Doctify Survey Tool

Digitise all your feedback instantly

Digitise any feedback form & collect insights quickly.

Easily create new surveys, choose from multiple question types, drag & drop re-order & customize values with instant QR code & email/text link creation.

quote icon Dr Suman Saha Medical Director @Doctify

“With this latest feature our goal was to truly empower all health and social care providers with a tool that allows them to collect more meaningful feedback in real time and effortlessly digitise any forms.”

Create questions and surveys

Doctify gives you the freedom to create and send personalised feedback surveys straight from your dashboard. Instant email/text links or QR code creation makes it easy for you to ask patients the questions that are most important to your practice and your governing bodies.

Tailor questions to your different patient groups

You can create and send surveys for specific services or patient groups straight from your Doctify dashboard. Tailoring your surveys in this way  can give you the opportunity to gain more insightful, detailed feedback from every patient that you see.

A single platform for all your feedback requirements

The patient feedback that you collect will automatically become available within your Doctify dashboard so that you have an up-to-date understanding of how your patients think and feel. All custom data is also exportable from your dashboard to allow for easy analysis within your clinic, practice or hospital.

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