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Optegra collaborates with Doctify

We are excited to sit down with Baba Awopetu to discuss the services provided  at Optegra Eye Healthcare – a group of nationwide eye hospitals which puts a strong emphasis on patient experience. They are a leading provider in the private eye health medical sector and have treated 1.3 million patients to date. Optegra is very well noted for their outlook towards cataracts as it is their most sought after treatment.

Suman Saha, the Co-founder and Medical Director at Doctify has shared some thoughts on this partnership: “We are extremely pleased to have been working with Optegra for several years now. They are an organization that very much places importance on patient experience but also aims to open up access to the very latest treatments. I really think any initiatives that help make patients aware of their choices and in an open and transparent way are great”. 

We sat down with Baba Awopetu, the Sales and Marketing Director of Optegra, to give us more information about Optegra and their outlook on their position in the healthcare industry.

Baba Awopetu – Director of Strategy & Marketing Optegra Eye Healthcare

Questions & Answers

What are you doing for patients that you feel is unique or innovative? 

We believe that we are delivering services based and centred around getting the best solution for each patient. We believe each individual’s condition is very individualized; therefore, it is important to think about what is best for them.

What services do you feel differentiate you or that you are keen to highlight to patients. 

We believe our Laser Eye Surgery differentiates us due to our package. We have access to advanced ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, and LASEK; therefore, we are willing to tailor the treatment for you so that you get the treatment that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Why should patients select your centre for their care? 

“Clinicians, Services Offered, and Outcomes”

Describe in one sentence the key ethos of the centre to patients.

“Helping each patient to achieve the best outcome they can.”

What 3 words that best describe the ‘healthcare philosophy’ of your organisation for potential patients.

“Trust, Patient-centric care, and Centre of excellence”

What do you think is the next big innovation in healthcare?

 I believe that the next big innovation in healthcare would involve the cooperation and interaction of multiple synergies – this could be between data, artificial intelligence, wearable devices, and medicine. The collaboration between any of these factors would push the health industry forward.

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