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Best Respiratory (Chest) Doctors in London, UK

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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine
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25 years of experience

Dr. John Chinegwundoh is presently a consulting Doctor of Respiratory Medicine at a number of private hospitals in and around Surrey, including the Ashtead and Kingston-upon-Thames areas. With his speciality in respiratory conditions, any patients suffering from problems like a cough, COPD/emphysema, asthma, or other lung or respiratory problems are the perfect candidates to visit Dr. Chinegwundoh. 

The doctor’s education began at Cambridge in 1994, where he graduated with his BChir (Bachelor of Surgery), and his MB in 1995. He also went on to win a first class honours degree via the Albert Hopkinson Prize for Medicine at Emmanuel College. 

Dr. Chinegwundoh trained at some of the top hospitals throughout the UK, and also undertook additional training aboard at various institutions. In the UK, he rotated through Royal Brompton Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital, Royal Free and University College. He won a competitive scholarship to spend three years as an International Fellow at Columbia University in New York, USA while completing his Doctorate in Medicine.

He has been inducted as a Fellow in the Royal College of Physicians, is a member of the British Medical Association, and currently serves as President of the Cambridge Medical Graduate’s Society.  

Dr. Chinegwundoh believes strongly in research and development of new treatments and techniques. He continues to work studying the immune system and lungs in a research capacity, especially in the areas of cough, asthma, COPD, respiratory infections, and Interstitial Lung Disease. 

In 2009, following the retirement of one of his colleagues and mentors, the Dr. Chinegwundoh was elevated to the Senior Chest Consultant position at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. More recently, he was also granted the honour of being appointed as the Clinical Director for Respiratory Medicine at that same institution. These positions have allowed the doctor to lead a team of staff, both medical/nursing and administrative, in order to ensure top quality service to patients suffering from respiratory ailments. 

His patients and colleagues highly recommend him for his knowledge and abilities. For patients suffering from a respiratory ailment, Dr. Chinegwundoh can provide much-needed relief, treatment, and improvement, to allow patients to live a better quality of life.  

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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine
42 years of experience

Professor Margaret Johnson is a leading Consultant in Respiratory Medicine and has over 20 years experience working in the field. Professor Johnson practices at the Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust and the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth where she provides a fully comprehensive service in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory problems. Presently, she is the Clinical and Medical director of the Respiratory Unit at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in addition to being a Trustee Board Member.

After graduating from the University of London, Professor Johnson undertook specialist training in General Medicine, Respiratory Medicine and HIV Medicine. She has a distinguished research career and received a Personal Chair in Medicine at University College London, she is currently the Senior Chest NHS Physician at the Royal Free Hospital and is the Clinical and Medical Director of the Respiratory Unit of St John and St Elizabeth. In addition, she is the elected Academic Vice President at the Royal College of Physicians and is the current academic vice president at the Royal College of Physcians.

Please note that Professor Johnson also has a distinguished background in HIV medicine. She was a founder member of the British HIV Association and a previous President. She has also undertaken pioneering research into respiratory problems within the HIV population. 




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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine
19 years of experience

Dr Hui-leng Tan studied medicine at the University of Cambridge. She completed her general paediatric training at Addensbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge and Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Dr Tan's MD thesis was on airway inflammation in cystic fibrosis patients. This thesis, supervised by Dr Jane DaviesProfessor Andrew Bush and Professor CM Lloyd was done at the National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI), Imperial College London.

She completed her paediatric respiratory medicine training at Royal Brompton and Great Ormond Street hospitals.

Dr Tan received a Fellowship from the European Respiratory Society. This was to go to the University of Chicago, one of the leading sleep centres in the world. She studied developments in clinical paediatric sleep medicine. She also participated in research into sleep-disordered breathing in children.

She received the Scadding-Morriston Davies Fellowship for her work on T regulatory lymphocytes in paediatric obstructive sleep apnoea and endothelial dysfunction.

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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine

Professor Kian Fan Chung is a consultant respiratory physician at Royal Brompton Hospital, where he treats both private and NHS patients.

He graduated from the University of London in 1975 and then trained in general and respiratory medicine in Oxford and London. He gained his research experience in San Francisco, USA.

In 1987, Professor Chung joined the consultant staff at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals. He has long-standing experience in managing chronic respiratory diseases in adults. 

He has been a professor of respiratory medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London since 1996.

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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine

Dr Matthew Hind is a respiratory physician at Royal Brompton Hospital where he treats private and NHS patients.

He studied medicine at King’s College London and completed postgraduate training in respiratory medicine at a number of London hospitals – Royal Free, Royal Brompton, Hammersmith, St Mary’s and St George’s hospitals.

He completed a PhD in regenerative biology funded by the Wellcome Trust, discovering that damaged lungs can regenerate in response to a particular molecular signal.

For this work, he received a prestigious European Respiratory Society COPD award for ‘outstanding contribution to COPD research in Europe’ and a ‘Young Investigator’ award from the British Thoracic Society. 


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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine

Professor Athol Wells is a consultant in respiratory medicine at Royal Brompton Hospital, where he treats both private and NHS patients.

Professor Wells trained in New Zealand at Green Lane Hospital, Auckland before starting post-graduate studies at Royal Brompton Hospital in 1989.

He is clinical and academic lead for the interstitial lung disease unit at Royal Brompton Hospital.

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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine

Dr Louise Fleming is a Honorary consultant in paediatric respiratory medicine. 

Dr Louise Fleming completed her undergraduate degree in medicine at the University of Manchester in 1996 before moving to London for clinical training in paediatrics, this included included an 18-month fellowship placement in The Gambia.

Dr Fleming then went on to complete postgraduate research at NHLI and the Royal Brompton Hospital. Here she carried out a randomised controlled trial investigating the use of inflammatory markers to guide management in children with severe asthma leading to the award of an MD degree.

She is the clinical lead for asthma at the Royal Brompton where she has developed the difficult asthma protocol and the National Registry for children with difficult asthma. 

Dr Fleming has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences including the European Respiratory Society congress. 

She teaches on the Imperial College London allergy MSc course and is a personal tutor for Imperial College medical undergraduates.

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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine

Professor Anita Simonds is a consultant physician in respiratory and sleep medicine at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care, where she treats private patients.

She trained in respiratory medicine, anaesthetics and intensive care medicine. She subsequently specialised in respiratory medicine with a special interest in ventilatory support and sleep disorders.

In addition to her role as a consultant in respiratory and sleep medicine, she is also professor of respiratory and sleep medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London.


Professor Simonds is responsible for managing the sleep and ventilation service at Royal Brompton Hospital. She carries out a range of diagnostic home and in-hospital sleep studies based at our innovative sleep centre, based at Royal Brompton Hospital.


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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine
Recommended by 1 specialist
33 years of experience

Dr Dan Ornadel is a leading Consultant Respiratory Physician in London.

Following an academic scholarship at St Paul's School, Barnes, he was awarded his Medical Degree from Balliol College, Oxford University and St Thomas' Hospital, London. He completed his postgraduate training across numerous centres of excellence including University College London Hospital, The Whittington and Middlesex Hospitals. He was awarded an MD from London University in the biology of lung cancer.

He is highly experienced in all areas of respiratory medicine and acute general medicine. He has held the positions of clinical lead for respiratory medicine, lung cancer lead and lead for acute admissions unit at Northwick Park Hospital. He is expert in bronchoscopy and endobronchial ultrasound. He has run a specialist clinic for elite athletes with breathing problems at the former Olympic Medical Institute and was lead respiratory physican at the London Olympics. He also has considerable experience in the diagnosis of sleep apnoea.

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Expert in: Respiratory Medicine
Recommended by 1 specialist
25 years of experience

Dr Harsha Kariyawasam is a leading London consultant in allergy and respiratory medicine.

Dr Kariyawasam has expertise in allergy, rhinology and respiratory medicine together, he is also a national and international level speaker who reviews high impact respiratory and allergy journals. 

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What is a Respiratory (Chest) Doctor?

A Respiratory physician specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the lungs and breathing tubes.

When to see a Respiratory Doctor?

You may need to see a respiratory (chest) doctor if you have been diagnosed with a lung condition or if you are experiencing breathing problems due to cancer, asthma, pneumonia, chronic lung disease and other respiratory conditions. Respiratory doctors are specialised in performing bronchoscopy and can request tests such as lung function tests, CT scans and blood gases to help diagnosis. Respiratory doctors can treat a number of common conditions including COPD (smoking lung disease), asthma, fibrosis, lung cancer, bronchiectasis and asbestos-related lung disease.