The Complete Guide to Patient Reviews


Patient reviews are essential for your clinic. For any clinic to do well and provide exemplary care they must be able to benchmark and listen to their patient’s experience. Not only is patient feedback part of Dubai’s vision 2021 goals, it is widely accepted globally that patient feedback is critical to any healthcare system

Online visibility is key to bringing new patients to you and your clinic, and patient feedback is the cornerstone for attracting them. Patient feedback is part of something called ‘Social proof’ which is a term used to describe influencing behaviour.

What is Social Proof?

Patients need to trust their medical professionals before they see you. ‘Social proof’ is proving yourself in a way that fosters trust with your future patients.

Put simply, social proof is when you see someone doing something, you are more likely to be persuaded to do that thing yourself. It’s when your friends or family recommend you to watch a certain film, or go to a certain restaurant. More often than not they’ll give you an opinion about it and this has the power to not only influence your opinion, but also you’re willingness to have a similar experience. Social proof can be powerful especially if an experience was exceedingly positive or negative.

In a digital manner we see this everywhere online. Amazon reviews, Google Reviews, critic reviews are all people’s experience with a product or service provided. Reviews offer people the chance to talk about their experience to help set expectations for future patrons.

Healthcare services rely on social proof.

Reviews and testimonials are the core element of social proof for your clinic. They provide you with a huge range of feedback, ranging from your biggest supporters, to those who were simply satisfied with your care, to even some that weren’t satisfied.

Doctify ensures that patients can not review based on medical outcomes they receive, they can only place feedback based on the care provided

Doctify ensures that defamation online is not possible, as patients are only allowed to place feedback on the care they received, and not the medical outcome. Even if a less than favourable review is placed, we will not publish anything online that can be considered defamatory under Dubai law.

Positive Patient reviews are easy wins for your social media

With 99% of people living in Dubai using social media, it is imperative that your clinic is on board. The patient journey is digital, and social media plays a big part in how patients discover what your clinic offers. Social proof on platforms like Instagram are gold. Copying the review onto a text based post, or onto a story will help you put potential patients at ease before they even come into clinic. It also helps build trust towards your clinic. Medical tourism relies heavily on every digital touchpoint so maximising social proof with patient reviews on social media is critical. 

Patient reviews boost SEO performance 

By using our widget review box or review badges, you can have a live feed of all of your patient reviews onto your website. The reason they help is because they are the type of content Google prefers in their search results

  • It provides more text specific to your specialty on Google. This text helps Google and other search engines understand what your website is about.
  • Review text is unique. Unique text is critical for seo. Unique and relevant content increase a page’s value to Google’s search results

Unique, updated content all help Google understand your page better. This enables them to show your page in the results for more relevant search terms more often.

Best of all, our review widget pulls in your reviews automatically, meaning you don’t have to update anything on your website whenever you get a new review.

Why Doctify as a third-party review platform improve your online reputation in search?

When people search for reviews of you and your clinic, Doctify pages tend to appear at the top search results, with stars, and rich snippets in the search results.

Why does Doctify rank so well?

We have dedicated personnel making sure that your profile appears in search results. The more reviews you collect, and rich content you have on your Doctify profile page, the more search engines associate you and your clinic with our platform. This pushes your Doctify profile to the top of search results as well as your website.

We’ll help your Doctify profile include things like your clinic information, your working locations during the week if you work at multiple clinics, your clinic contact details, your new reviews and many other pieces of information that signal to Google that you can be trusted with delivering excellent patient care.

When you come onboard with Doctify, our team goes through exactly what you can do in your profile to help with SEO. We have webinars, and extensive resources on the topic. 

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