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Best Holistic Therapists in Harold Wood, Romford, UK

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Number 4, Orassy Health, 3 Birchfield St, Poplar, London, United Kingdom, E14 8ED  - 12.40 miles
Orassy Health - 12.40 miles
Number 4, Orassy Health, 3 Birchfield St, Poplar, London, United Kingdom, E14 8ED 
Recommended by 1 specialist
10 years of experience
Stress Management, Autoimmune Diseases, Spiritual Counseling, Energy-Based Therapy + 13more

Ms Eli Chan is an experienced health kinesiology therapist at Orassy Health based in East London. She takes a patient-centric approach and treats each client as an individual whilst helping to make improvements in all areas of their lives. Ms Chan offers support with physical, mental, and emotional problems as well as problems such as stress, depression and anxiety as well as food intolerances, skin complaints, and learning difficulties such as dyslexia. She also believes healthy relationships are hugely important for a fulfilling life and is able to help clients improve their interpersonal relationships to connect with others on a deeper level.

Ms Chan has a master's degree in psychology and relationship therapy. Following this, she went on to study Touch for Health and Health Kinesiology. Health Kinesiology is a holistic system grounded in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the understanding that many of our physical and emotional complaints can be alleviated by working through blockages in our Qi, the flow of life force. Ms Chan is able to combine this with other techniques including Pranic Healing, the Bronnikov Technique and Three-in-One Concepts OneBrain Kinesiology to achieve balance and health in her clients.

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What is a holistic therapist?

Holistic medicine is a practice where consideration is taken for the body, mind, spirit and emotions of the individual. Holistic therapists believe that people may achieve better health by making a number of changes or improvements to optimise the balance in their lives. Holistic practitioners will often make use of a variety of different treatment techniques to help their patients. A lot of focus is placed on the patient taking responsibility for their own well-being. In that respect, holistic therapists tend to concentrate on educating patients on necessary lifestyle changes and self-care programs that they may undertake to promote balance and wellness. Holistic therapists may provide diet advice, exercise regimes, psychotherapy sessions and relationship or spiritual counselling.

When to see a holistic therapist?

You may wish to visit a holistic therapist as a complement to seeking traditional Western medical advice. You may also wish to schedule some appointments with a holistic therapist if you are looking for advice on how to make small changes to your daily routines that may promote a better or healthier lifestyle and restore a sense of balance to your life.

What procedures can you find at a holistic clinic?