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How to Improve Acne Scarring After Just One Treatment

Written by Dr Firas Al-Niaimi for Doctify

The condition of our skin can often be a source of great anxiety. Spots lingering past puberty well into our thirties, psoriasis flare ups from stress or scars from past acne can all damage self-confidence. The good news? Dermatologists are working hard on ways to improve our skin and sometimes even heal it completely.

In this article, Dr Firas Al-Niaimi will talk about a way of clearing up acne scarring that you may not have heard of.

Subcision for Acne Scarring

Did you know that laser skin resurfacing for acne scarring is capable of achieving some truly remarkable results, even after just one treatment? Dr Firas has proven this through his incredible before and after images and  , and he says that the key with treating deeper acne scars often requires pre-treatment before laser resurfacing to greater benefit the patient. This treatment is known as a subcision, or subcutaneous incisional surgery.

What is subcision?

A subcision is a minor surgical procedure involving the insertion of a special hypodermic needle through a small puncture in the surface of the skin. Deeper acne scars are often tethered to the underlying skin tissue via fibrotic strands, and by inserting the sharp needle beneath the skin, Dr Firas can sever these strands. This allows for vast improvement of the scars as the healing process initiates the growth of new and health collagen.

While this might sound like an uncomfortable treatment, a local anaesthetic is applied beforehand to eliminate any pain. After subcision treatment, laser skin resurfacing can be performed to optimise your results for skin that looks and feels smooth and youthful.

Who is suitable for subcision?

A patient’s suitability for subcision treatment is completely dependent on the type of acne scarring they have, as well as the severity of the scarring. Dr Firas offers both subcision and laser skin resurfacing treatments through his private practice, utilising his years of training and experience to guarantee the best results for his patients.

There are a number of reasons why subcision might not be the best suited treatment for your condition, particularly if you have a history of hypertrophic or keloid scarring, bleeding or blood clotting disorders, or suffer from a bacterial or viral infection at present. Dr Firas fully assesses your suitability for the treatment during an initial consultation pre-treatment, formulating a bespoke treatment plan that is custom-tailored to your exact needs and expectations. Get in touch for more information!





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