Top dermatology clinics in London: Our list of the best clinics

Dermatology is a branch of medicine dealing with the human skin, nails, hair and mucous membranes, and treating the diseases they suffer from, whether medical or surgical. A dermatologist is a specialist doctor in the field, someone who manages skin diseases and cosmetic skin problems. Dermatologists treat more than three thousand different skin problems and diseases including acne, psoriasis and skin cancer, and are trained to provide skin grafts, laser treatments, the removal of skin lesions and more. They can often also deal with biopsies and chemical peels, cosmetic injections, cryotherapy, dermabrasion, laser surgery and many more cosmetic and medical procedures.

Our capital is an excellent place to visit for skin treatments, whether it’s an actual condition or disease or an important cosmetic matter. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and your first line of defence against injuries and infections, and it tends to reflect your overall health pretty well. If you have vitiligo, acne, dermatitis or eczema, a fungal infection, hair disorder, nail problem, psoriasis, rosacea, skin cancer, shingles, herpes zoster or warts, a really good, experienced dermatologist is your first stop.

A list of the best dermatologists in London

You’re going to visit a good dermatologist in London. You’d like some recommendations. Here are the top ten dermatology clinics in London.

Harley street dermatology clinic london

Harley Street Dermatology Clinic

This top class dermatology clinic in London’s Harley Street provides specialist diagnosis and treatment for skin diseases and skin cancer in adults and children. Their team of doctors are all highly qualified, hospital-based consultants and members of the British Association of Dermatologists, the Royal Society of Medicine, the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Physicians. They all have Certificates of Completion for Specialist Training in Dermatology and the clinic is recognised by – as well as registered with – every major health insurer. Their expertise and qualifications mean they deliver the highest quality private dermatology consultations, treatments and surgery.

Skin 360 Clinic london

Skin360 Clinic

Skin 360 is an outstanding dermatology clinic for adults and children, dedicated to treating medical and cosmetic skin issues. With a relatively new dermatology clinic in Islington as well as one on Harley Street itself, you can expect a supreme team of enthusiastic UK-trained consultant dermatologists who deliver a holistic approach to patient care, a full 360 degree approach. They provide personalised medical and cosmetic skin treatments in a friendly, professional setting, with tailored treatments to suit your induividual needs. And you’ll see the same dermatologist from the start of your treatment until it’s finished.

Skin55 Clinic london

Skin55 Clinic

Skin55 was founded in 2015 by the top husband and wife dermatology team Dr Saqib Bashir and Dr Ai-Lean Chew. It was their aim to create the a world class dermatology centre in the heart of London, and their extensive experience in the NHS and internationally sits at the heart of everything they do. There’s a highly experienced team at the well equipped Harley Street clinic, and they’re experts in a very wide range of skin issues. They accept all the major medical insurers, and it’s good to know that this is the country’s biggest private dermatology facility.

devonshire clinic london

The Devonshire Clinic

The Devonshire Clinic is a respected private dermatology practice in the Harley Street area, home to a team of very experienced dermatologists. They provide specialist treatment across three key specialities, namely skin cancer, medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. Because they understand that managing skin conditions can be distressing, they always listen carefully to your story and hear your needs. And that feels wonderful. It also means they’ll design a unique treatment plan, as unique as you are.

152 harley street london

152 Harley Street Clinic

With a superb reputation for treating international and British patients, the 152 Harley Street clinic is staffed by respected experts. They deal with a wide variety of skin issues using the highest quality medical skincare and treatments. Specialists in cutting-edge procedures and treatments and covering cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, they’ll treat every aspect of your condition there, under one roof. And they’re one of very few day case surgery facilities in Britain to provide surgery under local anaesthetic and sedation. That’s so convenient!

Dr haus dermatology london

Dr Haus Dermatology

Dr Haus and his team of top-performing colleagues have all the experience you need to achieve the skin and body you want. They can handle skin-based medical issues as well as cosmetic procedures. Here they treat a huge range of skin issues, only using the best, safest proven techniques and products. Your treatment depends on your individual needs, and the treatment or combination of treatments you’ll be recommended are all designed to deliver the very best possible outcome for you. The clinic offers the latest CoolSculpting Technology as well, designed to freeze and permanently kill fat cells.

Cadogan clinic london

Cadogan Clinic

The Cadogan Clinic offers one of the country’s finest and biggest teams of consultant dermatologists. Together they treat a huge collection of skin issues and conditions including eczema, acne, suspicious-looking moles, dermatitis, skin lumps including tags and warts, hyperhidrosis, psoriasis, rosacea, acne scar removal and more. They enjoy great results and the customised care they provide is unique to every individual. They enjoy good partnerships with most major health insurers, and all of their procedures and treatments are covered by insurance.

The Cranley Clinic london

Cranley Clinic

106 Harley Street is home to the Cranley Clinic, widely known as the country’s first and foremost cosmetic clinic. In 1994 they pioneered injectable anti-wrinkle treatments, and they’ve set a high standard for aesthetic and dermatological treatments ever since. Dedicated to remaining the best, the clinic offers the latest non-invasive aesthetic treatments as well as surgical procedures. You’ll be impressed to know that they still lead the field in skin-related regenerative and stem cell medicine.

ef medispa london

EF Medispa

EF Medispa began life in 2006, one of the nation’s first medical spas and skin clinics. Walk this way for innovative, state-of-the-art face and body treatments, non-invasive, minimally invasive and surgical. This is an award-winner of a clinic, the winner of plenty of industry and consumer awards, and they have four London clinics: Kensington, Chelsea, St John’s Wood and Richmond. A private consultation involves establishing your concerns and ambitions, exploring the treatment options and potential results, and designing a unique treatment programme for you

CosmeSurge london

CosmeSurge Clinic

CosmeSurge specialises in advanced rejuvenation, offering the most advanced aesthetic treatments and procedures. You’ll be treated by leading experts and you’ll enjoy the very highest standard of patient care, whatever your treatment: dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing, chemical skin peels, micro-needling, advanced light therapy, fat freezing, stem cell therapy, hormone therapy, or genetics and nutrition. They also carry out surgical procedures including breast lifts, augmentation and reduction, liposuction, body sculpting, vaginal rejuvenation, abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty and ear correction.