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Best clinics in White City, London, UK

16 results found for 'Paediatrics (children's doctor)' in White City, London, UK

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Mahaah Clinic

11 Lambton Place, Notting Hill, London - 1.64 miles

Mahaah Clinic

11 Lambton Place, Notting Hill, London - 1.64 miles
Paediatrics (children's doctor) Endocrinology Dermatology

Mahaah is a private clinic based in Notting Hill, London, established by the Medical Director Dr Gabrielle Macaulay. The clinic opens at 9am and closes at 7pm during weekdays. The clinic aims to provide traditional and lifestyle medicine through an individualised and specialised approach, for women and families. The staff are highly trained in their areas of specialism and are experts in the provision of hostilic care and medical care.

The clinic offers standard GP appointments for £80 and extended GP appointments for £150, for physical and mental conditions including sore throat, skin conditions and mental health conditions. Purpose packages are also offered, the purpose select triple costs £500 and entails multiple meetings with Dr Gabi as well as many healthcare tests and healthcare and psychology coaching from staff.

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Chiswick Medical Centre

Bond House, 347-353 Chiswick High Road, London - 1.91 miles

Chiswick Medical Centre

Bond House, 347-353 Chiswick High Road, London - 1.91 miles
Paediatrics (children's doctor) Orthopaedic Surgery Cardiology + 4 more

Laboratory Test including blood

Cardiac Test

X-Ray Scan

CT scan (Computer Tomography)

Hologic Mammography Scan


Audiology Test


Allergy & Intolerance tests


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Due the evolving situation with coronavirus, Chiswick Medical Centre is closed until further notice. Please visit our website for further information. (link below)  


Chiswick Medical Centre is a private clinic based in London providing the highest standards of healthcare and GP services, especially to local families.

They employ London’s best consultants and use cutting edge technology to offer their patients the best care and consultations. The consultants may specialise within the fields of neurology, cardiology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology or urology, and are flexible in providing either same or next-day appointments for patients with emergency cases. This provides easier access to the services, and 98% of patients have even provided recommendations to family and friends according to the Chiswick OPDC patient satisfaction survey.

The clinic provides a range of services including general check-ups, diagnostic scans (3T MRI, low dose CT scanner, mammogram, ultrasound), male and female check-ups (one-stop breast care centre) and treatments. 


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Medicare Francais - French Specialists

198-200 Earl's Court Road, London - 2.28 miles
Video consultation available

Medicare Francais - French Specialists

198-200 Earl's Court Road, London - 2.28 miles
Paediatrics (children's doctor) Dentistry Nutrition + 12 more

Braces and Orthodontics

Adult Check-up


Endodontic/Root Treatment

Dental Care

Dental Cosmetics

Teeth Whitening


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Medicare Francais is an international leading provider of high quality medical, dental and paramedical diagnostics, treatment and care. The goal is to make a real difference to patients lives. Their mission is to have a robust reputation for clinical excellence, high standards of patient care and a range of services available on-site. 

They have a team of general practitioners, medical specialists, dentists, surgeons, radiologists and other wellbeing practitioners. They act with integrity and moral responsibility. 

Medicare Francais is a patient focused service that is safer, caring, responsive, competitively prices and well-led. 



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Luxmedica Ealing

19 The Mall, London - 2.67 miles

Luxmedica Ealing

19 The Mall, London - 2.67 miles
Paediatrics (children's doctor) General Medicine Allergy Medicine + 6 more

Adult Psychiatry Assessment

Paediatric Consultation

GP Consultation

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Luxmedica – the Medical and Dental Clinic in London, Ealing.

Are you looking for a doctor for yourself or your family? Call us on 0203 757 9999.

A wide variety of specialists are accessible,  including:

·         4 Gynecologists (also obstetrician gynecologist),

·         3 Dentists and Orthodontist

·         Family Doctor (GP) (every day)

·         Pediatrician

·         Dermatologist, Venereologist, Urologist

·         Endocrinologist and Diabetologist,

·         Allergist and Pulmonologist

·         Orthopedist, Surgeon and Proctologist

·         Cardiologist, Psychiatrist

·         2 doctors, specialists in Aesthetic Medicine


You can also do laboratory tests and many specialised medical procedures.

Our clinic works 7 days a week! Monday - Friday from 9 to 21, Sunday from 10 to 16.

We are located 3 minutes walking distance from Ealing Broadway station.

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The Women's Wellness Centre

274 Fulham Road, London - 2.96 miles

The Women's Wellness Centre

274 Fulham Road, London - 2.96 miles
Paediatrics (children's doctor) Fertility Medicine General Practice + 4 more

Harmony Prenatal Test

Well Woman Check

Obstetric Consultation

General Health Check

Baby Scan (Ultrasound)

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The Women's Wellness Centre is located at 274 Fulham Road. A convenient location in the heart of Chelsea and state-of-art technology, they aim to offer high-quality care in a relaxing environment.

The consultants practicing all hold senior positions at the leading teaching hospitals in London. All have admitting privileges at the top London private hospitals and have a proven track record for clinical excellence both within the NHS and in the private sector. There is a similarly high-standard of multi-disciplinary clinical team with a wealth of expertise ranging from an ultrasonographer who performs scans, to linked midwives who can provide antenatal and postnatal care. Physical therapists include physiotherapists and osteopaths. Complementary therapists include nutritionists, acupuncture specialists and psychologists.

The team is dedicated to providing private women’s health services and outpatients appointments with a focus on specialist care.

Services and areas of expertise:

Fertility- Preconception Advice, Ovarian Reserve Screening, Fertility Consultations, Natural Follicle tracking, Ovulation Induction, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Workup to In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

Gynaecology - Abnormal Smears, IUV Coil Information Sheet, (HPV Vaccination), Key Hole Surgery, Colposcopy, Vaginal rejuvenation

Pregnancy - Pregnancy Checks, Non invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), Complementary TherapiesSexual HealthBreast CareMidwifery CarePathologyCounselling

Ultrasound - imaging, Gynaecology scans, Obstetric scans, 3D/4D scans

Private GP Services - Acute and minor illnesses, Chronic illness managementGeneral & sexual health, and wellbeing checksDermatological concerns and skin tag removalMood and psychological concernsTravel vaccinationsImmunisations Private prescriptionsPrivate referralsMedical certificates

Sexual Health - Contraception adviceScreening and treatment of STIsPelvic inflammatory disease, Recurrent thrushRecurrent herpesRecurrent cystitisBacterial vaginosisWarts and wart virus (HPV)HepatitisOdoursVaginismusHPV consultations, screening and vaccineWell Women ChecksEmergency contraceptionPost-exposure prophylaxisHIV advice and treatment

Paediatrics - Doctors for ages of children 0-18 years old in a multi-disciplinary approach, for example including practitioners such as dieticians, psychologists and therapists in a wide range of specialities.

Pathology- Individual tests, Allergy tests, Sport and travel tests, Nutrition tests

Genetic screening:  Cancer 30 genes panel, BRCA & BRCA2, Cardiac profile, Non invasive paternity testing

Wellness - well woman and well man health check-ups, overall women's health including services such as breast care and counselling.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology:

  • New Consultation - £260
  • Returning Patient - £215


New Consultation: £160

Follow up consultation: £160


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Royal Brompton Hospital Private Care

Sydney Street, London - 3.29 miles

Royal Brompton Hospital Private Care

Sydney Street, London - 3.29 miles
Paediatrics (children's doctor) Cardiothoracic Surgery Respiratory Medicine + 2 more

World leaders in heart and lung care

Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals are the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK offering patients the latest procedures and treatments.

Our friendly Specialist Care team can arrange short-notice private consultations with our world leading consultants and provide same day access to advance diagnostics, ensuring you are on the best treatment pathway as soon as possible.

Based in the Harley Street medical area RB&HH Specialist Care at 77 Wimpole Street brings together our world-leading consultants with on-site rapid diagnostics service.  The facility offers PET-CT imaging catering for cardiac, oncology and neurology patients, it also has a Rubidium cardiac imaging service providing faster imaging and a lower radiation dose to patients than comparable scans.  Same-day or short-notice appointments are available six days per week here.

For convenience you can choose your preferred appointment at one of three London locations:
•        Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea

•        Harefield Hospital, Uxbridge

•        Outpatients and Diagnostics at 77 Wimpole Street

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Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic

61-63 Sloane Avenue, London - 3.38 miles

Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic

61-63 Sloane Avenue, London - 3.38 miles
Paediatrics (children's doctor) Acupuncture Urology + 11 more

GP Consultation

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Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic (CP Medical), is an all-round service for patients looking for a general practitioner and other medical services, or to discuss all aspects of your medical care journey from the start.

You can Pre-book an appointment, or simply walk in, and the UK trained and practicing GP’s will be more than happy to see to all your medical needs. CP Medical Clinic is an accessible private walk-in clinic open from 4pm-9pm to allow flexibility around work, and also removing the need to take time off school for children to access medical care. Situated in the heart of Chelsea CP Medical provides a vast range of medical services delivering by caring and qualified professionals. Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic is situated in Chelsea, near Sloane Square, and we are accessible from all parts of the surrounding areas both north and south of the river, being centrally located.

With the clinic situated in the same building as the Pharmacy, it is an advantage of our practice, as it ensures the convenience of always receiving your prescribed medication without the need to search for a pharmacy or a particular medication. Dedicated to providing a professional and personal service, the GP clinic looks to make private healthcare more accessible as it is open to 9pm, seven days a week. The doctors and health specialists at CP Medical are very experienced having either set up their own practices previously, or being involved in practice management. Many of the doctors hold responsibility in medical leadership, focused on providing patients with first-class medical care. 

Some of the Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic services on offer include:

  • Health check-ups
  • Family planning
  • Blood tests
  • Children's health
  • Sexual health
  • GP Referral letters
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Aesthetics and cosmetic procedures
  • Medical Certificates and Reports
  • Nutrition and healthy living advice
  • Sports medicine
  • Occupational health
  • Diabetes management
  • Female health
  • Osteopathy
  • Acupuncture
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61 Wimpole St, London - 3.85 miles
Video consultation available


61 Wimpole St, London - 3.85 miles
Paediatrics (children's doctor) Audiology Ear Nose & Throat Surgery


Ear Nose and Throat Specialists (ENT)

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Ent4kids is a medical practice in the London region committed to providing the very best care for children with ear, nose and throat problems. Set up by Hamid Daya, Paediatric ENT Surgeon, our mission is to provide world class Paediatric ENT services with a family centred approach.

Committed to excellence and quality, our practice strives to go the extra mile for your child and has grown to be one of the leading providers of Paediatric ENT services in London.

We offer specialist care for a wide range of paediatric ENT conditions including:
  • common ailments such as, hearing loss, ear infections and glue ear
  • breathing difficulties
  • recurrent tonsillitis
  • nose and sinus infections
  • complex neck, airway and ear conditions
  • All of our Paediatric ENT Surgeons have held Consultant posts at London Teaching Hospitals providing specialist Paediatric ENT expertise within the NHS.

    Specialist Paediatric ENT Services and Diagnostics
  • Diagnostic endoscopy
  • Microscopic ear procedures
  • Voice assessment
  • Tongue Tie division
  • For babies under 3 months with tongue ties and who have difficulty with breastfeeding, we are able to offer a tongue tie division service carried out by a Consultant Surgeon with the assistance of a Paediatric Nurse

    Adult ENT
  • Audiology Services
  • Wax clearance using microsuction
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    152 Harley Street

    152 Harley Street, London - 3.91 miles

    152 Harley Street

    152 Harley Street, London - 3.91 miles
    Paediatrics (children's doctor) Allergy Medicine Vascular Surgery + 7 more

    We are London's premier private day clinic, nestled in the heart of the capital's most famous medical district, Harley Street.
    We operate with the utmost integrity and provide you with only the very best expert advice and support from some of the UK's most renowned, experienced and skilled consultants and clinicians.

    We are specialists in cutting-edge procedures and treatments spanning Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology, including Moh's Micrographic Surgery, Dental & Oral Surgery, Hair Transplant Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Non-Surgical Aesthetic and Laser treatments including the sought after UltraPulse Co2 Laser. We are CQC registered and are committed to working with them to continually enhance and improve the quality of care for our patients.

    152 Harley Street is a centre of medical excellence and one of only a few day case surgery facilities in the UK who offer surgical procedures under Local Anaesthetic and Sedation. This means that our patients are able to leave shortly after their procedure, but still receive the same thorough and excellent aftercare that they would expect with a general anaesthetic. Longer procedures that require general anaesthetic and overnight treatment take place in one of our recommended central London hospitals. Our consultant surgeons are supported by expert anaesthetists, nurses and theatre staff who are all qualified to deliver care of the highest standard available.


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    Italian Doctors

    24E Little Russell St, Holborn, London - 4.86 miles

    Italian Doctors

    24E Little Russell St, Holborn, London - 4.86 miles
    Paediatrics (children's doctor) Anaesthetics Dental Hygienist + 16 more

    The Italian Medical Clinic is now a multi-Specialty clinic that had started its activity in 2013. All of its Consultants and Specialists have been trained and qualified both in Italy as well as in UK. The clinic has a discreet and welcoming environment, and is situated in the heart of London and is easily accessible. They are also open on Saturdays.

    The Clinic specialises in Paediatrics, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Family GP and Psychosexual Therapy, Diabetology and Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Thoracic Surgery, Dermatology, Otolaryngology ENT, Psychiatry, General Dentistry, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Anesthesia, Sedation and Pain Management, Psychology and Psychotherapy and Dietology and Nutrition

    Fast laboratory tests and Ultrasound examinations are available. 

    Our Consultants use the safest and most up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

    Italian Doctors is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

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