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Best Neurosurgery clinics in Dubai South - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Neuro Spinal Hospital

Dubai Science Park, Umm Suqeim St, Al Barsha, Al Barsha South, Dubai - 14.31 kilometers

Neuro Spinal Hospital

Dubai Science Park, Umm Suqeim St, Al Barsha, Al Barsha South, Dubai - 14.31 kilometers
Neurosurgery General Surgery Neurology +2 more

Neuro Spinal Hospital is a specialist  hospital located in Dubai, UAE. The hospital specialises in spine surgery, orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, oncology and radiosurgery. The team at Neuro Spinal Hospital consists of several consultants, clinicians and surgeons who are highly qualified in an extensive range of areas in spine and orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery and oncology. Neuro Spinal Hospital is the only hospital in the region with internationally recognised faculties.

Neuro Spinal Hospital aims to provide expert care for all spinal, neurological, orthopaedic and oncology conditions, using evidence-based holistic medicine and cutting-edge technology. Neuro Spinal Hospital is patient and community focused and strives to raise the standard of medical care in the community through education.

The staff at the hospital give treatment in the areas of neuro care medicine, orthopaedics and neurology for both adults and children. The areas in which treatment is offered include:

  • Back pain and spine
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Brain tumours
  • Epilepsy
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Fractures
  • Neck, back, ankle and foot pain
  • Sports injury
  • Arthritis

The hospital treats all patients with dignity and in a humane and compassionate manner. All staff at the hospital are registered with their respective professional bodies and carry out all treatment and procedures to the standard laid out by each body.

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Saudi German Hospital Dubai

Hessa Street 331 West, Al Barsha 3, Exit 36 Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite of American School, Dubai - 14.58 kilometers

Saudi German Hospital Dubai

Hessa Street 331 West, Al Barsha 3, Exit 36 Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite of American School, Dubai - 14.58 kilometers
Rheumatology Cardiology Ophthalmology

Saudi German Hospital Dubai is a proud member of one of the biggest private hospitals groups in the Middle East and North Africa. It opened in March 2012, the SGH Group’s sixth tertiary care facility. Since then its reputation has grown as a major tertiary care centre for the region, offering 300 beds in spotlessly clean, comfortable surroundings. No wonder Global Brands Magazine has awarded the Saudi German Hospital Dubai a Most Trusted Healthcare Brand award.

As you’d expect the hospital is accredited by the JCI, Joint Commission International, and CAP, the College of American Pathologists. They hold a Certificate of Excellence, JCI CCPC for Management of their Acute Myocardial Infarction Program, and operate to two ISO standards, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. This facility is part of his highness Sheikh Mohamad Bin Rashid’s plans to establish Dubai as an international one-stop-shop for all medical treatments. And that means SGH is more than happy to facilitate medical tourism, both by giving the best available medical care in the region and providing special medical tourism packages. They employ multilingual staff, who together speak more than 35 languages, to help make every visitor’s experience a good one and can even help with local accommodation and book your flights for you.

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Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai - 15.15 kilometers

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai - 15.15 kilometers
Urology Cardiology Dermatology +8 more

The Al Zahra Hospital Dubai is a popular independent healthcare provider in the region, treating the local and and international communities who live in the UAE with personalised care in a cutting-edge place via world-class medical experts who know the latest and most effective techniques. And all that means we provide the best possible care for you and your family. We work closely with other public and private hospitals to promote our region as a globally-respected healthcare destination. 35 years' experience in the healthcare sector mean we deliver excellent standards of healthcare focused on patient-centred care and really good clinical outcomes. Our hospital operates in compliance with strict Global Accreditation and International Standards and offers you 187 beds plus state-of-the-art facilities and a strong focus on evidence-based medicine.

Visit us for specialist services in anaesthesia, cardiology, ER services, endocrinology, general surgery and more, from a team of doctors and nurses whose immense experience in their respective specialities means they're at the top of their game, many with global recognition and accreditation. But it's the empathy we feel that makes us truly special. We believe in empathetic listening and we act accordingly. Combining this with the very latest advanced technology and excellent facilities means our patients experience the utmost in comfort while with us, and we even have a number of beautiful VIP rooms, the essence of luxury with superb views. If you'd like to enjoy the highest standards of quality care along with a genuine healing touch, we'll see you soon.

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Nanoori Spine & Joint Center

Hessa Street 331 West, Al Barsha 3, Exit 36 Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite of American School - Dubai, Dubai - 14.58 kilometers

Nanoori Spine & Joint Center

Hessa Street 331 West, Al Barsha 3, Exit 36 Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite of American School - Dubai, Dubai - 14.58 kilometers
Neurosurgery Orthopaedic Surgery Pain Management +3 more

Nanoori (Korea) Spine & Joint Center is Korea's most trusted brand now located within a separate wing on the 5th floor of Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, that offers the highest-technology and ethically-minded treatments to all its valued patients.

Nanoori doctors strive to give proper diagnosis for each patient, drawing from the experience and successful track record of the top Consultant Spine and Orthopedic physicians from the Nanoori Hospital Group from South Korea. Nanoori offers a range of treatments: from physical therapy, pinpoint accurate injections, and the latest generation of endoscopic and arthoscopic fully-closed minimally invasive surgeries (with cutting edge surgical techniques available for the first time in Dubai!)

Nanoori Spine, Bone & Joint Clinic focuses on endoscopic and arthoscopic minimally invasive surgeries for the treatment of neck, back, shoulder and joint pain, with post-operative scars limited to 2-3 stitches! Doctors at the clinic have thousands of successful surgeries completed in Korea.

For spine-related issues, Nanoori's expertise covers a range of spinal conditions including fractures and dislocations, herniated lumbar and cervical discs, spinal stenosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, and OPPL, to name a few. Have you been suggested to do fusion/big surgery from other surgeons? Endoscopic spine surgery is the future and available in Dubai now, only from Nanoori. Patients finish their procedure with only 3 stitches!

For orthopedics, Nanoori offers advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures including replacement arthroplasty, arthroscopy, sports medicine, cosmetic procedures for bones and joints, and other physical therapies.

Patients who are not candidates for surgery are able to receive non-surgical treatments for spine and joint rehabilitation including medial branch block, radiofrequency ablation, and advanced physiotherapy sessions including a focus on manual therapy from our Korean physios.

Nanoori Hospital Group is the largest private spine and joint hospital group in South Korea with 5 hospitals in Korea performing close to 10,000 surgeries per year. Physicians from all over the world come to learn the advanced techniques pioneered and perfected in Korea, but fortunately, those same top doctors are now available in Dubai finally.

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What is Neurosurgery? 

Neurosurgery, also called neurological surgery, is a speciality that deals with preventing, diagnosing, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders affecting any part of the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and the wider cerebrovascular system. Because the nervous system reaches into every corner of the body, neurosurgery tends to have a very wide scope.  

Neurosurgical care covers every age, from children to adults, and depending on the condition you’re suffering from a neurological surgeon can deliver both surgery itself and non-surgical support. 

What procedures can you find at a Neurosurgery clinic? 

  • Craniotomy – creating narrow openings that minimise the damage
  • Minimally-invasive neuroendoscopy to treat deep tumours in the brain and skull base
  • Non-invasive stereotactic radiosurgery 
  • Advanced medical imaging 
  • Collaboration with radiologists including CT scans, MRI scans and brain angiography.
  • Functional neurosurgery 
  • High-intensity laser probe for inoperable brain tumours
  • Intraoperative angiography
  • Minimally invasive surgeries 
  • Peripheral nerve surgery 
  • Radiosurgery 
  • Skull base and spine surgery 
  • Stereotactic neurosurgery
  • Surgical implantation of deep brain stimulators 
  • Surgical navigation, using computers to plan surgery 
  • Trauma surgery 
  • Cortical mapping
  • Cavitron treatment

What should you expect at a Neurosurgery clinic?

Having been referred by your GP or another kind of doctor, your neurosurgeon will ask about your medical history and get a good idea about your symptoms. They’ll carry out a detailed neurological examination before reviewing your medical history and analysing the results of the diagnostic tests you have been given. Before you leave you will be given your treatment options, each explained carefully so you have the knowledge you need to make a good decision.