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that you can trust​

our trust and transparency pledge​

All specialists using our independent review platform have signed a pledge to work with us to promote trust and transparency across healthcare.


We want patients across the globe to be able to confidently share their experiences and find the very best care available to them.


We want healthcare providers to have access to the meaningful real-time feedback that they want and need to deliver patient-centric care.

meet our trust ambassadors​

quote icon Stephanie Eltz CEO and Co-founder

Building trust in healthcare

At Doctify, we have witnessed the value of publishing verified real-time healthcare reviews on our platform. As we move ahead in our growth, and more people embrace the power of reviews in healthcare, our platform will continue to build much-needed trust between patients and providers.

quote icon Jessica Reeves Director of People, Brand and Engagement

Trust and transparency are our guiding principles

Trust and transparency are what we stand for. They’re built into our culture. Healthcare providers rely on us to collect feedback and patients trust us to give them a voice. We always want it to be that way.

quote icon Deborah Knight Director of Customer Experience & Success

Verified reviews from real people

Every review on Doctify goes through a verification process. The feedback on our platform is from real people who have real experiences to share.

quote icon Igor Stelmachenko Chief Technology Officer

Safety and security are our top priorities

All patient reviews are completely anonymous so people can feel safe and confident when sharing their feedback with us. We are committed to protecting the privacy of the patients and providers who rely on our platform.

quote icon Suman Saha Medical Director and Co-founder

We publish representative feedback

Every healthcare provider working with Doctify has signed a pledge to promote trust and transparency in healthcare. Having access to negative reviews is not only important to patients, but also to providers who want to learn from their patients’ experiences. As such, we never delete feedback just because it is negative. Reviews will only ever be removed if they don’t adhere to our acceptable use policy.