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Find Doctors and Specialists with Doctify

Finding the right doctor or health specialist at the right time is an essential part of living a healthy and happy life! Doctify helps you do just that with the click of a button!

Our fast-paced lifestyles mean that we don’t have much time to be ill. It is therefore very important that we are proactive about maintaining good health. A great doctor or health specialist can help you recover when you are sick or prevent illness if you feel that something is not quite right. But how do you find those doctors or health specialists when you really need them?

We think that the answer is Doctify

Doctify connects you to the best doctors and health specialists for free and allows you to browse and then book appointments in real time. Follow these 3 Easy Steps and start your path to better health today:


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1. Search for a Doctor or Health Specialist

When you are not quite feeling yourself, it can be hard to travel a great distance to see the doctor that you need. Doctify allows you to find a doctor who is close by and who can cater to your individual needs. You can browse through over 500 doctors and health specialists across 42 specialties in London and southeast England. You can narrow your search by selecting a particular sub-specialty, medical condition or medical procedure.


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2. Compare Doctors or Health Specialists with Verified Patient Reviews

All Doctify doctors and health specialists have an individual profile that allows you to learn more about them before you book. You can discover background information, education, special interests and more. 9 out of 10 patients are already using reviews to help them choose a doctor. Doctify provides you with independent and verified ratings and reviews from patients. Learn more about what other patients thought of their overall experience with a particular doctor or health specialist including their bedside manner and waiting times.

At Doctify, we strongly believe that reviews both empower patients to make informed decisions and also serve to recognise the exceptional dedication of doctors and health specialists.


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3. Book an Appointment

Once you have spent time comparing profiles, select the doctor or health specialist of your choice and easily book or request an appointment online. View real time availability and choose an appointment at a date and time that suits you.

Visit today to find the right doctor for you!


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