About Harley Street – World-class private medical care in London

Harley Street in London is famed the world over for excellence in medical care, one smart city street acting as an internationally-renowned medical hub, home to tens of top notch clinics and hospitals, each with their own specialisms. It has been a respected centre for private medicine since the 1800s, and more than 1500 of the world’s finest medical professionals currently work there.

Harley Street and the immediate area is home to multiple private hospitals and clinics, among them some of Britain’s very best, including the brilliant Portland Hospital, a private maternity facility dedicated to women and children, and the enormous London Clinic, the nation’s biggest private hospital. Welcome to a very special place, a street where you’ll discover the very best in private healthcare for a huge range of conditions.

The Harley Street Clinic in London

How to get to Harley Street

Harley Street is in London’s historic Marylebone area, in the centre of the capital. There are some parking spaces in Harley Street itself, on and around Wimpole Street and Devonshire Place, which costs £3 an hour. You can pay in cash, by card, phone or SMS, and park between 8.30am and 6.30pm with a maximum stay of four hours.

You’ll also find a couple of 24-hour car parks in the immediate area, charging £5 an hour and £35 for 24 hours, open 24/7. QPark on Moxton Street is one of them, the other is on Cavendish Square.

Having said that, we highly recommend taking public transport instead of driving your own vehicle. It makes sense since Harley Street is conveniently located within easy walking distance of three major tube stations: Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street, and Regent’s Park.

Types of private medical treatment available on Harley Street

Harley Street is home to a huge range of medical specialisms, everything from maxillofacial specialists to skin clinics, scar clinics and paediatrics, dedicated care for women and children, plus plenty of really good general practices. Click on the links below to find full details about the clinics and hospitals offering the speciality treatment you need.

General Practitioners

Walk in GPs and GP clinics are ideal for offering great general practice surgeries for the diagnosis and treatment for a huge range of medical problems.

Oral and maxillofacial treatment

When your mouth feels great, so do you. Harley Street is known for some of the best oral surgeons, dentists, and cosmetic dentists that the country can offer. If you have problems with the maxillofacial area try the clinic at 152 Harley Street, which provides private patients with recognised excellence in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons focus on repairing and reconstructing missing or damaged skin and tissue, whether it’s caused by injuries, infections or birth defects. Find your next cosmetic or plastic surgeon at one of these clinics:

Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedics is all about making sure your musculoskeletal system is in good working order. If you’re seeking expert private medical treatment by an orthopaedic surgeon or a bone and joint specialist, look no further:

Obs & Gynae

If you’re looking for private obstetrics and or a gynaecology clinic on Harley Street, the area offers some of the very best pre-natal, natal and post-natal care in the nation.


Paediatrics deals with children’s illnesses and diseases, and there’s plenty of choice around Harley Street. Did you know that there’s even paediatric dermatologists, paediatric neurologists, and paediatric dentists as well? Thankfully, there are plenty of choices:


If you’re only looking for a dermatology clinic, or need something more specific like an eczema specialist in London, look no further. If you’re searching for a highly experienced and respected dermatologist, someone who can help you with skin problems, you can choose from:


Endocrinology involves both physiology and medicine, using both to balance your endocrine glands and hormones, dealing with issues like thyroid disease and excessive/ insufficient hormone production. If you’re looking for an endocrine specilaist or just an endocrinologist clinic, here are a couple places to choose from:

Ear, nose and throat treatment (ENT)

The ears, nose and throat are all connected, and problems with one can easily lead to issues with the others. Get the finest private diagnosis and treatment in the UK from an ENT doctor or specialist at one of these top ENT clinics:


There’s nothing quite so powerful as the support of a really good, highly experienced psychiatrist, or a private psychiatrist. If you’re in need of help, the people at Cognacity are the perfect choice and fantastic psychiatry clinic.


Psychology is the scientific study of the human brain and the way it works, particularly the issues that impact our behaviour, and specialists can range from child psychologists, to private psychotherapy, or even marriage counselling. If you’d like to be the best you can be, try Cognacity or Re-Cognition, both on Harley Street.

Breast surgery

There are plenty of breast surgeons to chose from, whether you’re looking for a breast augmentation surgery, or a breast reconstructive surgery. The Harley Street Breast Clinic and King Edwards, also known as the King Edward VII Hospital, are both exceptional hubs for the treatment of a wide variety of breast issues, everything from mastectomy to biopsy, lumpectomy to enlargement and reduction.


Some of the world’s best-respected cardiologists operate out of Harley Street, including the top class One Heart Clinic and the fantastic Royal Brompton Hospital, some of the best cardiology practices and cardiologist hospitals that London can offer.


Gastroenterology deals with the human digestive system in all its complexity, handling diseases and illnesses affecting the gastrointestinal tract from end to end. The London Gastroenterology Centre is one of the best gastroenterology clinics in the UK.


The London Neurosurgery Partnership on Harley Street is a specialist in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of nervous system issues, from the brain to the spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and the extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.


Boost your chance of IVF success by attending one of the very best IVF clinics in the UK. If you’re looking for IVF treatment, there are plenty of fertility doctors, fertility clinics, and private fertility clinics to choose from:Harley Street Fertility Clinic or CRGH, the Centre for Genetic & Reproductive Health, a clinic with a superb international reputation.

Scans and imaging on Harley Street

Harley Street’s Alliance Medical UK is your first and best stop for scans and imaging, internationally respected specialists in managed imaging services and absolute experts in their field.