About Doctify

Helping people to find and access the very best care

Empowering patients to find the best care

Our healthcare reviews help patients to find the very best doctor, dentist or hospital for them.

Doctify reviews give patients more visibility of their healthcare options. With better insights into the specialists available to them, they can book appointments with specialists that they truly trust.

Supporting the delivery of patient-centric care

Our review technology allows doctors, dentists and hospitals to seamlessly collect consistent, meaningful feedback in unprecedented volumes.

Access to this data supports their delivery of patient-centric care, giving them the opportunity to better understand, respond to and improve their patients’ experiences.

quote icon Stephanie Eltz CEO and Co-founder

“Our health is the most precious thing we have. We want Doctify to add greater transparency into healthcare so that patients can connect with providers that they really trust.”

A review platform purpose-built for the intricacies of healthcare


Healthcare is a personal and private experience. We give patients full anonymity so that they can feel confident sharing their feedback


Doctify is a closed review platform and all feedback is verified. We only ever want to publish genuine experiences from real patients


We aim to collect reviews from every person a specialist sees, so that we can provide a fair and authentic depiction of the patient experience


We offer more than a star rating. Our review technology allows us to give in-depth feedback on specific conditions and treatments

The Doctify story 

Co-founders Stephanie and Suman launched Doctify in 2015 when they were working as surgeons in the NHS.

Their lightbulb moment came when Stephanie was dealing with a medical issue and struggling to find a specialist online she trusted. At the same time, Suman was supporting an ill relative and finding it difficult to find the right clinician for them. They felt lost and anxious, not knowing who to turn to.

They knew something needed to change, so decided to do something about it. Passionate about the idea of using technology to add greater transparency to the sector, Stephanie and Suman developed Doctify. 

Since launching, they have been able to create a healthcare review platform that gives patients greater visibility of their healthcare options, and provides doctors, dentists and hospitals with the feedback needed to support their delivery of patient-centric care. 

Company values

Trust & transparency​​

We want patients as well as doctors, dentists and hospitals everywhere to have confidence in the reviews they read on our platform.

Meaningful hard work​

We celebrate ambition and achievements, embrace change within the team and are quick to adapt to new opportunities that come our way.  

Self-improvement & growth​

In healthcare, learning never ends and at Doctify, we focus on similar self-improvement for lasting growth.

Responsible for greatness

With positivity and goodwill, we face challenges head-on. We communicate candidly, understanding the importance of our mission at hand.

Serious about security

Security is a team effort – every person at Doctify understands their role in this shared responsibility and works to ensure security is taken seriously.


We help doctors collect feedback, and as a result, help patients find the best care.

By 2025, we want to have helped 100 million people to confidently choose their healthcare, and to have supported healthcare providers across the world in collecting the real-time feedback needed for delivering patient-centred care.

To find out more about our vision for the future, please visit our Mission page.

Some of our partners

some of our partners

Our commitment to trust and transparency

We launched Doctify after noticing just how difficult it was to find reliable, representative and verified healthcare reviews. Not being able to get easy access to feedback was affecting patients as well as doctors, dentists and hospitals. 

We are adding this trust and transparency back into healthcare. Our review technology helps doctors, dentists and hospitals deliver patient-centric care. We also empower patients to confidently share their experiences and find the best care available.

Our policies and guidelines ensure that Doctify remains a trustworthy platform for healthcare reviews. We only ever want to document patient experiences that are meaningful, representative and and importantly, genuine.

Our awards and nominations

Our awards and nominations