Introducing Dr Tosun Dental Clinic, a team of highly-specialized dentists

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In this article, we interview Dr. Yahya Tosun, General Manager at Dr Tosun Dental Clinic. Located in Dubai, the clinic is passionate about helping patients and improving smiles. With state of the art technology and a carefully hand-picked team of dental specialists, this clinic is worth considering for your next treatment.

What is the ethos of your clinic?

At our clinic, we believe dentistry is a harmonious combination of art, science, and passion, and we strive to create beautiful smiles, confidence, and self-assurance. We are passionate about delivering an outstanding dental service to our patients through teamwork, excellent communication and compassion.

We always put our patients first and make sure they are fully involved in the treatment planning process.

We believe the best dental results can only be achieved through excellent communication, empathy and understanding individual characteristics of every patient.

What conditions, treatments do you specialize in?

We are specialized in mainly Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry and Implantology. Apart from these 3 main areas we also offer Endodontics, Hygiene, Pediatric and General dentistry services as well.

What makes you stand out as a clinic?

We are human-centered clinic. Our main focus is giving value to our customers. We address to 5 senses to our patients to make their journey unforgettable with us. We provide a relaxing atmosphere through special interior design, colors, relaxing music, unique scent, complimentary water, coffee, tea services, TV’s on each surgery’s ceiling etc.

We strongly believe every patient is unique and deserves a beautiful smile that reflects their true self, true feeling.

We love working as a team rather than individually particularly in difficult cases and try to get the best results through an interdisciplinary approach.

In a recent testimonial from a mum who brought her 4 years-old son first time to our clinic for a dental check-up, she says her child was extremely happy of his experience with our dentist and he wanted to come back again in a week. As a clinical team, we all aim to create this kind of experiences for all our customers.

Can you tell us about a success story where you treated a particularly difficult patient?

We believe it is not about what we do for our patients but more about how they feel about our treatments and our clinic. We have outstanding reviews and testimonials posted in the social media by our patients who had good experiences with us. Recently a male patient in his 30’s with worn front teeth due to heavy grinding came to us to get his teeth fixed. It was not an easy case as not only his smile but his occlusion needed to be fixed as well. One of our dentists made a great job creating a beautiful smile giving him a much younger look and a solid occlusion. Needless to say, our patient was extremely happy about his new look and said this has “saved his life!”.

How do you keep up to date with the latest research and technology?

As policy of our clinic, we encourage our clinicians and staff to participate in conferences and take courses. We pay the fees of the AEEDC dental conference- the largest in the Middle East- for our staff education to keep them up to date.

We use cutting edge technologies in our clinic such as oral scanner, CBCT, diode laser machine, EMS hygiene machine, sedation etc. We believe using high technology is important to serve our customers better to provide them with more comfort and higher precision for best results on what we do.

As a clinic, you are engaging in patient feedback with Doctify – what importance do you place on patient feedback?

Patient feedback is extremely important to understand for us about what we can do to make patient experiences better and fine-tune our services. It is also important for our clinic’s visibility in the public.

How do you think the wider medical field is adapting to a more connected and informed patient?

I think there are two aspects of this concept. In the past doctors were considered only authority and the patients were not given any chance to contribute to the treatment plan proposed. Today we believe more informed and knowledgeable patient is a great asset for the clinics as they usually stimulate the doctors to excel themselves, read more, learn more and serve better. It helps the medical industry to improve through knowledge and expertise.

On the other side, there is also extensive false information on the internet or social media creating “expert patients” having sometimes no proper idea about their medical problem. We believe the solution is to inform the public and raise the awareness of the people about various medical issues and problems. This is what we do as Dr Tosun Dental Clinic through our Healthy Lifestyle events, interactive programs organized once and/or twice a month in which we invite experts in their fields to inform people particularly women as the primary decision-makers for their family’s health issues. We believe more connected and well-informed women will raise more aware generations.

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