Meet Nathan Hill

Thanks to the Race around the World challenge, our Strategic Partnership Lead at Doctify Australia, Nathan Hill, discovered that not only football can be enjoyable. Now he shares his top tips on how to be more active.

How do you contribute to the Race around the World?

I do lots of cycling and running. Before lockdown, I would play football instead, but I am glad to try new activities. I recently completed a half marathon to support Doctify’s Race around the World and contribute my miles to our team’s goal.

How do you manage to do sports whilst being top at your job?

It’s essential to have a routine. I like to put my workouts in my calendar so that it’s part of my schedule. That way, I always set aside time for my activities without affecting my work.

What are your tips for someone who is struggling to do sports?

  1. Exercising is about reaching your personal bests (PBs). It’s not comparing yourself to others as we are all at different levels with different genetic make-up. I love seeing Olympians celebrate even though they didn’t win a medal because they set a new PB.
  2. Set yourself goals. These can be “SMART” or routine goals. For example, I’ve been doing a pull-up challenge. I have to do one more pull-up than the day before. There are plenty of these challenges online, so you can easily find something for yourself. It could be as simple as running 500 meters further each day or walking 10 minutes longer each day. Consistency is key.
  3. When you’re debating whether or not to exercise, just put on your shoes and go for a walk.
  4. If you’re feeling tired, push yourself out the door. Exercise will wake you up and improve your sleep.
  5. Know your “why”. It will help you push through the pain during the exercise.