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Best Osteopaths in London, UK

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Expert in: Osteopathy

Alessia is a traditionally trained Italian Osteopath who completed her Master's degree in London. 

Pain management strategies and complete understanding of injuries for patients are vital, in Alessia’s opinion. The speed at which a patient heals is partially dependant upon how that patient understands what is actually wrong with them. Alessia will pin down likely diagnoses and rapid recovery treatment plans for amazing results.

As a ex - competitive cyclist her experience in this field is respected and whilst obstetrics, paediatrics, well woman health, athletics and sports injuries are the mainstays of her practice, Alessia welcomes patients from all walks of life. 

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Expert in: Osteopathy

A French-New-Zealander born in the Jura mountains bordering Switzerland, Bertrand is one of a handful of European practitioner to have received a full University education in both Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine from two of Europe's leaders in the teaching of these disciplines (European School of Osteopathy, Middlesex University).

Although a generalist at heart, he has developed an affinity for the clinical treatment of traumatic injuries such as sprain, whiplash, post-surgical pain, concussion etc. The combined use of Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Exercises can drastically improve the orthodox treatment outcome.

With 20 years of clinical experience, Bertrand has developed a personal approach inherited from the Osteopathic tradition and based around the extensive use of fine palpation. It allows him to diagnose and address his patient's issues, both in term of mechanical dysfunction and Qi circulation. This refined approach, in combination with the use of the extensive range of modalities offered by Chinese Medicine, allows him to provide fast and effective treatment for a large variety of injuries.

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Expert in: Osteopathy

Andrew completed his Masters of Osteopathy in Melbourne, Australia and has worked in a number of Melbourne's most reputable clinics. Andrew has also worked in India and is now based in the UK where he is also a clinical supervisor and tutor at The London School of Osteopathy. During his time in India, Andrew worked in rehabilitative Hospital environments which gave him a better understanding of the recovery and rehabilitative processes following surgery.

Andrew has helped patients with numerous different injuries and he has special interests in:

  • functional biomechanics
  • sports and rehabilitation
  • modern and chronic pain sciences
  • ergonomic corporate health services


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Expert in: Osteopathy
Paediatric Osteopathy

Anna is the newest addition to the Guy Gold team. Originally from Germany, she graduated from the
British School of Osteopathy in 2010 with a Masters in Osteopathy.
She has since worked at both London NHS surgeries and private sports clinics where she saw all
patients from new-born to old age, office workers to high-level martial artists.
Anna has a structural approach to musculoskeletal pain with a strong interest in visceral and cranial
osteopathy while incorporating rehabilitation.
For her, structural treatment includes musculoskeletal as well as, visceral, cranial structures and
functional assessments to help inform her 3D understanding of the area of pain or dysfunction and
putting that in context of the whole body. Anna regularly attends CPD courses in these fields
especially looking in depth at the pelvis, abdomen, diaphragm and newborn paediatrics.
By incorporating the different styles of osteopathic treatment modalities she has a holistic
understanding of her patients and their presenting symptoms. She is passionate in giving them her
best care and feels privileged to work in a truly wonderful profession that allows her to get her
patients back to doing the things they love as soon as possible.

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Expert in: Osteopathy

Guy has been running an Osteopathic practice in Camden for 20 years and has built his reputation on a commitment to help every patient get the best out of life.

Guy received a BSc Hons from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1998. Guy has a holistic approach and is keen to work closely with the individual to optimise health and wellbeing. Guy uses his assessment to build a personalized treatment plan based on the needs of each patient. 

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Expert in: Osteopathy
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I'm a highly experienced Osteopath and medical acupuncturist, with a Masters degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

I regularly work and travel with actors in the film industry. Recent productions include Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Spectre. My work helps them to swiftly bounce back from injury, and I can do the same for you.

When it's needed, I can call trusted Orthopaedic Surgeons and Radiologists to solve any tricky diagnosis problems (or if surgery needs to happen). My work can complement any treatment you're currently receiving, and I can integrate with your current wellness team.

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Expert in: Osteopathy

Mrs Sonal Patel is an experienced Consultant Osteopath having worked in a number of areas, treating all types of ailments ranging from sports injuries to expectant mothers. She is able to offer consultations to determine the root cause of the presenting issue, hands on treatment for the individual and a host of customised exercises, stretches and advice to patients who have long term problems or require help. Mrs Patel has worked amongst an elite team of private doctors, orthopaedic consultants and other allied health professionals to ensure patients have the best possible attention and treatment. 

Mrs Patel completed her degree course at the British School of Osteopathy in 1999 and is a holistic practitioner who has the ability and enthusiasm to treat all types of injuries. 

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Mr Ernesto De La Cruz Valdes is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about health and wellbeing. His professional background as a qualified Osteopath and previous roles in the Special Forces, National Ballet and Personal Training give Him a unique blend of skills and experiences which make Mr  Ernesto De La Cruz Valdes a well- rounded healthcare professional


  • New Patients 

During your first visit, a full history will be taken on your presenting complaint, questions on your medical and family history will be asked along with lifestyle, occupation, sporting and leisure activities that you do regularly.

A physical examination is always carried out. This involves looking at the body as a whole rather than just the area causing pain or discomfort. Observation and palpation (hands-on) of tissues will identify areas of restriction and weakness. You will be asked to carry out a series of simple movements so comfortable, loose clothes and appropriate underwear.

  • Follow Up 
We always are re-evaluated on each visit to ensure you are receiving the correct treatment. The consultation will be short, followed by re-examination and treatment. Exercises and management plans may change to meet your needs.

  • Emergency appointment:

We offer you an appointment within 4 hours of your call; Often we can provide immediate service. Your emergency appointment will take about 45 minutes, at the end of which I will advise you about further treatment if required

For online Booking please click on the link below

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What is an Osteopath?

Alternative treatments for specific medical conditions and overall health and wellness have been growing in popularity for many years. Patients suffering from chronic health issues, including pain, nerve, circulatory, or lymphatic issues with the body often have difficulty achieving relief with conventional medication or therapies, at least by themselves. Complementary medicine can be a great asset to providing some relief for these patients, and the most popular alternative treatment is osteopathy. Finding an osteopath is easy with Doctify. A top osteopath is different than a chiropractor or other body manipulation practitioners. Osteopaths use a variety of holistic techniques to balance the body, including manipulation, pressure, stretching, and other hands-on therapies. They can detect and diagnose conditions that are not treatable through osteopathy, and refer patients to a relevant specialist.

When to see an Osteopath?

Osteopaths can provide ideal, non-invasive treatment for a wide variety of problems. Osteopathy has had the best results with arthritis, back, shoulder, knee, hip, and foot pain, hand/wrist, elbow pain or stiffness, headaches, posture problems, and digestive issues. These complementary techniques can significantly help patients find relief, whether they are medication intolerant, at risk of becoming dependent on painkillers, or just have not found a medication or other treatment methods to be helpful on their own. Finding an osteopath in London is simple with Doctify, so get on the road to natural treatment for less pain and better health today!

What conditions does an Osteopath treat?

What procedures can you find at an Osteopathy clinic?