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Recommended by 3 specialists

24 years of experience
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Dr Balu is a Consultant Psychiatrist based in London, UK. He works in the Primary Care Mental Health Service - NHS at the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and offers an Emotional Wellness service for the UK and International clients from his clinics in London and abroad. He is often invited to provide advice online and at client bases.

Dr Balu trained in India and UK ( Sheffield, Hertfordshire ). He completed a full time MBA at the University of Oxford, UK before deciding to pursue further higher medical training in mental health. During this time he gained experience working at the National OCD Treatment Service and the National Problem Gambling Service specialising in alcohol, drug addictions and eating disorders. He has a particular interest in Co-morbid Neuro-developmental disorders like ADHD, Autism, Aspergers in Adults. He regularly consults people suffering from complex trauma and personality difficulties.

He is highly experienced in the treatment and management of common mental disorders including anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD and Bipolar affective disorder. He is committed to working with high achievers and people with Type A personalities in helping them discover their full potential whilst minimising the impact their emotional problems could have on their work and family life.

His approach to treatment is holistic and aimed to help clients achieve their full potential and enjoy a state of physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual well-being. In addition to prescribing appropriate medicines and recommending psychological treatment to his patients, he works with an array of professionals to offer services including; life coaching, ultrawellness treatment, Neurotherapy and magnetic treatment.

You can know more about his work at www.emotionalwellnessclinic.co.uk .

I offer a value-based service, providing entrepreneurs & business leaders with emotional insight and clarity so they can achieve their goals--

▪ Overwhelmed by difficult decisions? My aim is to help you decipher emotion vs. rational thought and bring clarity to the decisions you’re making on a daily basis.

▪ Feeling stuck or unable to see ahead? I provide tools for building resilience so that you can overcome obstacles and follow through with your vision.

▪ Are things moving in the wrong direction? My goal is to provide a deeper understanding of why, and ease the journey in achieving your goals.

▪ What is your well-being worth to you? I offer a value-based, pay what you like service so that we are both invested in your success (even on a financial level)

For the last 20 years I have been a medical doctor and for the last 10 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working and supporting those in high-pressure positions to discover clarity & build resilience through a combination of:

▪ Therapeutic consultations

▪ Identification of undiagnosed sub clinical emotional issues

▪ Clearing stubborn mental blocks.

Please send a message and the initial consultation will be a telephone call from Dr Balu. You will be able to ask questions and have a confidential discussion before agreeing to the terms of further engagement. We recognise that you are unique and it is important to match your requirements with our offerings.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.


  • Addiction
  • Psychotherapy
  • Rehabilitation Psychiatry
  • Substance Misuse Psychiatry
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  • General Medical Council: 5207178
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    Practices worked at

    Emotional Wellness Clinic

    29, Weymouth Street, London, United Kingdom, W1G 7DB
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    Peer recommendations

    Recommended by 3 specialists
    Dr Francesca Ducci
    Dr Francesca Ducci
    Is a colleague

    "I had the pleasure to work with Dr Balu for a private clinic in Harley street. He is an extremely motivated and professional colleague. I had the pleasure of looking after some of his patients who value his empathy and ability to support them. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to any of my clients."


    Dr Matthew Sawa
    Dr Matthew Sawa
    Is a colleague

    "Dr Balu is a highly experienced colleague. I have always discussed complex scenarios with him and trusted his views. He is well-liked by patients and colleagues. He is always up to date with his knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family."


    Ms Krina Panchal
    Ms Krina Panchal
    Is a colleague

    "Dr. Balu is a great Psychiatrist who is always ahead of the curve especially with the new PAYG scheme. All patients have amazing things to say about him and are amazed on how he has changed their lives. He has been a great addition to the team at Mayfair Doctors"