London’s Top Reviewed Hospitals 2021

At Doctify, we are proud to work with some amazing hospitals and doctors who strive every day to provide the very best patient experience and care.

If you’re wondering which are London’s most reviewed hospitals for 2021 on Doctify, you’ve landed in exactly the right place. Here are the most rated hospitals below. You can read about the experiences of patients at these hospitals and about the doctors that work there. We hope this will provide a useful insight into eight popular hospitals to go to for treatment in the capital.

We work with some top consultants at each of these facilities. You can also read about the clinician, their expertise and what conditions and procedures they are highly recommended for. Whichever you choose, you’ll encounter some of the world’s most talented and most experienced doctors, surgeons and consultants. It’s our job to give you the information you need to make the right decision for you about your treatment, or for someone you love.

A list of the most reviewed hospitals in London

Here are the eight London hospitals that are reviewed the most. They have proved their worth and revealed exactly how popular they are with patients, how much they’re trusted, and what excellent reputations they all have. If you need medical treatment, which one of these brilliant hospitals will suit your needs best? Click on each hospital to find the details.

New Victoria Hospital – A hugely popular private charity-run facility

The New Victoria Hospital is an absolutely first class private hospital providing a wide range of treatments and types of surgery from a team of extremely skilled consultants. It is charity-owned and delivers truly excellent standards of patient care, both expert and compassionate.

Royal Brompton Hospital – Loved by heart and lung patients

The Royal Brompton Hospital is the country’s biggest specialist medical centre for heart and lung conditions. It’s one of just 5 British hospitals offering extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation – AKA ECMO – to adults, something that makes Britain one of the leading providers of the treatment.

King Edwards Hospital – Caring for Armed Forces veterans since 1899

King Edwards Hospital is an independent hospital with only 56 beds, providing a genuinely personal medical service combining world-leading expertise with impeccable nursing care. They’re dedicated to delivering the very best care to Veterans of the Armed Forces, and they’ve been doing it on a charitable basis since 1899.

Queen Square Hospital – Dedicated to the nervous system

The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queen Square is a popular neurological facility. Part of the internationally-respected University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, it was the first in the country to dedicate itself exclusively to treating the nervous system.

Weymouth Street Hospital – A wide range of medical procedures

Weymouth Street Hospital is one of the nation’s most luxurious independent hospitals. As well as exceptional healthcare it’s known and loved for putting patient care at the forefront of everything it does. Popular patient-led features include superbly comfortable and stylish rooms plus delicious freshly-cooked meals.

Optegra London Eye Hospital – See the Difference!

Optegra’s state-of-the-art central London hospital is the UK’s most trusted eye specialist. It provides a broad range of expert eye care treatments, everything from laser eye surgery and lens replacement to cataract surgery. A recent £13 million development project means it offers genuine cutting edge facilities and technology.

Priory Roehampton – Your first stop for mental health support

The Priory Hospital in Roehampton is affectionately known as The Priory, a luxury facility known for offering a place to rest, recuperate, and seek mental health support. Founded in 1872, it’s a member of the Priory Group and treats a range of conditions including addictions, depression, anxiety, stress and eating disorders.

Nightingale Hospital London – For outpatient, inpatient and day patient care

This is a leading private mental health hospital providing specialist treatment for general psychiatry, addictions and eating disorders. The only private mental health hospital in Central London, its multidisciplinary team of consultant psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists are all leaders in their fields.