How To Ask Patients To Leave Reviews

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As a medical professional, we understand it can feel awkward asking patients for reviews as healthcare is not in the same service category as a restaurant or hotel!

Asking patients for reviews need not feel so awkward. We’ve compiled a few great ideas to help you get more patient reviews.

5 Ways To Ask Patients For Reviews

  • Help patients feel like their feedback matters by demonstrating how their reviews affect your clinic’s improvement of care
  • Make review collection a habit after their final appointments with you
  • Use a tablet in-clinic to collect feedback after their appointment
  • Send out a review email link automatically after their appointment
  • Use a secure feedback tool like Doctify

Unsure of why to collect patient reviews? Read The Complete Guide to Patient Reviews

Make Patients Feel Like Their Feedback Matters

The first step when you ask patients for reviews is to make patients feel comfortable that their feedback matters.

Make them feel comfortable by ensuring you communicate:

  • Their feedback is anonymous
  • Their feedback helps you improve your level of care as a clinician
  • Their feedback will help future patients with their conditions
  • Their feedback is important to help the clinic team as a whole improve

People are much more likely to provide feedback when they know the impact of it.

ask patients after consultation for feedback

How to Get Patient Reviews: Making a Habit

Once you have completed a patient’s treatment plan and are having a final consultation, or even a follow up consultation with your patient, make it a habit at the end of your consultation to ask your patient for a review.

It’s important to note you may not have fully solved all the patient’s needs. This is ok!

Collecting patient feedback is still important to prove your clinical care is world-class, even if you have to send your patients to a specialist.

It’s as simple as asking: ‘Thanks for your time today, I’d really appreciate if you could review the care you’ve received from us at the clinic, and me. It helps us improve our care going forward, and is anonymous. The team at the front desk will be able to send you a review link via email or you can directly pop your review in via tablet in our reception once you’ve finished the rest of the paperwork from this consultation’

Doctors on Doctify talk about the in-clinic app set up

Use a Tablet to Collect Patient Reviews In-Clinic

One of the biggest barriers to asking for patient reviews is that it’s either: Untimely to collect patient reviews, or, it is too hard to collect patient reviews

By having a review collection tablet in-clinic, it is much easier to ask a patient to leave a review when they are still in your clinic.

With final admin work necessary after their appointment with payment or other paperwork, it is the perfect time for patients to be in right headspace to leave a review

Our app makes it a breeze to collect reviews by asking a series of questions about their care, and star-ratings to rate it.

We also highly recommend pairing a keyboard with your tablet so that typing out their feedback is much easier

Patients are already familiar with how to structure feedback, as they have probably left reviews for restaurants, or hotels, or other services! Whether you’re in Harley Street in the UK, Austria, or Dubai, Doctify reviews guide the patient along with questions around their care so they can honestly share their feedback anonymously

By patients inputting their feedback fresh from their consultation, it will ensure that their review is accurate, timely, and easy to collect.

Dr. Michael, Orthopaedic Surgeon in Dubai with a Doctify Review Collection Tablet

Send Out Emails After An Appointment

Sometimes, a patient may be in a rush after their appointment, they may not have time to submit a patient review

This is where having your Practice Management Software send out your personalised review link in an email automatically after a consultation is valuable.

We work closely with many PMS providers to automate this process. Contact for our help in setting this up for you

patient review collection tablet in clinic

Use A Secure Feedback Tool

One of the major problems with reviews on Google or Facebook is that anyone can submit a review. This leaves your clinic wide open to fake reviews, personal attacks, or in the worst cases, openly slandering you by name on the internet for everyone to see.

With Doctify, every patient review is verified. They are sent unique review codes, and are authenticated.

Every review is anonymous, and patients can’t talk about adverse health outcomes as a result of treatment.

All reviews on Doctify are currently moderated by our in-house team, making sure things like identifying information about the patient, potential slander, or even just the odd naughty word or two are filtered out before being published online.

We know that potential slander is an important part of Dubai law. We will never publish publicly any feedback that could be seen as potentially slanderous, or detrimental to your reputation.

Having a secure feedback platform helps you to be able to ask patients confidently to leave a review at the end of their consultation.

If you’d like to learn more about Doctify’s Patient Feedback Reviews, we have over 20,000 consultants globally on our platform collecting feedback to power their clinics

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