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How can Laser Therapy help Speed Up the Healing Process?

Written by Mr Michael Fatica for Doctify

At The Mayfair Clinic, we like to help our patients as much as we can, and that includes with their questions. We have had some questions about the treatments available at the Clinic and rather than answer them for one patient, we thought we would answer them for you all. We hope the answers to these treatment-related questions will provide you with all the answers you need about The Mayfair Clinic and how we can help you.

How does laser therapy work?

We use laser therapy for most of the patients at the clinic. We use it because it speeds up natural healing in a target area which unfortunately is required, as we see a lot of patients that are simply no longer healing as well as they should be. Let’s take a slipped disc as an example. Once we have located the slipped disc, we can use laser therapy to target the enzymes within the mitochondria (a cells engine) and energise them.

This boost in energy lets them do their work quicker and so new cells develop and replace the damaged cells faster. It also helps to improve circulation to the area which provides these cells with all of the nutrients, minerals and oxygen they need to become healthy new cells. The added benefit is the warming effect which often feels quite nice for patients.

So, that is how laser therapy works in a nutshell. It activates cells and speeds up the natural recovery process. We use this in most treatments as an alternative to painkillers and other medications. Staying on painkillers throughout a treatment plan isn’t pleasant and comes with a lot of side effects. Laser therapy has almost no side effects and helps to eliminate the cause of the pain and not just mask it like painkillers.

The use of traditional osteopathic methods at The Mayfair Clinic

We do not use any traditional osteopathic methods at The Mayfair Clinic. Instead, we use the latest technology to do all of our treatment to the joints of the body (particularly the spine). The traditional clicks and pops in other osteopathic practices do offer people some relief from their pain, but the technology we use offers far more, we should know as we used to use spinal manipulation techniques heavily. The reason for this is because by using a medical instrument to perform these treatments, we can provide far more accurate and reliable treatments.

These medical tools allow us to pinpoint the exact area of a condition and then deliver our treatments to that exact area. From there, we can finely adjust the tools on your next visit to offer even more relief from the pain.

A recent example of laser’s versatility and effectiveness:

A patient had contacted us saying she was unable to move from the floor of her home late Saturday afternoon. When we arrived, like in many cases we see, the last thing the patient needed was to be man-handled around the place! Using the laser we were able to provide her some initial relief, and enough to get to the clinic on the Monday morning. In the clinic, we combined the laser with our other treatment technologies to allow her to walk out the front door afterward. By Tuesday she was walking normally again.

This kind of treatment just isn’t possible with “traditional osteopathic techniques”. Plus it is extremely safe.

So, although we do not offer any traditional osteopathic treatments such as Cranial Osteopathy at The Mayfair Clinic. The treatments we do offer are more advanced, more controllable and safer for you. They also allow us to repeat treatments time and time again and completely tailor our treatment plans to our patients using the varieties of technology at our disposal. It is in this way that we can continue with exactly the treatment that works down to the number of seconds a treatment cycle lasts.

We think of it like this, traditional osteopathic treatment methods are valid and helpful, but with best intentions they aren’t as precise or repeatable. By having the latest accurate treatments for back and neck conditions, we offer our patients the best possible treatments for their neck and back troubles. And that is why we don’t offer traditional osteopathic treatment methods, we simply don’t need to!

You can find more information on Laser Treatments at on The Mayfair Clinic’s website, just click here.



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