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5 Reasons to Choose Organic Tampons for your Next Period

Written by TOTM for Doctify

More and more women are choosing to switch to organic tampons, pads and liners. But why are they choosing to make this change? And what is the difference?

Mainstream tampon manufacturers are starting to face a backlash. One of the main reasons is the secrecy surrounding tampons and sanitary pad ingredients. This information is not included on packaging, and over the last year or so this has been called into question.

We have teamed up with TOTM, (an acronym for Time of The Month), who are actually endorsed by our very own Dr Anne Henderson, to talk about organic sanitary products. They provide a natural range of 100% certified organic cotton tampons, pads and liners.

Free from harsh chemicals, perfumes and synthetic fibres, that are found in mainstream brands, TOTM products are kinder to the body and comfortable to use on your period. The range is also biodegradable and cruelty-free.

Why are conventional tampon ingredients an issue?

Feminine hygiene products are listed as a medical device. This means that manufacturers do not need to disclose ingredients. The issue here is that the vagina is a sensitive and highly absorbent part of the body. It’s easy to disrupt the vaginal PH balance or cause irritation in this area.

The vagina and vulva also rapidly absorb chemicals without metabolising them. Taking this into account, it’s therefore highly important to be conscious of what products are being used in this sensitive part of the body.

What impact does it have on the environment?

The lack of transparency is one issue, and then there’s the environmental impact. If you do some digging online you will find (nestled in main brand FAQs) that these products contain cotton and rayon. Cotton is considered a ‘dirty crop’ due to its farming processes and is damaging to our environment and natural resources.

Main brand tampons, pads and liners also generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste p/year. Conventional sanitary pads are around 90% plastic. Many shoppers are making conscious efforts to reduce their environmental impact. In fact, 84% of consumers globally say they seek out responsible products whenever possible. This is another reason why organic is becoming a more favourable choice.

But why should you switch to organic?

This is a growing trend, but if you are yet to make the change, here are five reasons why you should go organic on your period:

1. It’s the eco-friendly choice

Following the shocking waste statistic above, you will be interested to know that organic period products are a more sustainable option. Organic cotton is less damaging to the environment than conventional cotton. Organic cotton uses fewer pesticides and aims to maintain resilient soils, wildlife whilst respecting farmer livelihoods. In addition to having an eco-friendlier key ingredient, many organic period products use sustainable materials wherever possible and are biodegradable. This is hugely important to reduce landfill waste.

2. Less itching and irritation

Many main brand tampons and pads use unknown perfumes and fragrance. Near the sensitive vaginal area, fragrance can be highly irritating. ‘Clean skincare products’ (no parabens and manmade fragrance) are becoming increasingly popular. Yet many of us forget to address period products when ‘detoxing’ beauty and bodycare.

If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin then you will know all too well that fragrance is an irritant. Symptoms such as itching, rashing or thrush-like irritation when on your period (or just after) can be caused by the fragrance in your period products.

Organic period products are fragrance-free and contain no toxic chemicals. When switching to organic tampons/pads, many women report that they experience less irritation and itching on their period.

3. Comfortable organic cotton

Thanks to cramps and bloating, periods can be a very uncomfortable. Additional discomfort from feminine hygiene products is never welcome. Organic period products have a natural softness which is not present with synthetic fabric. Organic cotton is absorbent, and breathable which makes it highly comfortable.

Many women report to feeling fresher when using organic compared to synthetic alternatives. Remember, your vagina and vulval area is highly sensitive.

4. No compromise on performance

It can sometimes feel daunting trying something new. Especially if you have been dependent on a product for many years.

Organic period products are a natural, sustainable alternative and perform just as well as main brand products. They are available in a range of absorbencies and as this demand continues to grow, product ranges will expand to keep up with individual needs.

5. Know what you are using

You can make an informed choice when buying organic cotton tampons or pads. Organic brands are more forthcoming about product ingredients. Certified organic cotton is the key ingredient, it’s that simple.

Organic products do not contain synthetic fibres, chlorine dyes or perfumes. You know what you are using in your body each month. No secrets, no nasties and no toxic ingredients!



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