Medical emergencies in UAE – What to do

paramedic at emergency scene

You’re visiting the UAE, or maybe you’re living and working there. What do you need to do when there’s a medical emergency? A quick response to an emergency can save lives. Here’s what you need to know.

The UAE – Known for healthcare excellence

The UAE, whether you’re there for business, pleasure or as an ex-pat, offers some of the world’s best, most modern and well-equipped hospitals, staffed by world-class healthcare professionals. So that side of things is well and truly sorted!

Know the UAE healthcare system, the nearest hospital, the right contact numbers  

Because it’s hard to think straight in an emergency, it’s important to know exactly where to go if something goes wrong and have the right contact numbers to hand. When you arrive in the UAE note down your closest A&E, hospital, doctor and dentist, and their phone numbers, and register with them straight away if you intend to stay for some time, for example as an ex-pat. Don’t leave it until you need treatment.

Calling an ambulance in the UAE

Wherever you are in the UAE, the emergency ambulance numbers are the same: 998 or 999. As well as dispatching an ordinary ambulance they can also arrange to send an air ambulance if necessary.

National Ambulance is the UAE’s biggest pre-hospital emergency care provider, set up to support both government and private clients. It has been around since 2010. They have a dedicated Ambulance Communications Centre, National Ambulance, which provides 24/7 services across the UAE thanks to highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art ambulances and the very latest technology. They also make sure the highest possible international medical standards are maintained and the best care given. They work to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification standards and are internationally accredited via Joint Commission International.

What to tell the ambulance operator  

Explain the situation clearly to the telephone operator and make sure you establish whether the ambulance paramedics can provide the right kind of medical services. And find out whether the condition, hospital and services are covered by your health insurance. If so, don’t forget your healthcare insurance policy paperwork – you’ll probably need it. If not, prepare to pay by cash or card.

How hospitals in the UAE handle emergencies

The UAE has plenty of world-class hospitals staffed with top-performing medical experts. They can handle any kind of medical emergency. During medical emergencies, they’ll accept you for initial treatment but might transfer you to a hospital that’s better equipped to handle your condition. You can get treatment at either a private or government hospital. When there’s an emergency it doesn’t cost anything to stabilise the patient, but other treatment must be paid for via insurance, cash or credit card.

What if someone dies?

If somebody dies you’ll need to officially register the death and get a death certificate. Go to the government website for the Emirate you’re in to find details about exactly what to do.

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