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The Ultimate Porridge Recipe to up your Breakfast Game

Written by Mrs Josie Elles for Doctify

Knitwear at the ready: it’s getting cold, folks. Or, colder, I should say. This is England after all. With temperatures dipping and days getting shorter, its getting increasingly difficult to roll out of bed in the mornings. Our plan? Make your breakfast worth getting up for.

Why choose porridge?

Other than the burly man on the Scott’s Porridge Oats box, there are a few reasons that porridge is the ultimate morning meal.

As the temperatures drops, so does our appetite for light breakfasts and salads. The natural instinct would be to start craving stodgier foods to build a calorie store and insulation layer for winter. With central heating and 24/7 supermarkets that is no longer necessary but our genes haven’t caught up with our modern lifestyle. Porridge is a healthy way to satisfy that urge.

It has other benefits too; a study done by Harvard University concluded that eating porridge can add years to your life. It found that “people who ate the most whole grains (70 grams/day, about 4 servings), compared with those who ate little or no whole grains, had a lower risk of dying.”

Our porridge recipe (concocted by a holistic nutritionist) aims to stabilise blood sugar and keep you full for longer.

The recipe

Ingredients per person:

40g porridge Oats
1.5 heaped tbsp. of whey or soya protein powder (20g)
50 ml semi-skimmed or soya milk
50 ml water
2 heaped tsp. of desiccated coconut or flaked almonds (10g) or 3 tsp of chia seeds (15g)
50g blueberries


Bring oats, protein powder, milk and water to simmer, stirring frequently until the oats have absorbed the liquid. Garnish with blueberries and your choice of nuts or seeds.



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