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Best General Practitioners in London, UK

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Expert in: General Practice
35 years of experience

Dr Sheena McRae is a General Practitioner and Medical Doctor at Roodlane Medica who has worked full-time in the City since the summer of 2000. She has an excellent pedigree in medicine having previously spent six years looking after a broad range of both private patients and corporate clients across London. Her experience covers interests including Accident and Emergency, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and orthopaedics

Dr McRae trained at the Royal London and St. Mary's Hospitals, where she gained a first class honours degree in Physiology. In addition she has further qualifications in family planning, aviation medicine and, of course, occupational health.

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Expert in: General Practice

Dr Rachel Jarvis is a General Practitioner who has worked in a wide range of GP practices across London since 2012, joining Roodlane in 2016. She has a particular interest in Women's Health, having completed a diploma in family planning and sexual health.

Dr Jarvis was born and brought up in London. She studied medicine at the University of Sheffield, graduating in 2007. She completed her Foundation Training in Edinburgh and then went on to complete GP training in Somerset. During this time, she gained experience in emergency medicine, psychiatry and paediatrics.

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Expert in: General Practice

Dr Laura Munoz is a General Practitioner with special interests in preventative medicine, nutrition, addictions and women's health. She has a multicultural background and is also fluent in Spanish, French and Italian.

Dr Munoz qualified from the University of Paris in 1999, completing her doctorate in medicine with honours in 2004 during which, she also obtained qualifications in nutrition and tobacco addiction. She gained experience joining a busy family practice where she worked as a General Practitioner whilst doing night shifts at the local A&E. She also worked as project director for the French agency for smoking prevention, managing stop-smoking programs in work places. She had her own smoking cessation clinic and provided specialised advice and training to healthcare professionals.

Dr Munoz moved to London in 2007 with her young family, following which she started to work in a private clinic and in health screening, joining Roodlane Medical in 2010.

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Expert in: General Practice

Dr Colin Russel graduated from Dundee University in 1982, following which he gained hospital experience in general medicine, psychiatry and infectious diseases before completing his GP training in 1986.

He then worked in a busy urban practice until leaving in 2013 having gained a wide range of GP experience. He joined Roodlane Glasgow office then, and continues to maintain his general skills by working in the Out of Hours service.

He has a particular interest in Men’s health and family medicine, particularly diabetes, and is an approved examiner for Oil & Gas UK offshore workers.

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Expert in: General Practice

Dr Millie Saha graduated from Kings College School of Medicine and Dentistry in 1996. She developed a passion for holistic medicine whilst completing her post-graduate general practice training. In 2002 she obtained her MRCGP, passing with merit, and also achieved Membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

She then gained further experience in psychiatry whilst working in Australia. Upon returning to the UK in 2003 she resumed work as a London NHS GP and launched her own private integrated medicine practice. This ran until 2009, and was last based at The Hale Clinic.

Dr Saha developed as a conventional GP during the latter part of her career, with a broad skill base and an interest in clinical models. Her private work explored the concepts of integrating disciplines, multi-layered diagnosis and individualised care.

She has additional skills and diplomas in female health and occupational medicine. She moved completely into the private sector in 2011, working at the London Clinic before joining Roodlane in 2012.

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Expert in: General Practice

Dr Harpreet Saini has been a registered doctor for 30 years. She qualified from Dundee University in 1988. She has worked as a GP for 26 years and was a partner in an NHS practice in Clapham from 1995 to 2013. During that time she was also a programme director for Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital GP vocational training scheme, appraisal lead for NHS SE London and has worked as a panellist for the GMC Fitness to Practice Panels.

Dr Saini also worked as a Family Medicine Consultant in Abu Dhabi for 5 years before returning back to the UK in 2018. She is committed to providing high quality, evidence based medicine.

Dr Saini has additional qualifications in Addictions and Occupational Health.

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Expert in: General Practice
16 years of experience

Dr Willoughby Morgan is an experienced GP with a background in different specialities and health systems. As a GP Dr Morgan has a good knowledge of current clinical guidelines for general practice. 

His background as a senior Doctor in A+E and General Medicine means that Dr Morgan is comfortable making decisions and holding appropriate responsibility and risk when caring for his patients. Willoughby enjoys General practice for the opportunity it gives to provide family medical care," cradle to grave" and he prides himself on being a conscientious and affable doctor and colleague. 

Working in the private sector allows Dr Morgan to have the time and resources to provide the quality of care to which he aspires. 




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Expert in: General Practice
25 years of experience
Health Screening , Menopause

Dr Owen is the founder and director of Soane Square Medical.

Sloane Square Medical offers a highly personal service and was establisted in 2008.  The practice offers a wide range of services. As well routine care,  full medical examinations including blood tests,ECG, urinalysis, smears and prostate examinations are also available. 

Telephone and video consultations are now available extending the reach of the practice to an international market. 

VIP medicals are availabe at the local hospital on request.

We can accomodate for a wide range of vaccine requests including childhood vaccines, travel immunisations, influenza  immunisations and cervical cancer vaccinations.

The practice offers family planning and postnatal aftercare for new mums. 

Sloane Square Medical has an excellent network of top consultants for onward referral.

There is a memberbship scheme offering benifits such as discounts and free repeats of prescriptions and priority books for appointments.

Coronavirus testing is available. All results are back within 48 hours.  

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Expert in: General Practice
33 years of experience

Dr Alain Palacci is a GP at Barnes Private Practice. He trained at St Thomas Hospital, graduating in 1985, and started work as a GP in 1991. Dr Palacci was the Medical Director to Patrick House Hospice from 1992-1996 and worked in the diabetic unit QMR 1993 until 2013. He has also been on PCG PCT boards, vice chair Richmond and Surrey LMC, chair of theraputics committee, and government adviser to the Blair government.

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Dr Marwah MBBS MRCGP is an NHS and Private General Practitioner based in London. She completed her medical training in Manchester and has since been living and working in Chelsea.


She has a great deal of experience in a variety of medical specialities including acute and chronic medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, orthopaedics and general surgical conditions due to her experience in both in her pre- and postgraduate training and chosen workplaces since completion.

Dr Marwah has a specialist interest in women’s health, mental health and musculoskeletal problems.

She has completed her injection and fillers diploma and is completing higher training in this. She is currently working on furthering her skills  and attaining a degree in nutritional and functional medicine.

Dr Marwah has a base in Chelsea, and depending on the needs of her clients offers  home visits,  hotel visits and on occasion has  flown out to assist global clientele.

For her to go above and beyond for her patients, is the expected norm and it is what makes her regarded as a much sought after clinician. She has built up great relationships with not only her patients but also her colleagues.

With her experience and contacts she can refer patients to the best medical experts not only in London, the UK but worldwide.



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What is a General Practitioner?

A general practitioner (GP) is a primary care medical doctor who can diagnose and treat a wide range of common illnesses. They deliver preventive care and health education to their patients. They are also responsible for referring patients to hospital and specialists when required.

When to see a General Practitioner?

You may request a consultation with a general practitioner (GP) for a wide range of medical problems which do not require a specialist opinion. They can also perform general medical check-ups, offer screening services and can refer to a specialist if required. GPs are able to diagnose a number of conditions including respiratory infections, aches and pains, headaches and depression.

What procedures can you find at a GP clinic?