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41 years of experience
Addiction, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Old Age Psychiatry + 3 more

Dr Michael Rowlands is a renowned Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Roehampton. Dr Rowlands special interest is in addictive behaviours and substance misuse however he has experience with all areas of general adult psychiatry. He works with a multi-disciplinary team of therapists to provide a first-class service and treatment to clients. His style of psychiatry aims to enable his clients to use their own skills to help them overcome their difficulties or past trauma and to build coping mechanisms to use in the future. He has experience in dealing with aeronautical problems and aviation medical examiners and treating pilots for work-related stress.

He began his career at Birmingham Medical School, graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in 1979, completed an extensive training scheme in psychiatry and was awarded fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He spent over 20 years in the NHS, including developing community services for drug and alcohol misuse before focusing on his private practice and working as a medical examiner and supervisor for the General Medical Council.

Dr Rowlands aims to keep a healthy work-life balance and believes exercise is essential for good health and overall wellbeing. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening and is a keen photographer.

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36 years of experience

Dr Barbara Rooney is a leading Consultant Adult Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Roehampton. Experienced in all areas of general psychiatry, her clinical interest is in eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge eating disorders. She works with a specialised multi-disciplinary team including dieticians and nutritionists to provide a comprehensive and client-tailored approach to care.

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Dr. Mila Senem Leveson
12 years of experience
Liaison Psychiatry

Dr. Mila Senem Leveson is a Consultant Psychiatrist who specialises in General Adult Rehabilitation, at the Priory Wellbeing Centre, Harley Street, North London. Dr. Leveson centers her practice around an integrated, holistic approach in order to tailor treatment to each patient, to suit their individual needs. She is well known by her patients for understanding how both the individual's biological and personal circumstances can contribute to the individual's mental health issues, and providing appropriate support. She is also well versed in the use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat depression.

Dr. Leveson earned her bachelor’s degree in medicine at the University of Cambridge, after which she trained in internal medicine and joined the Royal College of Physicians. She then went on to become a Clinical Lecturer at St Georges medical school, while she trained as a General Adult Psychiatry at the Camden and Islington NHS Trust. She then gained membership to the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2015.

Dr. Leveson then undertook further training at the Halliwick Unit, where she gained knowledge and expertise in mentalisation based therapy and the treatment and management of personality disorders. She then gained further expertise in the presentation of gender dysphoria in adopted training, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Since her Consultant appointment, Dr. Leveson has lead the Health Based Place of Saftey triage service for inpatients, in addition to leading the training of junior doctors and working as an educational supervisor.

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Dr Leon Rozewicz
36 years of experience

 Dr Leon Rozewicz is a consultant psychiatrist based
in London, including practices on Harley Street. He treats all psychiatric
conditions including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Dr Rozewicz is a specialist in adult ADHD. He established one of the first
adult ADHD clinics in the UK in 2007.  

Dr Rozewicz is a specialist in repetitive
Trannscranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS). This is an evidence based treatment
for depressive illness which is effective and has few adverse effects. 

Dr Rozewicz is on the UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN)
training committee, and he regularly trains doctors and health professionals in
the diagnosis and treatment of adults with ADHD. 

He currently trains medical students at University
College London, and is also the medical director (and consultant) at the Priory
Hospital North London. Not only is he a leading psychiatrist, but he is also a
fully trained GP, holding postgraduate qualifications in general medicine and
general practice. Dr Rozewicz has specialist expertise in using biological approaches to
treat psychiatric disorders. He uses genetic testing to find the most suitable
medications for each individual. 

Working with a number of experienced therapists and
ADHD coaches, he combines medication with psychological treatment. He takes an
individualised  approach to each case, adapting treatment and therapy to
each patient's needs.  

Dr Rozewicz graduated from University College London Hospital with a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery Degree, having spent one term at Harvard Medical School USA. He completed an extensive training scheme in psychiatry at St George’s Hospital Medical School and the National Hospital for Neurology in Queen Square.  

Dr Rozewicz is highly experienced, with a long
career, in which he has gained positions in several prominent organisations,
including being a medical examiner for the GMC (General Medical Council) and
General Pharmaceutical Council, Honorary Senior Lecturer at St George's
Hospital Medical School, and Clinical Director at the Crisis and Emergency
Service line, Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust. Dr Rozewicz
has been elected to Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2005.
He has served as honorary secretary of the Faculty of General Adult Psychiatry
at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Dr Rozewicz is a member of the American
Psychiatric Association. 

Clinical Interests 

· Depression 

· Anxiety 

· Bipolar Disorder 

· Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder 

· Adult ADHD 

· Psychotic illness 

Professional Memberships 

· Royal College   Psychiatrists 

· American  Psychiatric Association 

· Clinical TMS Society 

· Royal College of Physicians 

· Royal College of General Practitioners 

· Royal Society of  Medicine 

Year qualified: 



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23 years of experience

Dr Andrew Parker is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over two decades of experience working with the mental health field. Andrew is passionate about assisting his patients recovery and transformation across a range of mental health disorders, by using individualised treatment and evidence based treatment. Andrew currently Leads Addiction services at Nightingale Hospital.

After qualifying for medicine at Guy's and St Thomas Medical School, Dr Parker undertook his specialist training at the Institute of Psychiatry, after which he was appointed Consultant at St Georges Hospital, London. During his time at St Georges, Dr Parker made lasting changes on the Trust, such as leading an acclaimed Assertive Outreach Team for psychosis and drug misuse.

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21 years of experience
Addiction, Rehabilitation Psychiatry, Substance Misuse Psychiatry

Dr. Abbasian (BSc MBBS MSc FRCPsych) completed his psychiatric training at the Maudsley, a centre of excellence and one of the most influential mental health establishments in the world. He has worked with the leaders in the field of psychiatry and addictions. Dr. Abbasian has been practicing psychiatry since 2000 and he works for the NHS and the private sector. He has access to a wide range of therapeutic interventions including psychological, psychotherapeutic, day hospital and an inpatient facility in central London. He teaches medical students, junior doctors, GPs and volunteers. Dr Abbasian has had many media appearances, including on the BBC and has published extensively, including in peer reviewed journals.

Referrals are accepted directly from patients, GPs, other specialist and employers. Dr Abbasian can also provide medico-legal reports. Full diagnostic assessments can be arranged, including second opinions, with therapist recommendations and follow-ups if required.

Dr. Abbasian has expertise in the diagnosis and the treatment of,

• Depression

• Anxiety and OCD

• Stress related disorders (including related to COVID19).

• Trauma and PTSD


• Bipolar Disorders

• Psychosis

• Addictions (alcohol, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, GHB, ketamine, gambling, gaming, technology, and naltrexone (The Sinclair Method) treatment.

• Dual Diagnosis - mental illness plus addiction.

• Eating Disorders (bulimia, anorexia, binge eating).

• Mental health issues affecting LGBTQ+ community.

• Mental health issues affecting doctors and dentists. Dr Abbasian undertakes health assessments for the GMC and the GDC.

• Cannabis addiction with CBMP (prescribed cannabis).

Appointments are available at short notice, most evenings and at weekends at:

• Nightingale Hospital, Marylebone.

• Remotely via (tele-psychiatry).

Dr Abbasian is recognised by all major medical insurers. He is able to communicate fluently in Farsi (دکتر سیروس عباسیان) and is well placed to address mental health issues in patients from Iran and the Middle East. Information disclosed will remain totally confidential and is usually released only with the patient’s consent.

Dr Abbasian is recognised by the General Medical Council (4637608) as a Dual Specialist in

• General Adult Psychiatry

• Addiction Psychiatry

You can contact him by - 

- Inbox message

- Mobile number, +44(0)7903 322499 (please leave a voicemail or send a text message)

- EMAIL, or (secure) 

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Dr. Nick Walsh
15 years of experience
Liaison Psychiatry

Dr Nick Walsh is a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist with over six years of experience as a consultant. He has extensive experience in in the management of anxiety, depression and PTSD as well as medically unexplained symptoms, chronic pain, mental health problems associated with long-term physical illness and somatization/conversion disorders. He has particular expertise in mental health problems in HIV and in mental health problems in LGBT people.

He sees private patients at The Priory Fenchurch Street.

Dr Walsh qualified in medicine in 2006, at the University of Manchester, after which he began his psychiatry training in Manchester. He continued his training in London, within top hospitals such as St Barts and the Royal London Hospital and was subsequently appointed Consultant at the East London NHS Foundation Trust in 2014, upon completion of his training.  He has worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist at some of the UK's leading teaching hospitals for several years.

Dr Walsh bases his practice on holistic, personalised treatment and aims to accurately understand what his patients are having difficulty with, to give them access to the most helpful treatment and advice.

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37 years of experience
Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Hwang graduated from the Welsh National School of Medicine, Cardiff in 1983. He completed his specialist training in psychiatry at St George’s Hospital, London with CCST in both General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry, prior to taking up a consultant appointment at the West Middlesex University Hospital in 2000.

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Dr Lalitha DeSilva
48 years of experience

Dr Lalitha DeSilva is a sensitive caring private psychiatrist who has an empathic, holistic approach combining medical with psychological therapies. She uses proven evidence based treatmentsand as a private psychiatrist, she works collaboratively with her patients and discusses fully the treatment options and choices.

She graduated medicine in 1972 and subsequently completed her speciality training in Psychiatry at Charing Cross and St Georges Hospital Medical Schools in London. She has a particular interest in eating disorders and she trained at the Eating Disorders Unit at St Georges Hospital in London. Additionally, she also trained in Adult Psychiatry, General Medicine, Child Health and Accident and Emergency Medicine.

She has vast experience totalling over 20 years as a consultant psychiatrist in Acute Psychiatry and Eating Disorders at a NHS hospital in Berkshire. Her experience covers a wide range of general psychiatric problems including anxiety and depression. She founded and led a specialist eating disorders service in Berkshire whilst working for the NHS.

Her private practice experience of over 20 years has been in Windsor and she now has outreach clinics in Reading, Wokingham and London. She was the Medical Director of the Cardinal Clinic, a private psychiatric clinic in Windsor, from 2007 until April 2013.

Dr DeSilva also has an interest in teaching. For 5 years, she was a Senior Examiner for the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ final exam for doctors specialising in psychiatry. She was a Clinical Tutor for Junior Psychiatrists for five years and a Regional Advisor for the Continuing Medical Education of Senior Psychiatrists for the same period of time. She was a Senior Tutor for medical students from University College Hospital in London.

Dr DeSilva has published research in General Psychiatry and Eating Disorders. She was also an advisor for a European Journal on Eating Disorders and has presented at international and UK conferences.


Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Eating Disorder assessment
  • Addictions assessment
  • Bipolar assessment
  • Second opinion
  • Eating disorder
  • Acute psychiatry 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Addictions
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23 years of experience
Addiction, Substance Misuse Psychiatry

Dr Pardeep Grewal is a Consultant Psychiatrist based at St Anne’s Hospital, London and Clinical Lead for addiction and Dual Diagnosis Psychiatry at the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS trust. Following completion of his medical degree at Saint Bartholomew’s and the Royal London Medical School, Dr Grewal went on to train as a psychiatrist at the Royal Free Hospital scheme with one year at the prestigious Maudsley Hospital, London. He has also attained a BSc in Neuroscience from University College, London and a MSc in Public Health and Clinical Aspects of Addiction from the Institute of Psychiatry, London. He has previously worked as Consultant General Psychiatrist at St Pancras Hospital.

Dr Grewal has applied his clinical expertise by setting up specialist services in the NHS and in private practice. Outside his practice, Dr Grewal is an Honorary clinical lecturer at UCL Medical School, an examiner for the Royal college of Psychiatrics, has published in peer reviewed journals and acts as Specialist Advisor to the Care Quality Commission (CQC). His professional memberships include the Royal College of Psychiatrists, British Medical Association and UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

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