What is a cosmetic doctor? 

A cosmetic doctor is someone who can offer advice and procedures to achieve your desired appearance. There are different types of cosmetic doctors who specialise in different areas (e.g. skin treatments, nose surgeries, breast augmentations, etc). The procedures on offer can be both surgical and non­surgical (e.g. cosmetic injections, laser treatments, etc). Some cosmetic procedures can also be done therapeutically (e.g. breast reduction for back pain). Note ­- those requiring reconstructive surgery should see a plastic surgeon.

When to see a cosmetic doctor?

You may wish to see a cosmetic doctor when you are looking to change your appearance for non­medical reasons. The cosmetic doctors can give you a consultation and offer their advice and recommendations for you and thoroughly explore any procedures on offer before any decisions are made. The majority of procedures are not available through the NHS and funding is generally provided privately.

What conditions does a cosmetic soctor treat?

What procedures can you find at a cosmetic medicine clinic in London?