to Relieve Pain

£99 - £1


  • Necessary X-Rays

Philips Zoom! Duet Whitening Kit

£499 - £1


  • After your initial FREE consultation we will take impressions of your teeth for your bespoke whitening trays. You will then be asked to return to Smilepod a few days later for the in-chair whitening treatment stage, which takes between 90-120 minutes. At the end of the in-chair treatment stage we will show you how to fit and wear your whitening trays, and correctly fill your trays with the prescribed Philips Zoom! whitening gel.

Philips Zoom! at Home Whitening Kit

£299 - £1


  • On your first visit the team takes an impression of your teeth and make a custom-fitted ‘tooth tray’. At your second visit, our dentists will fine-tune your tooth tray and give you the gel that will whiten your smile. You will need to use these products once or twice a day for two or three weeks to achieve sparkling white teeth.

Opening hours


08:30 - 18:30


08:30 - 18:30


08:30 - 18:30


08:30 - 18:30


08:30 - 18:30


10:00 - 14:00


10:00 - 14:00


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