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How to Find the Right Specialist for Men’s Health

There are several articles detailing why men hate going to the doctor. John Chisholm, Chair of the British Medical Association’s Ethics Committee, says that “There is a cultural understanding that all men should be macho. But we need to understand that this expectation of stoic masculinity is putting lives at risks – men shouldn’t be bottling these things up.”

Jim Pollard, a health journalist agrees. “Absolutely. The real reason men put off going to see their doctor is because we don’t like asking for help.”

Despite this natural inclination to avoid the doctor’s office, you really shouldn’t. So many health conditions that can prove fatal are much easier to treat if caught early. Don’t put off seeking help until its too late.

Who should I go and see?

There are different specialists who can help with specific issues relating to men’s health. Below is a brief guide to which specialist to see for specific issues:

  • Fertility Specialist: if you are experiencing issues conceiving or are worried about your fertility, this is who to see
  • Urologist: urology covers everything from prostate problems to erectile dysfunction
  • GP: often your GP will be the first port of call when you experience any kind of medical complaint
  • Well Man Check: This is a general health check, similar to a health MOT, but tailored to men specifically

How do I book?

Luckily, Doctify makes it easy for you to book an appointment for the right specialist, as finding someone you trust is usually the next hurdle. Being able to see the person’s face and background as well as verified reviews can help you to feel comfortable. And wouldn’t it be great to be able to specify the gender of your doctor, to ensure you’re completely at your ease?

Doctify does all of this and more. In simple terms, it’s a free-to-use search engine that takes all the stress and uncertainty out of finding the right private medical specialist for you.

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