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Should you Wear High Heels this NYE or are they Bad for your Feet?

Written by Mr Kaser Nazir for Doctify

With the sun slowly starting to grace us with its presence again, it will soon be time to throw the winter boots to the back of your closet. For many of us, this will mean wearing high heels at every available opportunity. But aside from the odd wobble and achey feet at the end of the day, does wearing high heels damage your feet and are you doing any long-term harm?

We asked consultant podiatrist Mr Kaser Nazir, who specialises in surgery of the feet and ankles, to give us his expert take on the world of podiatry and high heels.

What drew you to becoming a Podiatrist?

I was in the process of considering General Medicine as a career when I came across this profession. I was a keen sportsperson and the scope of the profession appealed to me. My work ranges from sports injuries, surgical management and particularly diabetic foot treatment and preventing amputations, which can save lives.

What do you specialise in?

I specialise in podiatric foot and ankle surgery. This means I treat common conditions such as flat feet, bunions, hammer toes, arthritic joints and neuromas (a condition affecting nerves in the foot). Using the very latest techniques, I can help people have an early return to work, shoes and activity. In my NHS work, I’m involved with diabetic foot reconstruction, which is of particular interest to me.

So, will wearing high heels damage my feet?

If you wear them sensibly, then it’s unlikely to have high heels damage your feet. You shouldn’t wear them for long periods or walk around with them. If you are wearing them all day, this can cause and worsen common conditions such as bunions, hammer toes and neuromas.

There are some warning signs of damage to look out for if you wear heels a lot:

  • Pain in the balls of your foot or toe joints
  • Shooting pain or numbness in the balls of your feet
  • Bleeding under toenails.

Is there a safe amount of time to wear heels?

A couple of hours a day at work or on a night out won’t hurt. A broader heel is better than a pencil type as it’s stable and distributes pressure. Always remember to carry a sensible pair of shoes with you.

When should I consider seeing a Podiatrist?

If you’re worried that wearing high heels may have damaged your feet, then the earlier you can see a podiatrist the better. Otherwise surgery may be inevitable.



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