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Best clinics in Walthamstow, London, UK

4 results found for 'Haematology' in Walthamstow, London, UK

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Dottore London

24-25 Hand Court, London - 6.50 miles
Video consultation available

Dottore London

24-25 Hand Court, London - 6.50 miles
Haematology Physiotherapy Cardiology + 13 more

Ear Nose and Throat Specialists (ENT)





General Physicians



Neurologists and Neurosurgeons



Paediatricians and Neonatologists

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Dottore London is an Italian medical centre caring for patients in London.

It is a medical centre that offers consultations with gynaecologists, paediatricians, midwives, dermatologists, orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, urologists, radiologists, general physicians, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, cardio surgeons, haematologists, plastic surgeons, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, ENT specialists, speech therapists, dietitians and psychotherapists.

Both international and local patients are treated at Dottore London and the doctors' combined experience of treating patients from both countries mean that they are excellent at breaking down cultural barriers and having a good connection with all of their patients. Dottore London only accepts the highest quality doctors. 

Patients can visit Dottore London for specific tests as well as general healthcare and appointments are also available over the weekend. 






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LOC - Leaders in Oncology Care

95 Harley Street, London - 7.39 miles

LOC - Leaders in Oncology Care

95 Harley Street, London - 7.39 miles
Haematology Oncology

A leading team of 50 world class consultants and specialists in all aspects of oncology.

  • Latest treatments and access to new drugs
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Bespoke treatment suites and a high quality environment
  • On-site pharmacy and phlebotomy
  • 24/7 contact with permanent staff available


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King Edward VII's Hospital

5-10 Beaumont St, London - 7.47 miles

King Edward VII's Hospital

5-10 Beaumont St, London - 7.47 miles
Haematology Plastic Surgery Psychiatry + 21 more

King Edward VII's Hospital in London is an independent charitable hospital in the Harley Street medical district. This is the home of truly personalised care, where everything they do is tailored to suit the patient's unique circumstances. A top medical team plus exceptional levels of care blend with world-class expertise and impeccable standards to deliver the best treatments and the finest nursing. A calm, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere completes the story, and all this is underpinned by King Edward VII's Hospital's powerful spirit of philanthropy.

The treatment you'll receive at King Edward VII's Hospital will be given with a smile, with respect, and you'll be treated with the utmost dignity and empathy. Your religious and cultural beliefs will be respected. You'll be carefully listened to, and you will be able to contribute your own opinions about your care. The staff will work closely with your family too. It's all about promoting a culture of kindness and openness, and the highest levels of care are maintained thanks to continual auditing. Highly experienced medical consultants await you, and you'll be given a very warm welcome.

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24 Elgin Court, 164 Elgin Ave, Maida Vale,, London - 8.63 miles
Video consultation available


24 Elgin Court, 164 Elgin Ave, Maida Vale,, London - 8.63 miles
Haematology Sexual Health Primary Care Doctor + 3 more

Home Visit

Pregnancy Blood Test

Sexual Health Test

ECG Holter 24-Hour

Wound care

Suture removal


Electrocardiogram (ECG)


Lipid panel (blood test)

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Medical services without the wait at your home across Greater London


020 7776 9096

Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday 8am - 8pm

VisitHealth is a private mobile healthcare company that offers medical services to your door across Greater London. It provides same-day blood tests, ECGs, post-op care, IV infusions, injections, stoma care, medical assessment and care at your home, workplace, hotel or your local community centre.

VisitHealth supports teleconsultations with physical examination, special medical assessment, diagnostics and treatment services.

Benefit from flexible appointments available 7 days a week, medical visits at your home and no waiting time!

Medical Procedures:

  • Nursing care (injections, IV infusions, stoma care, wound care and dressing, suture removal, catheter care, special medical assessments)
  • Laboratory diagnostics (blood tests, urine and other tests - stool, saliva, semen, hair)
  • Functional diagnostics (blood pressure assessment and monitoring, ECG, pulmonary function - spirometry and peak flow test)
  • Nursing care (administration of medicines, medical care procedures, special medical assessments)
  • Sonography scans (glands and vessel sonography, internal organs ultrasound, musculoskeletal ultrasound)
  • Diabetes tests - screening, symptoms check, complications check, diabetes type I prediction)
  • Sexual health: testing for sexually transmitted diseases
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