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Best Ophthalmologists in Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Dr. Ahmed El Khashab - Ophthalmologists
5.91 kilometers

Dr. Ahmed El Khashab is the co-founder and medical director as well as the Head Of Vitreo Retinal Unit at Eye Consultants Center located in Dubai Healthcare City.

Dr. El Khashab completed his fellowship in Ophthalmology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. He has a strong reputation of excellence that extends from his esteemed patients to Consultant Ophthalmologists throughout the medical community.

Dr. Ahmed El Khashab, completed his Medical degree with honors from Ain Shams University; followed by a a three year Ophthalmology Residency program and received his Masters degree in Ophthalmology.

Following this, he started his specialized Vitreoretinal surgical training in El Noor Eye Hospital in Egypt and Magrabi Eye Hospital in KSA. He then completed the European Vitreoretinal Training program in Germany.

In addition, Dr. Ahmed also became a certified member of the International Council of Ophthalmology of Cambridge, and has previously filled the position of Head of Vitreoretinal department in Magrabi Eye Hospitals in Al Madina (KSA), Abu Dhabi and Dubai (UAE). Dr. Al Khashab specialized in advanced and complicated vitrioretinal surgeries covering diabetic complications, retina detachments, macular surgeries.

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Dr. Shucri Shawaf - Ophthalmologists
5.91 kilometers
33 years of experience
Expert in: Eye problems, Lazy Eye (Amblyopia), eye muscle (squint) surgery, ptosis repair + 1 more

Dr Shucri Shawaf is an Ophthalmologist who specialises in Strabismus Surgery & Pediatric Ophthalmology. With over 20 years of experience, in-depth expertise & diverse and specialised skills, Dr Shucri achieves world-class performance combined with the timely and cost-effective implementation of eye care procedures.

Dr. Shucri achieved his Bachelor in Medicines & General Surgery (1987) and a Medical Doctorate Degree in Ophthalmology (1991) from the Faculty of Medicine at American University of Beirut, one of the leading Medical Schools in Lebanon. He went on to complete his Internship and Residency Training from the same medical school.

Since 2006 Dr. Shucri has been based in Dubai Healthcare City working as a Pediatric Ophthalmologist & Strabismus Specialist. Before this he spent 3 years working in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Dubai.

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Dr. Nadire Erdogan Dib is a Board Certified Consultant Ophthalmologist and also a comprehensively trained Ophthalmic Surgeon with a wide range of expertise in Cornea, Anterior Segment and Oculoplastic Surgery and works with advanced technology and technique.

Dr. Erdogan Dib has more than 15 years of experience in Ophthalmology.

During her years prior to moving to Dubai, she worked at Kocaeli Government Hospital in Turkey where she treated all kinds of ocular problems until joining Basel University in Switzerland for a clinical fellowship program. She has gained great experience in surgery and related fields throughout these years. During her career in Switzerland, she attended courses with different institutions in Europe where she extended her knowledge and expertise.

Her background has been further expanded and complemented with the exposure and expertise developed while pursuing the clinical fellowship program within the Ophthalmology department of Basel University one of the most prestigious hospital in Europe. She has been practicing in Dubai since 2016.

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Dr. Sherif Emerah - Ophthalmologists
5.91 kilometers
Expert in: Eye problems, Laser eye surgery, Astigmatism, Blepharitis + 32 more

Dr Sherif Emerah is a Cornea and Refractive Surgery Consultant at Eye Consultants Center in Dubai Healthcare City and he is committed to provide high quality care to patients with a variety of ophthalmological needs, including corneal refractive surgery, keratoconus treatment, phakic IOL and intracorneal rings with high quality care.

Prior to Eye Consultants Center, Dr. Sherif was working as the head of cornea and refractive unit at Magrabi Eye Hospital- Dubai for 8 years (2012-2020).

Dr. Sherif graduated in 1991 from Ain Shams University and finished his residency in Ophthalmology at Institute of Ophthalmology in 1996 in Egypt. Immediately after completing the residency program he was appointed as assistant lecturer of ophthalmology at Institute of Ophthalmology. In 2000, he started his Research and Clinical fellowship in Cornea, Cataract and External eye diseases in Louisiana State University (LSU Eye center), USA.

After that he got his MD degree from faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University and He completed his fellowship in Ophthalmology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Following that he was appointed as lecturer and then as Associate Professor of ophthalmology at institute of Ophthalmology-Egypt. At that time He was working as a Consultant in Cornea and Refractive unit in the same institute.

Dr. Emerah is a thoroughly trained Ophthalmic Surgeon with a wide range of expertise in Cornea and Refractive surgery. Dr. Sherif has more than 25 years of experience working with advanced technology and technique he has gained enormous experience in surgery and related fields. He has done more than 7000 of refractive procedures. He is member of International Society of Refractive Surgery since 1998, and member of American academy of Ophthalmology since 2000. He is a certified phakic IOL and femtolasik surgeon. He has a lot of international publications in the field of ophthalmology. Dr. Sherif was invited as speaker in different local and international ophthalmology meetings.

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Dr. Edoardo Zinicola - Ophthalmologists
5.91 kilometers

Dr. Edoardo Zinicola has trained in Ophthalmology and surgery at the University School of Medicine and the University Eye Clinic in Genova.

In addition to practicing in his native Italy, Dr Zinicola has acquired international experience as Fellow in the USA (New York), France (Paris) and UK (London, Brighton). He has worked as a Vitreoretinal Consultant since 2002. Dr Zinicola has also presented and published research on a variety of ophthalmological areas.

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Dr. Tarek Ibrahim - Ophthalmologists
5.91 kilometers
Expert in: Mole Removal

Dr. Tarek Ibrahim, MD, PhD, FICO (Hon.), ITMD is the co-founder and the Head Of Cornea & Refractive Unit at Eye Consultants Center in Dubai Healthcare City.

Dr. Tarek is one of the region’s most respected refractive and cataract surgeons, with a strong reputation of excellence that extends from his esteemed patients to Ophthalmologists throughout the medical community.

Dr. Tarek, MD & Ph.D. from Complutence University, Madrid, Spain, is the author and co-author of 4 books in Ophthalmic Research and Clinical Studies and the winner of the Spanish national prize of Ophthalmology (Chibret) for best research.

Recognized as a leader in his industry, Dr. Tarek is a certified surgeon instructor & worldwide nomogram Advisor for additional technology. In addition to the postgraduate courses “Clinical Research” and “Leadership in healthcare”, Medical Culture and Communication at Michener Institute, Toronto; he has completed his Residency and Fellowship in the University hospital LA FE, Valencia, Spain. He worked as Cornea & Refractive Surgery Consultant, then Chief of Cornea & Refractive Surgery as well as the Medical Director for 12 years in the JCI accredited Magrabi Eye Hospital.

Accolades from peers in the medical community and patients have brought Dr. Tarek numerous awards and recognition, including Spanish National Prize Best Thesis Award; Certificate of Appreciation for leadership during “JCI Accreditation”; recognition as certified surgeon instructor from Addition Technology, Des Plaines III, Inc. California, USA.

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Ms Reem Zahrawi - Ophthalmologists
1.58 kilometers
Expert in: Mole Removal
Mr Sandeep Thakur - Ophthalmologists
1.58 kilometers
Expert in: Mole Removal
Ms Millicent Grim - Ophthalmologists
3.52 kilometers
Expert in: Mole Removal
Ms Rana Geb. Issmail - Ophthalmologists
3.52 kilometers
Expert in: Mole Removal

What is an Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor with the responsibilities of both a physician and surgeon. They examine, diagnose and treat diseases and injuries of the eye and around it. You might come across an ophthalmologist, an orthoptist, even an optometrist. They’re all professionals but an ophthalmologist is the only medically-trained specialist. 

Ophthalmologists treat all diseases of the eye as well as carrying out eye surgery, prescribing and fitting spectacles, and dealing with contact lenses. Scientific research is often an important part of their role, and they are often practised at spotting other health problems not directly related to the eye, referring patients on to the correct specialist.

When to see an Ophthalmologist?

You might start experiencing distortions, odd halos around lights, double vision, shadows, black spots, or blurred central or peripheral vision. It’s wise to see an ophthalmologist if that happens, or you find you’re losing vision or it decreases in one or both eyes. If you see spots, flashes, streaks or lines of light, your vision goes wavy, or faces are blurred, seek expert help. If your colour perception goes wrong or you suddenly get in-turning eyes, crossed eyes, pain or infection, see an ophthalmologist. Last but not least a family history of eye problems might send you to a specialist, as can an injury, HIV, diabetes, or a thyroid condition.  

What conditions does an Ophthalmologist treat?

The eyes are subject to a wide range of problems all of which can be resolved by a good ophthalmologist. They include: 

  • Advanced vision repair
  • Amblyopia- lazy eyes 
  • Astigmatism and other vision defects 
  • Bulging eyes
  • Cataracts
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Corneal Dystrophy and pathology
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Double vision
  • Dry Eye
  • Excessive tears
  • Eye and eyelid infections 
  • Unexplained redness
  • Intraocular inflammation 
  • Eye Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Hyperopia
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Myopia
  • Presbyopia
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Strabismus (squint)
  • Various types of uveitis

What subspecialties are included under Ophthalmology?

The main areas of ophthalmology subspecialty are glaucoma, retina, cornea, refractive surgery, paediatric, glaucoma, neurology, anterior segment, ocular oncology, primary care and oculoplastic surgery.  Medical retinal specialists handle diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, eye disease from systemic conditions and inherited diseases.