Why dental practices need patient feedback to thrive

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In today’s highly competitive healthcare market, patient feedback is a vital component of a dental practice’s success. Research shows that over 70% of patients consider online reviews crucial when selecting a dentist, highlighting the significant impact patient feedback can have on a practice’s reputation and revenue. As more people turn to the internet to find and evaluate healthcare providers, reading feedback from verified patients has become an essential part of building trust and credibility with potential patients.

However, patient feedback is not just valuable for attracting new patients. It also plays a critical role in improving services and operations, identifying areas for growth, and providing better patient care.

In this article, we will explore five key reasons why actively collecting patient feedback is crucial for dentists looking to drive growth and success.

1. Improving patient satisfaction

Patient feedback is a valuable tool for dental practices to identify areas for improvement and enhance patient satisfaction. By understanding what patients appreciate and dislike about their care, dental practices can make necessary adjustments to improve their services and meet patient needs.

For instance, if patients frequently report long wait times, dental practices can consider modifying their scheduling to minimise wait times. Likewise, if patients experience discomfort during particular procedures, dental practices can explore alternative pain management techniques to improve the patient experience.

Improving patient satisfaction can lead to increased patient loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth recommendations, which can attract new patients to the practice. By actively seeking and responding to patient feedback, dental practices can demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality care and build a reputation as a patient-centred provider in their community.

At Doctify, we understand the importance of patient feedback for dental practices. That’s why we offer a solution that automates patient feedback collection, enabling dentists to hear from all the patients they see. By using our platform, dental practices can collect and analyse feedback from their patients in real-time, making it easier to identify areas needing improvement and track progress over time.

Find out more on how to improve patient experiences in dentistry.

2. Increasing patient loyalty

Patients want to feel like their opinions matter and that their concerns are being taken seriously. By actively seeking patient feedback, dentists can create a patient-centred environment that fosters loyalty and demonstrates their commitment to providing high-quality care. However, it’s not enough to just ask for feedback – it’s important to respond and implement changes based on patients’ suggestions. This shows that the dental practice values their patients and is dedicated to meeting their needs, ultimately leading to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

In fact, patients who feel valued and heard are more likely to recommend the dental practice to their loved ones. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations can be a powerful marketing tool for dental practices in today’s world, helping to attract new patients and grow the practice. By prioritising patient feedback and making changes based on their suggestions, dental practices can create a positive cycle of patient satisfaction and loyalty that benefits both patients and the practice.

3. Boosting marketing strategies

Patient feedback is a powerful marketing tool for dental practices, building trust and credibility with potential patients. When feedback is collected through a third-party platform like Doctify, it is verified, ensuring its authenticity and increasing the practice’s reliability in the eyes of potential patients.

Here are the top five ways dentists can utilise patient feedback to attract and retain patients:

  1. Share positive feedback on social media: By featuring positive reviews on social media, dentists can increase their online visibility, showcase their expertise, and differentiate themselves from the competition.
  2. Use patient feedback in email marketing: By showcasing positive patient feedback, dentists can increase interest and bookings for those services, especially when running a promotional campaign or offering a special deal.
  3. Display patient feedback on the practice’s website: By using widgets offered by platforms such as Doctify, dentists can display reviews specific to treatments and procedures, helping potential patients make informed decisions about their dental care.
  4. Use patient feedback to tailor services: Patient feedback offers valuable insights into patient preferences and expectations, allowing dentists to improve their services and create targeted marketing campaigns that connect with patients.
  5. Respond to patient feedback: Engaging with patient feedback, both positive and negative, demonstrates the practice’s dedication to patient satisfaction and improvement of patient experiences. This fosters trust and loyalty with patients.

4. Identifying business opportunities

Research shows that patient feedback can provide valuable insights into patient needs and preferences, allowing dental practices to identify business opportunities and offer new services that meet patient demand. According to a study by PatientPop, practices that actively seek patient feedback grow 2.5 times faster than those that don’t.

For instance, if patients frequently express interest in a particular service or treatment, dental practices can consider adding it to their offerings to meet patient demand. Additionally, if patients report difficulty with a specific payment plan or insurance option, practices can explore alternative options to ensure that patients can access the care they need.

By leveraging patient feedback to identify business opportunities, dental practices can increase revenue, improve patient satisfaction, and expand their patient base. In fact, a study by Harvard Business Review found that improving the customer experience through feedback can increase revenue by up to 15%.

5. Meeting Regulatory Requirements

In order to maintain compliance with regulations set by regulatory bodies like the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in the UK, the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) in Germany, and the Federal Ministry of Health in Austria, dental practices are required to collect patient feedback as part of their accreditation or licensing process. By collecting and utilising patient feedback, dental practices can satisfy these requirements and remain in compliance with relevant regulations.

Failure to collect and utilise patient feedback can result in regulatory action, including fines, penalties, or even the revocation of a dental practice’s licence to operate.

How Doctify can help

As more patients turn to private healthcare, the demand for transparency in the industry is on the rise. Modern patients rely heavily on online reviews, feedback, and rankings to select a healthcare professional, with a staggering 90% of patients consulting online reviews before choosing a provider. As a dentist, your reputation has never been more critical.

Doctify has experienced tremendous demand for its offerings, given the tailwinds behind digital healthcare and the importance of maintaining a strong online reputation. By partnering with Doctify, you can ensure that your expertise stands out and your online reputation is secure, enabling you to showcase your commitment to providing exceptional patient care, stand out in a competitive market, and establish trust and credibility with potential patients.

Say goodbye to manual feedback collection and hello to a streamlined, automated process that can take your practice to the next level. Contact Doctify’s team today to learn more or book a demo.

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