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Best Geriatric Medicine clinics in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Via Medica International Healthcare

Al Safa 1, Matloob Building , DXB, Dubai - 2.38 kilometers

Via Medica International Healthcare

Al Safa 1, Matloob Building , DXB, Dubai - 2.38 kilometers
Geriatric Medicine Physiotherapy

What is Geriatric Medicine? 

Geriatrics is also called geriatric medicine. It’s a specialism focusing on the care of the elderly, although there isn’t a specific age at which we officially become elderly. Some of us stay healthy and fit for longer than others. You may never need treatment by a geriatric doctor, or you might need to see one at aged 60. 

Geriatrics promotes people’s health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities. It’s very different from gerontology, the study of the process of ageing itself. And because the many conditions an older person can suffer from are so very varied, geriatrics deals with an incredibly wide field of expertise, covering all manner of medical problems. No wonder this is the biggest medical speciality of all. 

What procedures can you find at a Geriatrics clinic? 

Geriatricians coordinate teams of relevant health experts like physiotherapists and occupational therapists, with the aim of ensuring the patient is safe and supported in their social situation and environment. A geriatric assessment is designed to evaluate someone’s function, ability, physical health, cognition, mental health, and their social and environmental situation, and is usually arranged by the patient’s GP. 

  • Comprehensive assessment of a person’s mood, cognition, gait, nutrition and how fit they are for surgery
  • Physical examinations 
  • Assessing whether someone needs residential care or support at home 
  • Assessing rehabilitation outcomes 

What should you expect at a Geriatrics clinic?

Depending on the problems you’re suffering, you might simply be put at ease then asked a series of questions about your lifestyle, diet, feelings, physical condition and symptoms. This helps the doctor figure out what’s wrong, and what can be done, and it also indicates which kind of subspecialist surgeon or other medical expert they might need to refer you to. You might have a physical examination if it’s relevant.