Meet Alex Diehl

Alex Diehl – our Sales Manager at Doctify Germany – is a top contributor to our Race Around the World. He has been spending his evenings and weekends cycling around beautiful Bavaria.

What got you into cycling?

I started cycling five years ago when a severe knee injury made playing football impossible. I had never considered biking an exciting sport, but everything changed when I started and invested in a gravel bike. It’s been wonderful discovering new places in Bavaria and seeing how riding a bike can improve your condition and strength.

How does cycling make you feel?

We have beautiful, pre-alpine landscapes here in Bavaria with many lakes, rivers, and forests. Biking in such a breathtaking environment makes you forget about your daily stress.

How do you balance cycling with being a superstar at work?

I usually go biking during the weekends. I load my bike in the car and drive to sub-urban areas to start my route there. During the week, it all depends on the part of the year. It’s challenging to bike during winter because it gets dark quickly, but I try to bike before or after work in the summer.