What is an audiologist? 

An audiologist is a specialist that can diagnose and treat problems associated with hearing and balance. They are capable of carrying out various investigations of hearing and balance to determine the problem causing the deficit. They can provide treatments or can refer you to an ENT surgeon or other specialist for appropriate interventions. They can also provide chronic management and rehabilitation for conditions as tinnitus and vestibular problems and can monitor and manage interventions such as cochlear implants and hearing aids.

When to see an audiologist?

You may want to see an audiologist in Birmingham when you have noticed an abnormal change in your hearing or balance. You may be referred from your primary care provider to determine the cause of your problem and for appropriate management if the problem does not settle with simple acute management (e.g. for a minor infection). Some audiologists can also provide additional services which you may find useful such as counselling and sign language if necessary.

What conditions does an audiologist treat?

What procedures can you find at an audiology clinic in Birmingham? 

  • Hearing Aid Provision
  • Hearing Assessment And Management
  • Tinnitus Assessment And Management
  • Video Consultation