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Expert in: General Surgery
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Colorectal Surgery , Laparoscopic (key-hole) Surgery , Gastroenterology

Mr Warren is available at Kings Oak Hospital on Monday & Wednesday 13.00-18.00, Thursday 8am-12.00 and 18.00 -20.00, Highgate Hospital Tuesday 8-11, Alternate Tuesdays Cavell Hospital 11.00 - 14.00 and Friday at The Wellington Hospital 13.00 - 18.00 Should you require a short notice appointment please contact  Emma on 0208 370 9525 

Mr Stephen Warren is a Consultant General, Colorectal & Laparoscopic Surgeon based in London, UK. Following his graduation from University of London in 1986 he soon discovered an interest in laparoscopic surgery, finding that patients experienced less pain compared to traditional methods and also recovered quicker with fewer complications. By 1991 he had performed his first laparoscopic cholecystectomy and as a young consultant was awarded a national scholarship to gain experience at the renowned Cleveland Clinic in USA for a 3 month sabbatical.

He was the recipient of a Master of Surgery MS in Surgery for his published thesis from the University of London.

He has a specialist interest in all abdominal and bowel complaints. He is a highly skilled laparoscopic surgeon and applies his skills to a wide variety of surgical operations, both elective planned and emergencies.

In his personal time he enjoys oil painting,  road cycling, and football.

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Expert in: General Surgery
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Gastroenterology , Colorectal Surgery , Laparoscopic (key-hole) Surgery

Mr Chetan Bhan is a Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon who qualified from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Medical School in 1998. Mr Bhan’s surgical training in London and the South East included research into lower gastrointestinal disorders and advanced colorectal training in complex surgery. He completed his training in Sydney, Australia where he completed a fellowship in advanced laparoscopic techniques. 

Mr Bhan’s areas of special interest include surgical management of hernias, gallstones, colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diverticular disease and pelvic floor disorders. He has developed the Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) colorectal service (virtually scarless surgery) at the Whittington Hospital where he is also Head of the Department of Surgery. 

He is also reponsible for training the next generation of surgeons in his position as Training Programme Director for surgical training in North Central and East London.

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Expert in: General Surgery
Laparoscopic (key-hole) Surgery , Upper GI (Gastrointestinal) Surgery

Mr Rohatgi is a trained general surgeon. His special interests are upper gastrointestinal benign

and cancer surgery, biliary pathology and gastro-oesphageal reflux disease. His specialist training was at 2 major

oesophagogastric cancer units in the South East of England.

He has been practicing as a consultant for the past 8 years with his NHS work spilt between two sites. He works as one of the six Oesophago-Gastric Surgeons at University College Hospital, which is a center of excellence for cancer care. There he is involved in resections and postoperative management of all types of oesophageal and gastric cancers. As it is a tertiary referral they are responsible for the acute management of all Upper Gastrointestinal emergencies in North and East London.

Currently he is the only Upper gastrointestinal Surgeon at Whipps’ Cross hospital, which is a large District General hospital in NorthEast London. There he undertakes all forms of benign and complex upper gastrointestinal and biliary surgeries, which are mainly performed laparoscopically.

Furthermore as a Laparoscopic and General Surgeon he is involved in the regular management of general surgical emergencies.

He has an avid interest in clinical research with over 25 publications to his name and

numerous international and national presentations.

Recently he has set up a One-Stop Abdominal Pain Clinic at the London Clinic which currently is the one clinic of its kind in London.

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Expert in: General Surgery
Recommended by 1 specialist
Upper GI (Gastrointestinal) Surgery , Laparoscopic (key-hole) Surgery

Mr Imber studied medicine at Cambridge University, qualifying in 1992. He went on to specialise in open and laparoscopic abdominal, liver and pancreatic surgery and Liver Transplantation, practising in London, Cambridge and Birmingham. He was appointed to the post of Consultant Surgeon in 2006.

Mr Imber has special interests in complex abdominal wall Hernia surgery, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Liver Transplantation, Laparoscopic Surgery and Emergency Surgery. His practice covers all aspects of benign and malignant disease in this area. 

He is still active in research, combining academic work with his clinical practice, and has had more than 50 peer-reviewed papers published in leading medical journals as well as being an invited speaker at several International specialist conferences.


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Expert in: General Surgery
Laparoscopic (key-hole) Surgery , Colorectal Surgery , Endocrine Surgery

Mr Amyn Haji is a Consultant Colorectal and Laparoscopic Surgeon and Clinical Lead for Endoscopy and Colorectal Surgery at King’s College London. He has a special interest in minimally invasive Laparoscopic surgery and natural orifice colorectal surgery and he is a specialist in advanced magnification and therapeutic endoscopy.

Mr Haji completed his undergraduate training at the University of Cambridge in 1999 and he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2010.

Mr Haji has an interest in research and he is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College London. He has a special interest in high-frequency colonoscopy ultrasound for staging colorectal polyps and cancer. He undertook a fellowship in advanced colonoscopy in Japan in 2010 and has since developed his practice of endoscopic mucosal resection and endoscopic submucosal dissection in the treatment of colorectal polyps and advanced endoscopy techniques. Mr Haji also introduced Peroral endoscopic myotomy for Achalasia to the United Kingdom in 2013.



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Expert in: General Surgery
25 years of experience
Colorectal Surgery

Mr Emin Carapeti is a Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon with years of exceptional experience. He was a Member of Council of the Section of Coloproctology of the Royal Society of Medicine, a member of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland and an examiner in surgery iat the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

He graduated from Guy’s Hospital and undertook his training in London and South East England. His specialist training was at St. Mark’s Hospital in London and Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. His thesis and main research was in the treatment of haemorrhoids and anal fissure at St. Mark's Hospital and he was awarded the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in 2000. He has published widely on anorectal disorders and pilonidal sinus disease and has pioneered new surgical techniques in complex recurrent pilonidal disease and day case surgery for haemorrhoids.

In addition to his colorectal work he also has a extensive experience in the treatment of of abdominal and groin hernia both simple and complicated. He also attended The Shouldice Hernia Clinic near Toronto, Canada where he learnt about the famous Shouldice hernia repair. He is a member of The Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic team undertaking repair of groin disruption (Gilmore’s Groin).

Second opinion £350

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Expert in: General Surgery
Laparoscopic (key-hole) Surgery , Upper GI (Gastrointestinal) Surgery

Mr Jeffrey Lordan is a Consultant Hepato-pancreato-biliary and General Surgeon based at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. He has a special interest in Sarcoma, complex benign liver and pancreas disease, and the use of minimally invasive and robotic techniques for Hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery.

Mr Lordan completed his undergraduate training at Guy's, King's and St Thomas' Medical School, London before training as a surgeon in the South West Thames London Deanery. He went on to undertake specialist fellowships at the liver and transplant unit in Birmingham and the Royal Marden NHS Foundation Trust, London.

Mr Lordan is involved in medical education and he is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London Medical School. He has achieved several awards for his teaching including the 2017 Award for Outstanding Teaching and 2017 Top Teachers Award from University College London and the 2006 Trust Award for Excellence in Medical Teaching from Frimley Park Hospital. Mr Lordan also has an interest in research and he completed a PhD focusing on the biology of Hepato-pancreato-biliary cancer. Mr Lordan has had several research articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals and he has presented his work nationally and internationally in over 75 conferences.

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Expert in: General Surgery
Recommended by 1 specialist
Laparoscopic (key-hole) Surgery , Colorectal Surgery

Mr Kinross is a London trained Colorectal Surgeon. He specialises in colorectal cancer and benign disease of the colon and rectum. He has a general practice and offers services in hernia repair and benign conditions of the skin.

Mr Kinross is also an expert in the gut microbiome and performs research into probiotic and prebiotic therapies for colonic health. He works at Imperial College London and he practices privately at the King Edward VII Hospital. 

He is a senior lecturer in surgery at Imperial College London and performs translations research into computational and systems biology in surgery. He is also involved in a clinical trial using intra-operative mass spectrometry for improving the precision in surgical treatment of colorectal cancer. 

Mr Kinross has published over 60 peer-reviewed papers and authored countless book chapters, whilst also presenting at over 30 international conferences. 


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Expert in: General Surgery
Recommended by 1 specialist
Laparoscopic (key-hole) Surgery , Upper GI (Gastrointestinal) Surgery , Colorectal Surgery

Mr Paraskeva is a General and Colorectal Surgeon, specialising in minimally-invasive and virtually scar-free surgery ranging from colon cancers, diverticular disease to hernias and gallbladder surgery.

Mr Barry Paraskeva is a consultant General Surgeon with a specialist interest in key-hole surgery (laparoscopy) in the field of Colorectal surgery. Mr Paraskeva is a pioneer in his field and was the first surgeon in the UK to remove the appendix and gallbladder using single port (incision) laparoscopic surgery aimed to reduce scars after an operation.

After graduating with honours from St Mary's Hospital Medical School in 1994 he went on to train in General and Colorectal Surgery in renowned hospitals in the North Thames area. His main interest lies in elective and emergency General surgery, with particular interest in laparoscopic surgery. He routinely performs laparoscopic appendix removal, hernia repair, gall bladder removal (cholecystectomy) and colorectal resections for benign and malignant disease. He also has an interest in both benign and malignant colorectal disorder.

Mr Paraskeva is an appointed consultant in the prestigious academic surgical unit at St Mary's Hospital. He is passionate about driving advances in his field and participates in research and education, aiming to improve surgical skills and techniques. 

Mr Paraskeva is a keen educator and respected lecturer in surgery and is interested in providing educational seminars. He teaches basic and laparoscopic skills for the Royal College of Surgeons of England and lectures in all aspects of General Surgery at Imperial College.

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Video consultations available now.

Professor Jayant Vaidya is a specialist in breast cancer surgery, with a particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of all breast problems. He is highly knowledgeable and strongly believes that compassion and patient choice are paramount. His breast surgery practice is based on scientific evidence tailored for each individual patient. 

He was declared a National Scholar at the age of 17. He has worked in premier institutes in India and the UK and is Professor of Surgery and Oncology at University College London.

He has over 30 years of experience in clinical practice. He is a skilful surgeon and a gentle oncologist. He receives excellent feedback from his patients. 

He has conducted extensive world-renowned research in cancer and he leads several international research projects. His main area of interest is in  breast cancer and during his PhD at University College London, he pioneered the treatment of intra-operative radiotherapy in breast cancer. This treatment of TARGIT or IORT enables suitable women to complete their radiation treatment for breast cancer in one sitting during the lumpectomy operation. 

He has trained teams in several centres of excellence and this treatment is now offered to breast cancer patients in over 350 centres all over the world   

Professor Vaidya has over 250 publications in high impact medical journals and has featured in the TIME magazine, radio and television programs and has been recipient of several awards nationally and internationally. 

He runs a private breast clinic and performs operations at the King Edward the VII and London Clinic.

He offers one stop diagnostic breast clinic within a multidisciplinary team.  

He believes strongly in carefully explaining the problem and solutions to patients,  so they can make an informed choice.  He is passionate about providing care to the whole person and their circumstance.

Contact: Secretary - Shona Brogan 07306 444 066 and 
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What is a General Surgeon?

General surgery refers to a surgeon with a wide variety of surgical skills that can diagnose and treat a wide range of surgical conditions.

When to see a General Surgeon?

You may want to consult a general surgeon if you require surgery such as hernia operations, colon cancer surgery, appendicectomy and breast surgery.

What procedures can you find at a General Surgery clinic?