Dubai hospitals are ‘as good as hotels’

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Healthcare and cleanliness go together like peaches and cream. The last thing you want to see when you’re in hospital is a dirty floor, a less-than-clean toilet, dust under the beds. You expect the place to be spotless from top to bottom, beautifully equipped, smart, fragrant and properly hygienic.

Dubai regularly ranks as one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism, and you’ll be glad to know that their hospitals are not only equipped with all the latest and best equipment, staffed by some of the world’s finest medical talent. They’re also very stylish and comfortable that Dubai hospitals are being officially compared to really good hotels.

Dubai – Home to one of the world’s best healthcare systems

Dubai offers one of the world’s best public health systems in the world, a super-modern system delivering an unusually high standard of medical care thanks to state-of-the-art facilities. It is run by the Dubai Health Authority, the DHA, and there are four main government hospitals in the country, all top class: the Dubai Hospital, the Rashid Hospital, the Latifa Hospital and the Hatta hospital. They each have an emergency department, English is widely spoken, and all four offer out-patient and in-patient treatment.  

There are also more than 130 private hospitals and clinics in the remarkable Dubai Healthcare City, a contemporary complex where the finest advanced private health care is available, catering for 150 different medical specialities. There’s even a private health centre for children in Dubai called KidFIRST, offering a broad range of treatments including care for children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Check a hospital’s performance

The DHA is determined to boost standards even further to support the fast-growing medical tourism market. One of their initiatives involves giving ratings rather like hotel ratings to help people choose the perfect healthcare facility. The DHA’s website contains details of each hospital’s performance as compared with international standards, designed to advance the services on offer as well as improve the choice for patients.

The factors being rated include how many successful operations have been performed, information about problems at the hospital, statistics about overall performance and information about the career experience of the doctors, with qualifications available for all to see. They also look into the quality of the equipment being used, hygiene control, infection control, the results of audits and feedback from patients, things like the overall ambience and the availability of translators.

The system they’ve put in place is intended to act as an internationally recognised ratings system. The result – a regular annual assessment of health services in Dubai – should help the DHA monitor what’s needed to improve healthcare quality, adding to the insight already provided by regular random checks at healthcare centres across the region.

What you can expect from Dubai healthcare

Thanks to the sterling efforts made by doctors, administrators, support staff and the government, Dubai is now one of the most popular places to go for medical tourists. You can expect spotlessly clean clinics and hospitals equipped with the most modern equipment and technology. They take great care over the design of the facilities, wards and private patient rooms, creating stylish spaces where you’ll feel calm, cared for and confident. Not only are the spaces top level, but they are backed by high levels of clinical and professional excellence plus reliably good results.

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