Introducing our clinical governance committee​

Our committee makes decisions on flagged patient reviews and other clinical governance issues.

The committee includes independent clinicians and a Doctify representative. 

Together their goal is to maintain the quality and integrity of our platform, ensuring that we continue to provide patients with the best information possible.

committee members

Dr Suman Saha

Doctify Co-founder and Medical Director Dr Suman Saha is a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon. Dr Saha is passionate about the collection and use of patient feedback to allow clinicians and hospitals to better understand and improve their care.

Mr Khaled Dawas

Consultant surgeon Mr Khaled Dawas is head of the Upper GI regional service for North East and North Central London based at University College London Hospitals (UCLH). He is also an honorary clinical lecturer at University College London. Mr Dawas trained in London, Oxford and Australia. He specialises in repairing hernias and treating cancer of the oesophagus, stomach and sarcomas, as well as operating on patients with symptomatic gallstones.

Dr David Powell

Qualified MBBS from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, Dr Powell has over 30 years experience as a GP, including running a large practice of over 30 clinicians. Dr Powell has extensive experience in the development of programs and processes to support clinical care and the effective provision of services for patients.

protecting doctify

from fake, fraudulent and misleading reviews

Every month, our clinical governance committee meets to examine flagged reviews and the supplementary information provided along with each report. They assess the reviews based on our terms and conditions as well as our acceptable use policy.

If it is established that a review contravenes our acceptable use policy, it is archived. And, if it is determined that a review adheres to our policies, it is published on our platform.

The provider who flagged the review is then notified of the outcome. All approved reviews are published one week after this notification.

Minutes from each clinical governance committee meeting are taken and kept on file. We have records of all decisions made during these discussions. In special cases, people can email to request copies of specific items on these meeting agendas.