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Best Psychology clinics in Glasgow, UK

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Priory Hospital Glasgow

38-40 Mansionhouse Rd, Glasgow - 2.83 miles

Priory Hospital Glasgow

38-40 Mansionhouse Rd, Glasgow - 2.83 miles
Psychology Psychiatry


The Priory Hospital Glasgow is one of the UK’s leading centres for treating addictions, depression, anxiety, stress and eating disorders. You'll find it in the attractive Southside area of Glasgow, behind a couple of gorgeous Georgian villas. You'll enjoy a calm, relaxed environment designed to support a good recovery, and an excellent reputation. This was the Priory UK ‘Site of the Year’ for 2015, and like every Priory facility they're dedicated to continual improvement. Here you'll find top quality treatment for addictions to dangerous substances and unhelpful behaviours, with unique treatment programmes created individually for every patient. Residential care, outpatient care and day care are all on offer here, and people enjoy perfect privacy and comfort thanks to smart, stylish single-occupancy bedrooms with en-suites. Their patient-centred treatment programmes are inspired by the latest research science and thinking, and they're provided by experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, and other highly qualified mental health professionals. No wonder they provide some of the finest mental health care available. It's no surprise that 99% of patients from the Glasgow Addiction Treatment Programme say they were treated with respect and dignity during their stay, and 97% claim they'd recommend the hospital to a friend. Last but not least, their services are continually monitored by the independent regulator, Healthcare Improvement Scotland or HIS, which is responsible for healthcare regulation in Scotland.

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