Collect reviews automatically

Our software partners offer you a way to collect reviews simply, quickly and easily.

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The above guides on how to integrate with our automation partners software are not official Doctify support documentation, so we can’t claim responsibility for their content or provide technical support, but they can be useful for finding out more information about specific platforms and how they interact with Doctify. 

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Dr Harald K Widhalm Doctify member and orthopaedic and trauma surgeon 

We spoke to Dr Harald Widhalm to find out more about how he is automating his feedback links and exactly how the review collection method has helped him to gain greater insight into how his patients think and feel.

collecting reviews shouldn't be a headache

We can make it easy for you and your team to collect regular reviews by sending review requests within whichever patient or visitor communication software that you’re currently using. 

Here are some of the partners we are working with everyday, if you don’t see your software here please ask our customer support team for more information on

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