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Best Psychology clinics in Hadley Wood, Barnet EN4, UK

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Priory Hospital North London

Grovelands House The Bourne, Southgate - 3.55 miles

Priory Hospital North London

Grovelands House The Bourne, Southgate - 3.55 miles
Psychology Psychiatry

The Priory Hospital North London is a respected and recognised university teaching hospital, which means everything they do is bang up to date: the latest information, the latest insight, the latest theories and the newest psychological discoveries. Because of this you'll get superb treatment for mental issues like depression and anxiety, stress, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and addictions. Patient-centred treatment programmes are the name of the game, and evidence-based interventions come from a team of leading psychiatrists, counsellors, clinical psychologists and consultant psychologists, plus plenty of expert support staff. A multidisciplinary approach means they provide personalised packages of care to patients, putting you at the centre of the treatment journey and involving you in important care decisions. You want to achieve the best possible outcome, a long-term improvement and a happier attitude to life, and that's what the centre is all about. You'll find it in leafy Southgate, in a beautiful Grade 1 listed building set in lovely green grounds, a great setting for feeling better fast. As a specialist provider of mental health care and treatment, they treat adults as well as providing specialist services for young people between 12-18. Priory’s customer service team is on call 24/7 if you experience a crisis, and thanks to ongoing monitoring by the official regulator, the Care Quality Commission or CQC, excellence comes as standard.


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UK Addiction Treatment

Unit 1, Floor 1 Imperial Place Maxwell Road, Hertfordshire - 3.93 miles

UK Addiction Treatment

Unit 1, Floor 1 Imperial Place Maxwell Road, Hertfordshire - 3.93 miles
Psychology Psychiatry

UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) is the UK's leading provider of alcohol and drug rehab centres, with 190 rehab and beds located across the UK. UKAT provides treatment for all addictions including drug addictions, behavioural addiction and alcoholism. Their goal is to enable their patients to achieve life-long recovery through providing excellent care and treatment.

UKAT caters for individuals from all backgrounds and sees all individuals as more than their addiction. Each centre is home to a dedicated team of psychiatrists, addiction psychotherapists and other medical professionals.

All of UKAT's private rehab centres are located in peaceful environments, including in the countryside, quiet villages and by the seaside - the idyllic settings and comfortable interior of each centre aids the recovery process. Every team at each UKAT centre prides themselves in providing the best care at all times for their patients. At each UKAT centre, patients have access to 24/7 support, highly experienced staff, a medical detox unit and 1-year aftercare. UKAT understands that addiction not only affects the patient but their loved ones also, thus UKAT runs a Family Programme which provides support for the family and friends of UKAT patients through weekly Family Groups.

Founded in 2012 by those who have been through addiction, UKAT’s success comes with its simplicity. By employing a passionate team of staff dedicated to quality care, our clients remain at the heart of everything we do, and this fact informs each of our decisions.

Our private, UK-based addiction treatment service">addiction treatment service offers support to people from all walks of life, helping them overcome addiction with a wide range of treatments and world-class facilities all over the country. We provide care based on what we know works, from our own experiences, to help others walk the road to recovery.

Our Aproach:

Recovery is built on trust

We provide a safe environment for you to share your experience, set practical goals, and learn the tools to work through recovery with confidence. Our programme strengthens trust with those who have been through a similar journey, and each resident’s combined courage builds highly powerful energy to inspire you towards positive change.

Free aftercare

The recovery network doesn’t end once you leave rehab. The bonds of connection will be with you for life. We know how challenging it can be to integrate back into your routine post-treatment, so we supply a free aftercare package for up to one year.

We know what you’re going through - really

Most of our UKAT family have experienced addiction first-hand or witnessed somebody close to them suffer. We understand what you’re going through and appreciate how destructive substance addiction">substance addiction can be, but we also know how transformative recovery can be.

We’ll find the right outlet for you

We provide a tried and tested treatment programme that is tailored to your individual needs. Our programme incorporates a wide range of psychosocial and psychological interventions, workshops and treatments to give you the tools and understanding to live a life free from addiction.

We care about your loved ones

Addiction is a family illness, and it can be challenging for loved ones to watch their friends and family suffer. Our therapists can provide help and advice to your loved ones, which will help them, and you, to navigate through your recovery as best as possible.

We’re always here for you

Addiction doesn’t take time off, so neither do we. We are open twenty-four-seven, all year round, including national holidays. Our specialist addiction team is always here to guide and support you through your recovery.

Our Centres:

UKAT uses a broad range of rehab therapies to treat addiction, including the following:

  • 12-step programme
  • Trauma therapy
  • CBT (including DBT)
  • Holistic treatment
  • Healthy eating
  • Music and art therapy
  • Lifestyle intervention

Each patient receives a tailored programme, usually a combination of rehab therapies, developed and run by a team of highly qualified specialists.

Our Alumni community

Recovery is an ongoing process that requires work and dedication long after the rehab process. Maintaining a strong community network is an excellent tool to keep us grounded, and those relationships we build during our time in rehab are often some of the most meaningful. Your wellbeing is our priority, so our Alumni Programme">Alumni Programme ensures that after you leave a UKAT facility, you still have ways to stay connected to our extended family. With activities, social events, regular communication, newsletters and a private Facebook group which you can turn to for support, you can always look to us for advice and guidance

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King Edward VII's Hospital

5-10 Beaumont St, London - 10.25 miles

King Edward VII's Hospital

5-10 Beaumont St, London - 10.25 miles
Psychology Allergy (Adults) Cardiothoracic Surgery + 24 more

King Edward VII's Hospital in London is an independent charitable hospital in the Harley Street medical district. This is the home of truly personalised care, where everything they do is tailored to suit the patient's unique circumstances. A top medical team plus exceptional levels of care blend with world-class expertise and impeccable standards to deliver the best treatments and the finest nursing. A calm, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere completes the story, and all this is underpinned by King Edward VII's Hospital's powerful spirit of philanthropy.

The treatment you'll receive at King Edward VII's Hospital will be given with a smile, with respect, and you'll be treated with the utmost dignity and empathy. Your religious and cultural beliefs will be respected. You'll be carefully listened to, and you will be able to contribute your own opinions about your care. The staff will work closely with your family too. It's all about promoting a culture of kindness and openness, and the highest levels of care are maintained thanks to continual auditing. Highly experienced medical consultants await you, and you'll be given a very warm welcome.

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London Medical

49 Marylebone High Street, London - 10.17 miles

London Medical

49 Marylebone High Street, London - 10.17 miles
Weight Loss & Bariatric Surgery Cardiology Endocrinology & Diabetes + 2 more

London Medical first opened its doors to patients in 1991, as a specialist diabetes clinic. But diabetes affects almost every part of the body, so we very quickly started to widen our focus to provide first-class clinical care across the numerous conditions and issues commonly associated with diabetes.

Our world-class specialists offer a breadth and depth of medical expertise in a seamless and holistic approach.

Individually, our specialists are some of the most highly respected in their field of medicine. But what really sets us apart is the way our team works together for the benefit of your health and wellbeing. Collectively, they offer a breadth and depth of medical expertise that is quite simply unmatched anywhere in the UK in a private clinic. Always working with you to understand your needs and match you with the most suitable expert and devising an effective care plan that works for you.

Here at London Medical, we believe that working in conjunction with your NHS care team we can help supplement your NHS care. With your agreement, we will keep your NHS care team including your NHS GP fully informed of the clinical care plan you are following.

Although you (or your health insurance provider if you have one) will need to pay for the services, we work hard to keep prices fair and reasonable. The tens of thousands of patients who have used our services tell us that we provide real value for money. See our reviews to see what our patients say about us.

If you’re unsure which of our consultants would be best suited to your needs, please do contact us.

Together, we’ll craft the perfect solution so you can focus on living your best life.

For Patients

For tailored lifestyle advice, the consultant directory, and everything you’ll need to know about booking an appointment.

For Doctors

To find out how and why to refer a patient to us, as well as a library of cutting edge white papers and research.

Our Philosophy

With the right lifestyle, you can manage your conditions effectively, and often avoid them altogether – but if you do need support or treatment, our team strives for medical excellence and unparalleled patient service every time.

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The London Clinic

20 Devonshire Place, London - 10.16 miles

The London Clinic

20 Devonshire Place, London - 10.16 miles
Rheumatology Physiotherapy Urology + 12 more

Why are we different:

The London Clinic is different from most private hospitals. We believe that the calibre of the consultants who work with us, the training and dedication of our staff and the range and complexity of the treatments we provide all make our hospital very special. We have specialists covering a wide range of medical and surgical disciplines, including consultant surgeons and physicians, specialist nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians – all working in close collaboration to provide the very best care, tailored to you.

Our consultants are leaders in their respective fields; almost all hold NHS teaching posts and all appear on the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) Specialist Register. To gain practising privileges at The London Clinic our consultants must meet rigorous standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), as well as our own stringent selection procedures.

We also have senior doctors, clinical fellows and Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) on site 24 hours a day to provide medical attention around the clock.

We have over 1000 experienced nursing, clinical and support staff. For each clinical specialty within the hospital we employ experienced nurses who have completed further post-registration training.

Innovations at the London Clinic:

We are proud to be a hospital that uses cutting-edge technology combined with world-class consultants and experts. Here are some of our innovations:

3T MRI scanner for cancer care and imaging CyberKnife radiotherapy SpaceOar for prostate cancer

Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) for tumours

RapidArc with Respiratory Gating Adaptive radiotherapy for bladder cancer

Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) for liver cancer

Augmented reality technology for prostate cancer

Prostate artery embolisation for non-cancerous enlarged prostate

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repair surgery

NAVIO® robotic knee surgery

Radiosynovectomy for joint pain 3D printing for personalised hip replacements

Level 3 Intensive care unit for critically ill patients

SpyGlass technology in endoscopy

Digestive Diseases Unit



Clinical Trial Hybrid operating theatre for vascular and endovascular surgery

Bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell collection quality standards

At The London Clinic Our enviable nurse-to-patient ratio ensures we can provide personal, responsive care at all times. Whether you are a day care patient, an inpatient or a visitor, you can be confident that our sensitive and approachable staff will treat you with respect, consideration and offer advice or reassurance.

2018 FINALIST LaingBuisson Awards – Private Hospital

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Medipark Clinic

Green Lanes, London - 6.71 miles

Medipark Clinic

Green Lanes, London - 6.71 miles
Psychology Allergy (Adults) Cardiology + 12 more

Medi-Park Clinic, based in North London, offers a broad range of healthcare services across all major medical specialties and is the only private clinic in the area offering multilingual services.

The team at Medi-Park Clinic is made up of highly qualified clinicians and doctors with vast expertise in various medical specialties from paediatrics and general practice to gynaecology, cardiology, internal medicine and aesthetic medicine. The team of doctors and clinicians are committed to providing high quality healthcare that is affordable and easily accessible.

All healthcare available at Medi-Park Clinic is modern, provided using the latest evidence-based technology and techniques. Treatments are personalised to be suitable for each patient's needs, promoting optimum clinical outcomes and long lasting treatment.

The medical team is supported by the excellent administrative team who are equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to all patient needs and concerns.

Medi-Park Clinic has the following medical departments, each equipped with their own specialist doctors and medical professionals:

  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • ENT
  • General Practice
  • Gynaecology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology

Each department is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which enables quick and accurate diagnostics, assessment and treatments all under one roof.

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Re:Cognition Health

77 Wimpole Street, . - 10.47 miles

Re:Cognition Health

77 Wimpole Street, . - 10.47 miles
Psychology Neurology Psychiatry

Re:Cognition Health are respected health, brain and mind experts, and they've won awards for their excellent work. As a popular private cognitive health provider they specialise in some of the most challenging diseases of our time, including Alzheimer's, Dementia, Cognitive Impairment and many other mental health problems. Every aspect of diagnosis, treatment and patient care is available here, in a place staffed by leaders in Alzheimer's research. A world-leading memory clinic, Re:Cognition's staff are experts in the latest new-generation treatments for Alzheimer's disease, including innovations being clinically trialled at home and abroad. They are dedicated to improving the future of Alzheimer's research by helping to identify a cure.

This is the home of essential assessment services for ADHD, Autism, Mild Trauma and Memory, all supported by a determination to remain the leader in diagnosis, treatment and care management for every patient experiencing cognitive impairment. A facility that's respected by referring clinicians, employers and investors alike, as well as being extremely popular with patients, Re:Cognition's team of experts works together to deliver a genuine patient-centred approach. Smart, welcoming private patient clinics in the Harley Street area and Essex provide support with neurology, psychology, psychiatry assessments and treatment. And their clinics in Guildford, Plymouth and Birmingham are all widely recognised as global leaders in providing free access to revolutionary new Alzheimers and memory impairment treatments. The result of this impressive dedication to patients is internationally recognised mental health services and exceptional care, delivered by people who obviously care deeply about achieving the best outcomes for their patients. 

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Located in the heart of London, UCLH Private Healthcare's private consulting rooms at 23 Queen Square are situated next door to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. These outpatient facilities are dedicated to private patients with neurological concerns.

Working alongside pioneers in both neurology and neurosurgery, our consultants are in a unique position to be able to offer highly specialist care within a world renowned and multidisciplinary environment.

All our consultants and specialist staff are based in the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and/or have links with the UCL Institute of Neurology in Queen Square. Our neurosurgeons are considered among the best in their field and have an international reputation as experts in their specialist areas of neurosurgery.

Across our neurology teams we provide world-class expertise in all subspecialties of neurology and can offer a wide range of highly specialist and well-regarded support services to patients

We aim to provide an exceptional standard of service and care from day one for every patient. From initial referral, through your outpatient consultation and onwards to treatment, our dedicated staff will look after you on each step of your journey. 

We are able to offer either virtual or in-person outpatient appointments, depending on your preference and what is appropriate to your condition. 

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CHHP (Marylebone Health Group)

76 Harley Street, London - 10.29 miles

CHHP (Marylebone Health Group)

76 Harley Street, London - 10.29 miles
Psychology Physiotherapy Diagnostic Pathway – Cardiac + 8 more

Marylebone Health (CHHP London) is an international health hub with world leading specialists in medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, offering the integration of human performance science and sports and exercise medicine. The dedicated team provide individualised solutions for every client and are able to tackle a variety of problems from injury rehabilitation to the improvement of chronic diseases such as cancer and arthritis. We work with clients across the exercise spectrum, from first-time exercisers to Olympic medallists.

Marylebone Health began as a new concept in fully integrated specialist services directly accessible to anyone. Following a major expansion, MHG was established as a leading specialist centre for human health and Performance; with the multidisciplinary team working hard to ensure the best solutions for the individual needs of everyone they work with.

All under one roof, the unique centre combines the very latest in Specialist Medicine, Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sport Science.

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The Prostate Centre

18 Devonshire Street, London - 10.33 miles

The Prostate Centre

18 Devonshire Street, London - 10.33 miles
Oncology Urology

The Prostate Centre is led by world-renowned experts in men's health and uro-oncology. Dedicated to the diagnosis and management of all prostate problems and urological cancers, the clinic's leading consultants and clinical staff work together as a team to provide innovative and evidence-based care.

When visiting us you'll benefit from access to our multidisciplinary team of specialists and sub-specialists, a fast and accurate results service, the latest technology and patient counselling support.

We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to treatment. This is why from diagnosis, through to treatment and aftercare, we guide our patients through each stage of their time with us - ensuring you can feel completely confident and reassured about your care at The Prostate Centre.

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