Our mission

We aim to be the first global healthcare review platform trusted by people and providers everywhere.

By 2025, we want Doctify technology to have helped 100 million patients access the best specialists.

We also want to have supported healthcare providers across the world in collecting the valuable feedback that they need to deliver patient-centric care.

why we launched Doctify

We started Doctify when we realised just how difficult it was for patients and healthcare providers to access reliable, representative and verified reviews.

The feedback that was available at the time was often out-of-date and unsuitable for the intricacies of healthcare. 

As a result, many people were struggling to source specialists that they felt confident in and providers were finding it difficult to understand and learn from the experiences of their patients.

A dedicated healthcare review platform was needed. So, we launched Doctify to help healthcare providers collect feedback and empower patients to find the best care.

Since Doctify launched, we have helped patients and healthcare providers across the UK, Austria, Germany, Australia and the UAE. And we are not stopping there. We are expanding globally so that we can support patients and providers everywhere. 

how are we achieving our mission?

Our guiding principles

We lead with trust and transparency. As we move forward in our journey, we want you to always be able to rely on Doctify and our platform.

Technology-led innovation

We continue to evolve the Doctify product to deliver more detailed insights and offer you greater value from our platform.

Support everywhere

Already available in five countries, our aim is to expand Doctify internationally so that we can help more people across the globe.

A culture of personal growth 

Our dynamic and hard working team keeps us moving forward. As we continue to grow, they strengthen our position and give us more opportunities to achieve our mission.

quote icon Stephanie Eltz CEO and Co-founder

I am so proud of what Doctify has been able to achieve so far. The team has built our amazing culture, brought innovation and creativity to our product and worked hard to expand us into new markets. They constantly improve our products, deliver on our promises to clients and drive us to deliver our mission of supporting 100 million patients by 2025.