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Best Neurologist in London, UK

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Expert in: Neurology
29 years of experience

Dr Perry is a Consultant Neurologist and Hon Senior Lecturer at Imperial College NHS Trust.

He runs Memory Clinics and his area of special interest is in the early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. His clinical neurological work also includes assessment and care of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury. 

Dr Perry has been preparing medicolegal reports since 2011 and has both a specialist and a general clinical neurological practice

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Expert in: Neurology
26 years of experience

Dr Janssen is a neurologist with broad interests. He has been a consultant since 2005. He is the clinical lead for TIA and was appointed lead for neurology in 2013.

He provides acute neurology input to the Royal Brompton Hospital. 

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Expert in: Neurology
24 years of experience

Dr Cifelli is a consultant neurologist and runs a specialist cognitive disorders clinic and gained his doctorate in clinical neurology. 

He pursued his interest in cognitive disorders and is currently involved in trials for disease-modifying drugs in Alzheimer's disease and academic research projects in dementia. 



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Expert in: Neurology
Recommended by 3 specialists
31 years of experience

Dr. James Rakshi has been a Consultant Neurologist for nearly 20 years and has considerable experience in diagnosing and managing a wide range of neurological disorders and problems, both acute and chronic. He graduated in 1988 from Aberdeen Universtiy, Scotland, where he first developed an interest in Neurology and Brain imaging working in the Neurology and Neurosurgical unit. The very first clinical MRI Brain scanner was built at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Dr Rakshi trained in general medicine covering many different specialities for more than four years before specialising in neurology, which has helped him develop a more holistic and pro-active approach to Neurology. He undertook neurology training at a number of major neuroscience centres in London, including The Hammersmith, St George’s, St Mary's and Charing Cross Hospitals as well as the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery where he subsequently became an Honorary Consultant. He has also worked at many of the District General Hospitals in and around London. Dr. Rakshi has run an advanced multiple sclerosis centre and has trained in a number of neuro-rehabilitation centres. 

Dr Rakshi believes the key to reaching the correct diagnosis is taking the time to listen to the patient and family and always keeping an open mind whilst considering the more serious and urgent diagnoses. Sometimes it is an incidental or random comment from the patient or relative that alerts one to the diagnosis. He has a reputation for giving a clear explanation of the patient's neurological problem and how best to investigate and manage it. He is often asked to provide a second opinion. He prides himself on quickly organising investigations and providing detailed letters and reports in clear understandable language. Neurology often crosses over into other medical and surgical specialities and so he has developed over the years strong links with other top consultants to provide a true expert multidisciplinary appraoch when required. He also has an an outstanding team of therapists who he works closely with. His ethos is very simple, treat each patient the way you would want to be treated yourself. Every patient is unique and in the way their symptoms present. Therefore Dr Rakshi has developed multiple approaches to best assess and manage his patients. Dr Rakshi encourages patients to provide a summary of their medical and neurological symptoms.

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Expert in: Neurology
16 years of experience
Neurogenetics , Neuro-rehabilitation

Dr Griesz-Brisson is one of Europe's leading Consultant Neurologist's specialising in Neurology, Neuroregeneration, Neuroplasticity,  Neurotoxicology, Environmental Medicine and Pain Management exclusively with physiological methods. She is the Medical Director of The London Neurology & Pain Clinic with patients travelling from all over the world to receive her treatment. 

Dr Griesz Brisson is a member of the European Federation of Neurological Societies, American Academy of Neurology, European Academy of Environmental Medicine and many more. She also consistently serves as a medico-legal expert in the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and the United States.

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Expert in: Neurology
36 years of experience

Dr Oliver Foster was appointed Consultant Neurologist at St George's Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the National Hospital Queen Square in 1994. He has a special interest in Parkinson's disease, Stroke, Headaches, Migraines as well as General Neurology. 


Dr Foster studied Physiological Sciences at Oxford, obtaining a Prize First and completed his medical training at The Middlesex Hospital, London and National Hospital, Queen Square obtaining a PhD in Brain Neurochemistry. He has published extensively in Parkinson's disease and other areas of neuroscience and clinical neurology. He was Head of the Department of Neurosciences at St George's Hospital, London until December 2018.

 Dr Foster is a former Trustee of the UK Parkinson's Disease Society and the Council of the Medical Defence Union. He remains a member of the specialist assessment panel of the Horseracing Regulatory Authority


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Expert in: Neurology
21 years of experience

Dr Dominic Paviour is a Consultant Neurologist and honorary senior lecturer at The Atkinson Morley Neuroscience Centre at St George's University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Paviour originally trained in London qualifying from Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals. During his early medical training, he won the Medical School Gold Medal as well as a number of other prestigious undergraduate prizes.

He trained in Neurology initially in Oxford and then in London, at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, as well as King's College Hospital and the Atkinson Morley Neuroscience Centre.

As well as his continually pursuing clinical excellence Dr Paviour continues to have involvement in clinical research and has published a large number of peer-reviewed research articles in the medical literature and contributed chapters to a number of textbooks.

As well as Dominic's NHS work he also sees Insured and self-funding Private patients at The Sydney Street out-patient centre in Chelsea (The Lister Hospital), Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon, Harley Street at the Groves and at St Anthony's Hospital all located conveniently for Central and South West London as well as Surrey.

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Dr Rivero Sanz earned her Bachelor´s Degree in Medicine and Surgery from University College London in 2010. After graduating she undertook foundation training in Nottingham before deciding to do Speciality Training in Zaragoza, Spain which she completed in 2016. During that time she undertook a Masters in Tropical Neurology and Infectious Diseases in the International University of Catalonia, Barcelona, and gained membership to the Royal College of Physicians (MRCPPUK).

She has experience in managing an array of neurological conditions and has a special interest in headache and movement disorders such as Parkinson´s Disease. She has presented posters at national and international conferences and has published in both English and Spanish journals. Her skills include carotid and transcraneal Doppler, administration of Botox for migraine, movement disorders and post stroke spasticity, and occipital nerve block.

Dr Rivero Sanz worked for three years in Barcelona as a Consultant Neurologist and was appointed in the UK Specialist Registry in 2018. In August 2019 she returned to the NHS and was working in the Hyperacute Stroke Unit and Acute Brain Injury Unit in University College Hospital and the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery. As of September 2020 she is working as a Consultant Neurologist at the North Middlesex Hospital where she has an interest in further developing the Botox Clinic. Dr Rivero Sanz became interested in TMS as a new modality with promising clinical results for the treatment of migraine and other facial pain syndromes.

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Expert in: Neurology
14 years of experience

Dr Maniyar is a Consultant Neurologist based at  The Royal London Hospital, Bart's Health on the NHS and with a busy private practise. He is one of the few neurologists in the UK with specific sub-speciality training in Headache and Migraine, having completed a research fellowship in Headache Disorders at the prestigious  University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Headache centre. He was the recipient of the Harold G. Wolff Lecture Award by the American Headache Society 2013, widely regarded as the most prestigious research award in the field. He completed specialist neurology training in West Yorkshire Deanery in Leeds. Dr Maniyar has a great deal of experience dealing with all types of neurological problems including fits, falls, epilepsy, tremor, PD, dizziness, vertigo and general neurology.

His special interests include Migraine, Cluster Headache, Vertigo, Facial pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Visual Snow, Epilepsy, Cranial Nerve blocks and Botox for migraine, CGRP treatment for Migraine, non-invasive (Transcranial magnetic stimulation, TMS and non-invasive Vagal Nerve Stimulation, nVNS)


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Expert in: Neurology
28 years of experience
Neuro-oncology , Neuro-ophthalmology , Neuro-rehabilitation + 1 more

Headache, dizziness and sensory disturbance are all common
neurological conditions that are disturbing and can be disabling. Dr Ben Turner
is a Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer with a wealth of
experience in the full range of neurological conditions with a particular
interest in headache, dizziness and multiple sclerosis.

The key to good management of all medical conditions is to
‘nail’ the diagnosis and then identify treatable causes. Common symptoms such
as ‘headache’ and ‘vertigo’ are often incorrectly diagnosed and the wrong
treatments recommended. Dr Ben Turner can provide prompt assessment,
investigation and interventions where required.

Dr Ben Turner’s NHS post is as Senior Consultant Neurologist
at Barts Health NHS Trust and as Honorary Senior Lecturer continues to be
actively involved in research for MS and headache. In addition, as Training
Programme Director for Neurology he manages the training of future Consultant
Neurologists. At HCA Shard and London Brdige he is Senior Neurology Consultant and Network lead for Neurology. 

In addition to his work in the UK, Dr Turner has also worked as a visiting doctor in Kuwait, UAE and Jordan. He has also given lectures on Multiple Sclerosis in various cities, including Tehran and Beirut, where the disease is prevalent.

For further information please see website:

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What is a Neurologist?

Diseases and disorders of the central nervous system can range from the relatively mild, such as recurrent headaches or speech and language disorders, up to the deadly serious, including spinal cord damage, seizure disorders, and stroke. If you or a loved one have a problem with the brain, spinal cord, and/or nerves of the body, you need the services of one of the top neurologists in London. Many of the best neurologists in London are listed with Doctify. It is important to note that finding a neurologist in London is not the only doctor you might possibly need.

Neurologists don’t generally perform surgical procedures – Instead, their speciality is in the diagnoses and management of central nervous system (CNS) disorders and diseases. If a patient requires surgery, usually most top neurologists in London can provide referrals to trusted neurosurgeons to provide the surgery. In many cases, there may be neurosurgeons associated with the same practice as the neurologist. Additionally, patients can always find a neurosurgeon in London through Doctify.

When to see a Neurologist?

Many CNS problems do not require surgery, however, and a neurologist in London will be able to provide a range of treatment options. Many seizure disorders, speech disorders, nerve disorders, and degenerative problems (such as MS, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s, etc.) are best addressed with a combination of medication and therapy. On the other end of the spectrum, some spinal cord injuries may require surgery, or be inoperable altogether. Neurology is a complex and varied field of expertise, but for any CNS problems, you may experience, visiting one of the top neurologists in London can help simplify and clarify your individual situation, and get the best treatment options available.

What procedures can you find at a Neurology clinic?