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Now is the time to automate your patient feedback requests

Doctify and MediOffice work in partnership to help healthcare providers automate their patient feedback requests through the practice management software.

Collecting patient feedback should always be easy. It’s the reason why we recommend automating your feedback requests. It helps to save time, establish a consistent flow of feedback and increase the amount of meaningful information you get from your patients.

At Doctify, we have partnered with practice management software providers including MediOffice so that setting up and sending automated feedback requests is always straightforward. In this article, MediOffice looks at the reasons why automation is so beneficial and the steps to take so that you can start automating your patient feedback requests right away.

Top reasons for automating your requests for patient feedback

Patient feedback is essential for all clinicians and practices – large or small, new or established. 

But without automation, you are likely having to ask patients for feedback at the end of appointments, request they complete forms on tablets on their way out, or ask your secretary to send out email requests. We know that for many of you, this can be a challenge. It can feel awkward, you may forget or run out of time, and sometimes, there may be no tablets available. 

This is where automation comes into its own. When practices automate their feedback requests through our practice management software, here are the benefits that we’ve seen:

Less administrative effort

When you automate your feedback requests, you no longer have to be personally involved in sending out requests, which we understand can be awkward. Your secretary also won’t have to spend their time asking for feedback manually. 

Instead, the process takes care of itself. You simply have to set up triggers so that feedback requests are automatically sent after your appointments. 

A steady stream of patient feedback

Automating your feedback requests means that you have the opportunity to hear more from your patients. Doctify has found that patients are more likely to submit reviews when they receive automated feedback requests. It can increase the number of patient reviews you get by 15%.

Meaningful, real-time patient insights 

With access to more regular feedback, you can better understand what matters most to your patients at particular moments in time. You can see what they appreciate and the areas of your practice that you can make better for them. 

Also, automation allows you to monitor any improvements you make to your practice with greater ease. Being able to collect feedback quickly can help you to instantly see the impact of any changes that you make to the patient experience. 

Greater trust amongst new patients

When patients research you online, they want to be able to read a good volume of up-to-date reviews. 

If they only find a handful of reviews or online reviews from years ago, they won’t be left with a great first impression. Instead, it can indicate that you’re no longer practicing or that you see very few patients. Automation allows you to collect – and publish – a greater wealth of reviews on a consistent basis, giving prospective patients who are researching you online more confidence in your practice.

For more information, read Doctify’s article on the importance of automating your patient feedback requests.

How do I automate my patient review requests?

If you work with a software provider such as MediOffice, you can easily automate your review requests. 

When we work with practices, a typical setup process will include:

  • Selecting the trigger points for sending out reviews e.g. post appointment or surgery 
  • Selecting the forum for sending out the requests e.g. text or email 
  • Selecting the time lag for the request to be sent
  • Writing your personalised wording for the review request

The automated email or text that you send will always include your unique Doctify review link so that patients are directed to complete your feedback survey.

Automation options for greater patient insights 

Another advantage of sending automated feedback requests is that they can be tailored around your patient journeys. If your patients encounter different departments and individuals, you can set up triggers in your practice management software to request feedback from them at these different points.

For example, you can request a review from a patient following a consultation and then a further review following surgery.  You can personalise the wording of each request and adjust the timing, so that appointment reviews are sent after 24 hours and surgery feedback requests are sent after 5 days.

In addition to automated feedback requests being sent via email or text, you can also include your review links in all invoices and patient letters through your practice management software. With MediOffice, this can be managed within the patient portal where invoices and letters are sent electronically.


Patient reviews are crucial for both established and growing practices. If you’re not yet working with Doctify, visit the Provider Centre to discover the benefits of joining the review intelligence platform. 

Through taking the time to set up automated feedback requests with Doctify and your practice management software, collecting reviews from your patients will become easier. You will also have the opportunity to gain more insightful, regular feedback and gather information on the experiences that your patients have at different points along their journey. 

In turn, this can help you to learn more about the patients that you see and also allow prospective patients to gain valuable insight into your practice, so that they can confidently choose you.

About the Author

Sally Barr is the Managing Director of MediOffice, a subsidiary company of Trust Health. MediOffice is cloud-based next generation practice management software for the modern practice. There are no fobs, no installation required, no lengthy contracts, and no upfront costs. In addition to the traditional administration features you will find in a practice management software system, MediOffice provides additional functionality that helps practices grow while improving efficiencies and saving money. 

In recognition of the partnership between MediOffice and Doctify, MediOffice is offering all Doctify clients 50% off for the first 6 months. You can find out more about MediOffice at