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Optegra Eye Hospital London 

25 Queen Anne Street, London, United Kingdom, W1G 9HT 

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Treatments and Fees

  • All diagnostic eye assessment by a lens replacement surgery expert
  • An advanced technology artificial intraocular lens (IOL) specially selected to suit you by your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
  • The procedure and post-operative care undertaken in an Optegra eye hospital
  • All aftercare related to the procedure, including any further top up laser surgery required to achieve your required visual goals
  • A range of treatment types – LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery options available and wavefront optimised as standard
  • Expert medical team – the same Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and their medical team are with you throughout your journey
  • Personalised care – we provide a personalised treatment plan to suit your lifestyle and visual needs
  • A range of detailed diagnostic eye tests will take place with our specially trained clinical teams for your consultant to use to determine if you are suitable
  • Comprehensive aftercare programme tailored to you with any required take home medication and a dedicated out-of-hours helpline number to call
  • Complimentary Consultation
  • £1795 per eye
  • A designated consultant
  • Personalised treatment
  • The latest advanced technology
  • Diagnostic eye tests
  • Comprehensive aftercare